Brad Marchand learned that he would be suspended for five games for his hit on Vancouver defenseman Sami Salo in Saturday’s game. Benoit Pouliot has moved in to fill Marchand’s empty spot on the line.

Pouliot joined Bob Beers, Dave Goucher and D.A. on The Hockey Show to discuss what it’s like playing on a different line, coming from Montreal to Boston and the win over the Winnipeg Jets.

“I went from a good line to another good line, so it’s been great right now and with Marshy being out some guys got to step it up.”

At times earlier in the season Pouliot was battling Jordan Caron for that third line left wing spot. Now he’s emerged to play a regular role with the club. What areas of his game does he think he’s improved upon the most?

“Probably a little more confidence with the puck, just working hard and just playing the game I’m suppose to be playing.”

Pouliot came to Boston from Montreal so he’s been on both sides of the rivalry. Is he finding out things about some of these guys that he didn’t realize being on the other side?

“Playing against Boston when I was in Montreal we knew how good the team was. We were always scared coming in here or when they were coming to Montreal.”



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