By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – Finally, mercifully, the campaigning in New Hampshire is over.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

No more endlessly repeated stump speeches with little or no content barked out in front of a motley mix of bored media, bloggers with mini-cams, autograph hounds, Occupy protesters biding their time before jumping up and shouting, campaign volunteers for the candidate, with maybe a few actual undecided voters mixed in, if they could manage to find a parking space in the lot.

The TV ads packed with distortion and spin and the endlessly-repetitive debates showcasing preening media bigwigs will continue to show up on your set, but at least they won’t be cluttering up our backyard.

And now the interesting part begins – the actual voting.

But will anyone really be listening to what it is New Hampshire voters have to say?

For instance, if, as the polls suggest, they give Mitt Romney a ringing endorsement, will that be the seal of approval voters elsewhere desperate for a new president need to affirm Romney as their nominee?

Or will it just intensify the anger and frustration of those on the right who find Romney too flexible and moderate to stomach, spurring them on to several weeks or even months more of trashing him?

Or will New Hampshire deliver a confused verdict, say, a narrow win or even a shocking loss for Romney, boosting an alternative moderate in Huntsman or elevating one of the arch-conservative pack to prominence?

That would blow a huge hole in one of Romney’s core arguments – that whatever you think of him, you can’t deny his superior electability.

And it would leave the final sorting-out to confused voters elsewhere.

I spent awhile last night listening to a local voter vent about his frustration with Romney, the candidate he’ll vote for today, and what he felt was Romney’s failure to rebut the attacks being made on his business background.

Maybe by tonight he’ll feel better.

Maybe we’ll all feel bettter just to have this endless and unedifying campaign move on.

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Comments (23)
  1. gramps says:

    A ‘window’ view, front row seat, ‘reality’ driven, picture of Americas’ voters soul….

    One only has to watch C-SPANS’ ‘National Journal’ (7 to10am) for a few weeks to see how ‘totally’ polarized, angry, disturbingly uninformed, screwed up & demographically divided this country is…..

    Regardless of which side wins, the other will feel ‘totally alone, scared & disenfranchised’…..

    She’s the unintended result of Lyndon Johnsons ‘unfunded’ Great Society…..(the debt limit has been raised 70+ times,to sustain it)

    America has become ‘The Picture of ‘Dorian Gray’…..!



    If Obama wins…..The uninformed, reality challenged, ‘Lemmings of the Left’ will continue ‘dragging’ America with them, as they flock to the sea.

  2. Dave_D says:

    Listening to NH? NO! Too many grumps and gramps…

  3. tsalnew says:

    With interest growing in the candidates no one would typically expect to see interest, I would hope the country is listening. Paul, Santorum and Huntsman would be virtually ignored in past primaries. Not so now. I think that speaks volumes.

  4. Ellen says:

    Come on now, 49 other states we haven’t heard from. Ya, like the rest of the country is tuned into what’s happening in New Hampshire. Think not.

    1. tsalnew says:

      why? I am interested in what the other states are thinking. It’s our country and we are all united??

  5. emom says:

    LISTENING,, I have to wonder if many who are undecided, Are just picking because of popularity. Many may be hearing what they want and simply vote because they want change and truly are not looking beyond the info given.
    Wonder if its because of all the mud slinging and negative campaigning. It could be very bad if the wrong person gets into office, we have all seen where that lead this country..

  6. paul swanson says:

    So, why doesn’t any news program let us know why and when Ron Paul dropped out of the race? I noticed on WBZ radio first that Romney is in the lead…then they went on to who was in third, fourth, etc., etc. So I’m still wondering – what happened to Ron Paul, and who is in second place now? No one seems to be mentioning this…or is Ron Paul still in second place and the media is all being far too obvious about being so much against him that they won’t let his supporters find out what’s going on?

  7. Dana Coull says:

    John please refrain from caling these voters in New Hampshire independents. There is an independent party and I doubt that these people are regestered as independents. I am a poll worker in Gloucester and people say that they are independents .The fact is they are uninrollerar R or D. You are confusing voters.

    1. BostonIrish says:

      Dana, that’s exactly what an independent is. It’s an individual fed up with the corruption and disgust over repeatedly failed policies with the party that resembles their ideals. There is no confusion with the independent, or “unenrolled” voter.

    2. Dave_D says:

      Perhaps it is confusing to some poll workers, but it should be very clear to anyone who understands the difference between a capital “I” and a lowercase “i”.

      For example, most people understand the huge difference in meaning between republican principles and Republican principles. (Other than the fact that Republican principles is an oxymoron)..

  8. RL says:

    Great play you clowns

    1. RL says:

      1/2 hour of BS thanks for nothing.

  9. Reb says:

    I couldn’t agree more…at least BZ could have told us to switch to ch. 38. What a waste of airtime.

  10. Dwight Cooley says:

    I Don’t no why you think anyone cares about the primary.less then 20% of the republicans turned out to vote. Everyone else wants to watch regular programming in the HD we pay for. Not on substation 38. Smarten up!

    1. Catherine says:

      I understand that the whole show wasn’t broadcast anyway on 38.

    2. gramps says:

      Dwight Coolit….’chill’!


    3. tsalnew says:

      exactly because a “reality” show is far more important than the reality we are seeing play out in this country??? There is always on demand and your dvr/dvd

  11. response says:

    The one thing I did notice was the “rudeness” of many in the crowds shouting, heckling, interrupting….it was horrible. The college students were the worst offenders.
    I have children in this age group, if they went to hear a candidate speak, I would expect them to be civil, even if they are from the other side of the aisle.
    It appeared the only reason they went to these events was to cuase disruption.
    These candidates do these events to get their views heard, so we the people know where they stand on the issues, not to hear these morons.
    The biggest problem in this country right now, is the right and the left are so far apart. When people are on one side, the automatically think their point of view is the only one and everyone elses is wrong.
    All you have to do is look at the comments posted by Dave_D and others to see that.

    1. dowdy says:

      Good points response. I don’t agree about the hecklers and college students though. The candidate was speaking down to them and showed no respect for the audience members. I was happy to see Senator Santorum chased away with his tail between his legs.

  12. James P Rogers says:

    I don’t understand why Your station insist on jamming the election down our throats plus replacing NCIS with the flip flopper Mit and family WHO cares. Also I feel this is not the first time you have done this to us viewers and if you have nothing else to do beside pester us about an election You need some news pester congress about term limits maybe they then can get something done. Stop with all the election news WE have had enough.

    1. FireGuyFrank says:

      WBZ would not do it, James, if the ratings (read: advertising dollars) weren’t there. It’s Business 101.

  13. Jim Bryan says:

    I really don’t give a fig how New Hampshire votes. They were wrong when I lived there and they still are. All this says is that 61% of them don’t want Mitt.

  14. Ajay says:

    The primary system is broken. I live in NH and too much time is being focused on our primaries.
    One poster said that “we haven’t heard from 49 other states yet.” He’s right. But that’s what makes the NH primary important. By the time the primary gets to Mass, there will be only two left…if that.

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