Keller @ Large: Take A Break From Politics, Enjoy A Movie

BOSTON (CBS) – Politics is important, and the battle for power in Washington is serious business.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

But I have to admit, after the last two weeks of non-stop Iowa and New Hampshire, I’m ready for a break this weekend, aren’t you?

And I know the perfect way to relax and clear my head – with a good, old-fashioned, non-political movie at my local cinema, just me, two hours of pure escapism, and about $32 worth of highly-fattening snacks.

So let’s grab the listings and see what my choices are.

OK, “Joyful Noise” might be fun, but after all the noise I’ve been stuck listening to on the campaign trail, I’m afraid it might wind up being a movie about a Ron Paul speech.

Young Adult,” that could be mindless fun, let’s check the details.


It’s a movie about a Ron Paul volunteer yelling his lungs out at a Ron Paul speech.

I am a huge Matt Damon fan.

I loved him as the amnesiac spy in those Ray Bourque movies.

But again, I’m sorry, but I’ve sat through one or two too many candidates’ debates in the last few weeks, so I’ll pass on paying ten bucks to see “We Bought a Zoo.”

Besides, when they debate on TV, you get to see the zoo for free.

Speaking of debates, as I say, I need a break.

So I won’t be going out to see the feature film about the Romney/Gingrich debate, “Beauty and the Beast.”

How about something arty?

They say “Melancholia” is about people freaking out over a looming collision with aliens, but again, this won’t work, I don’t want to see a movie about the Obama campaign any more than I want to see the docudrama about the Santorum campaign, “Mission Impossible.”

You know what?

I give.

I’ll try to escape from politics by watching the entire tape of the three Patriots’ Super Bowl wins until the game comes on.

And the Pats better win, too.

Otherwise, I’ll have to spend the rest of the weekend deciding which candidate to blame it on.

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