CAMBRIDGE (CBS) – The city of Cambridge can now make a new claim: it’s one of the “gayest cities in America,” according to The Advocate.

The magazine ranked Cambridge at No. 3 on its list, saying the city was home to the first African-American lesbian mayor (E. Denise Simmons) and has been a leader in laws that protect transgender people.

“(Cambridge’s) Paradise bar is billed as New England’s only gay club with hot male dancers six nights a week — hey, everyone needs a night off — and the town is right next to a little hamlet named Boston, where allegedly LGBT stuff sometimes happens too,” the magazine added.

The Advocate analyzed a variety of factors, including the presence of LGBT public officials and whether the city had a WNBA team, among several other criteria. The magazine also decided to look at areas we may not expect.

Topping the list is Salt Lake City, Utah. Though the magazine admits the city may be better known for its status in the Mormon faith, it points to a large sampling of gay and lesbian nightclubs and at least one LGBT bookstore.

Orlando (No. 2), Fort Lauderdale, Florida (No. 4), and Seattle (No. 5) round out the top five.

Boston, meanwhile, came in at No. 24.

Comments (6)
  1. ali says:

    Why dont we do a story on the blackest or most jewish city jeeze unbelievable. I cant believe this is news worthy!

    1. Ellen says:

      Me either Ali. Who really gives a dame to begin with.

      1. Nad says:

        I’ll bet the patrons at the Paradise bar care.

  2. Joseph says:

    Being a former worcester resident and now living in Orlando, im trying to figure out how Orlando even made this list..This city is so close minded its unbelivable. The only time it seems to be the gayest is when DIsney hold there week long gay days ( mind you Disney is not even in Orlando) or when the city holds its gay pride weekend…..and as far as gay clubs, i can count them all on one hand….Just my thinking and ive been here since 2008

  3. Dave says:

    im a better person now that I know this

  4. Leroy Smith says:

    I loved this city until the GLBT started running it. Now I am ashamed to tell outsiders that I live in Cambridge. We have top universities here and yet folks are not smart enough to know the difference between genders. Mental disease is rampant. How sad.

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