WORCESTER (AP) — Massachusetts State Police say an expansion joint that became dislodged on a highway damaged several cars and caused a weekend crash between a tractor-trailer and a pickup truck.

State police said Sunday that the problem on westbound I-290 in Worcester might have been caused by the cold weather in the region, where temperatures were in the single digits in some areas early Sunday morning.

Troopers received several calls Sunday after the expansion joint became dislodged and protruded upward into the path of several vehicles.

It’s considered a contributing factor in the crash between the big rig and pickup truck, though information was not immediately released on the severity of that crash and whether injuries were reported.

The state Department of Transportation repaired the joint Sunday and reopened all traffic lanes.

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  1. Dave_D says:

    A bridge on a major highway in New England can’t take a little cold??? There is a story here, I bet, and it has nothing to do with the cold. Take your pick from any of the following: incompetent designer, incompetent builder, incompetent maintenance, incompetent Mass. DOT, … (or fill in your own)

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