BOSTON (CBS) – Let’s set aside what’s happening in New Hampshire tomorrow and talk for a moment about something really important – your right to legally talk on your cellphone while driving.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

A Beacon Hill commission will hold a hearing tomorrow on legislation that would require you to use a hands-free aid if you want to talk on your cell behind the wheel, and would make even that illegal if you’re in a school zone.

Right now, only six states have outright bans on driving while on the phone.

And according to the polls, 67-percent of Republicans think Lady Gaga is Satan, whoops, wrong polls, sorry.

The polls on a nationwide ban on cell phone use behind the wheel find more than 60-percent for it overall, with barely half of those under age 35 sharing that view.

Of course, these same polls show a large majority of us claiming we rarely or never do this, which I find very hard to believe.

I am not a huge fan of the nanny state stepping in and regulating our personal behavior, even if some risk is involved.

Adults ought to be allowed to exercise their good judgement without excessive government intervention.

But in this case, at least around here, there is little good judgement on display.

Nearly every time I drive I see people on the phone who are clearly a menace to themselves and those around them, as a result of their preoccupation.

I admit that at times I have been bad about this, and the distraction it presents is clear, it’s simply not a safe thing to be doing while driving.

But, we live in a culture that demands instant gratification, and worships the mobile communication device in all its glory.

The notion that people will willingly police themselves when it comes to taking or placing that call is not consistent with the reality I see every day.

Therefore, further incentive to wise up does seem necessary, in the form of a law with a penalty attached.

Normally I’d say, back off Beacon Hill, let us make the call.

But that’s the problem.

We just can’t resist, even though we all know we should.

You can listen to Keller At Large on WBZ News Radio every weekday at 7:55 a.m. and 12:25 p.m. You can also watch Jon on WBZ-TV News.

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  1. under 30 and concerned says:

    Make it a law already people are losing their lives out there on the road due to these devices!! Get rid of em pull. over to use em!!!!!!!

    1. gramps says:

      Tragically a seatbelt less Father & his young son, strapped in his ‘baby seat’, died on RT 3 last night…..

      Was ‘Daddy’ on his ‘CELL PHONE’ @ the time!!!????

      Can the ‘I-Team’ find out?


  2. VLizzle says:

    Your vehicle is NOT a phone booth. Hang up – hands free or not, and focus on your driving. Pull over if you need to “chat” so damn badly.

  3. emomm says:

    OK create a law, WHO”S going to enforce it,, From what I have seen If those that are to enforce are also breaking the law. How can we expect the law to to enforce something they don’t abide by. I see it so many times, Officers on the cell, while on patrol, their shoulder is holding the phone to their ear, Smoking in their cruisers, and talking on a cell, But they will pull us over for doing the same ,, REALLLY where is the common sense in that,, Enforce a hands free system , voice activated or blue tooth,, OH HERE IT COMES. Ban it all,.,, OK for some they cant walk talk and chew bubble gum at the same time.. Simple multi tasking is beyond them, But, Many can handle the hands free system and it works very well, I know 12 years with a hands free system and it works very well, Used right set up right its very safe. Multi ring tones to distinguish who;s calling, Push of a button on a blue tooth or a voice activation to answer and hang up. Like I said been doing this for 12 years and its great. Ban them, for hand held, shoulder held or held in any way, enforce hands free, and have the cell companies include a blue tooth with every phone, That way they have it with it. Use common sense and instruct all new drivers as they go thru drivers ed on the safety with such a device, After all its never taught, and taken for granted,

  4. emmommm says:

    OK create a law, WHO”S going to enforce it,, From what I have seen If those that are to enforce are also breaking the law. How can we expect the law to to enforce something they don’t abide by. I see it so many times, Officers on the cell, while on patrol, their shoulder is holding the phone to their ear, Smoking in their cruisers, and talking on a cell, But they will pull us over for doing the same ,, REALLLY where is the common sense in that,, Enforce a hands free system , voice activated or blue tooth,, OH HERE IT COMES. Ban it all,.,, OK for some they cant walk talk and chew bubble gum at the same time.. Simple multi tasking is beyond them, But, Many can handle the hands free system and it works very well, I know 12 years with a hands free system and it works very well, Used right set up right its very safe. Multi ring tones to distinguish who;s calling, Push of a button on a blue tooth or a voice activation to answer and hang up. Like I said been doing this for 12 years and its great. Ban them, for hand held, shoulder held or held in any way, enforce hands free, and have the cell companies include a blue tooth with every phone, That way they have it with it. Use common sense and instruct all new drivers as they go thru drivers ed on the safety with such a device, After all its never taught, and taken for granted..

  5. emmommm says:

    Sorry for the double post,, Wouldn’t happen if the posting issues could be corrected… Thank You

    1. Dan says:

      you have a lot to say….maybe you should be running for office.. maybe you could CHANGE things DONE

      1. Matt says:

        Dan don’t encourage her. If she talks anything like she writes, it is going to be a long debate.

    2. Dan says:


      1. emom says:

        Really,, have you not seen others have posting issues.Sad how some still like to ridicule people. I pity you since you are teaching others younger to be just like you, Oh and don’t like what I write DONT READ IT. pass over it and let it be. talk about SCHIZO.

      2. tsalnew says:

        Dan and Matt – I find your bullying incredibly disturbing. Emom has been posting for a long time here and has a lot of valuable comments. Your remark about the name changes shows your complete ignorance. She – along with many others – have a very good reason for that. Take some time to figure it out and perhaps you could offer an apology – you both certainly owe her one

    3. dan says:


      1. Dan says:


  6. Heeeellllpppp says:

    As children this generation and the generation before it has never been held accountable for their decisions. We felt guilty because we were working and made allowances or excuses for our children and granchildren. Now they are paying the price with feeling entitled/invincible. If a law is to be passed then do it and make it enforceable and worth the time and ticket. Yesterday I was stopped at a 4 way intersection controlled by a light the car to the right of me was making a left turn, he had his cell phone in his right hand to his left ear so he couldn’t turn his head to see if anyone was there, luck was on his side.

  7. blackbear1 says:

    This issue has been raised before. It was greeted with strong arguments that there are no statistics(everything is data driven) to correlate cell phone use w/ motor vehicle accidents. Are those arguments still out there? We, the people, did not vote for seat belts, but we were forced to use them. Now there is talk about making them a primary reason for police to issue a citation. I’m not liking what I am hearing!!

    PS: Keller that was a cheap shot about Republicans thinking Lady Gaga is the devil. Whoops wrong survey! Tells me a little about you.

  8. BOB says:

    When i see a car going slow and swerving I figure they’re either drunk or on the phone.

  9. carol says:

    I absolutely agree! I’m not a fan of making a law for every little thing either but as Jon said it’s clear that ALOT of people aren’t making wise decisions about being on the phone while driving. Hands free or not, it’s still taking away the focus on driving. Sure, not everyone will adhere to it but at least it might help some….

  10. DoverDavid says:

    Ban all mobile device use regargless of if it’s hand free or hand held and make it from coast to coast. If you want to talk, PULL OVER and have the best and longest conversation of your life!

  11. response says:

    I don’t know about statistics of motor vehicle accidents, but I do know a child that was killed becuase of someone on the phone while driving.
    Very, very sad. Beyond words.
    That being said, people do not realize, YOU CAN’T DRIVE AND TALK ON THE PHONE AT THE SAME TIME. You think you can, but you cannot. You do not drive the speed limit, you are up and down on the gas, swearving in and out lanes on the highway, not paying attention to what is going on around you, and YOU ARE DRIVING THE PEOPLE BEHIND YOU CRAZY….with that…also stop shaving and stop applying make up or I swear the next time, I will stop short intentionally make you hit me, and you’ll ram that mascara wand in your eyeball.

  12. KathyD says:

    On one hand I agree with you. It is a distraction while driving. On the other hand i know there have been times that I’ve received calls on my cell saying, for example, that a parent is headed to the ER in an ambulance while I’m out for the day. These aren’t long conversations. They are alerts and I say that I’ll be right there.

    Now that we have this 24×7 reachability and know when it makes a positive difference, it’s hard for some of us to focus entirely on the negatives.

  13. John says:

    While a noble idea, it’s an unenforceable law. At least handheld usage is a visible act. A law enforcement officer can observe a person using a cell phone, can sometimes record it on dashboard video, and can absolutely testify to the fact in a court of law. By its very design, handsfree communication can’t be observed. Are district attorneys going to subpena phone records for everyone who an officer observes might have a moving mouth in a vehicle? Why even consider a law that is fatally flawed from the beginning?

    The only practical form such a law could take would be to make it a crime to cause serious injury, death, or damage by using a cell phone and driving as these would be the only cases serious enough to warrant a sufficiently deep investigation that would include phone records.

  14. Loanie says:

    I totally agree! Cell phones need to be ban. I have Bluetooth in the car and that’s what I use while I’m driving and even then I only pick up when it’s safe to do so. I get so upset when I see a mom driving a giant SUV with kids in the back and she’s on her phone. For gods sake what is so important that you couldn’t possibly wait until you got to your destination. But it goes to say for all what did we do before cell phones? Not everything is a do or die situation and although you think that you’re only endangering yourself you’re really endangering the lives of everyone around you.

    It’s just like drunk driving you drink and you hit someone you go to jail, what makes you think talking/texting as you hit someone won’t send you to jail? But that’s not even the worst part, the worst part is now you’ll have to live out of the rest of your life knowing that you hurt someone due to your own stupidity! Please don’t be a menace to society, if you want to endanger your life do it in your own bubble.

  15. jinxie says:

    I have to agree. I am against the state making decisions for the community, but talking and texting on a cell phone endangers more than just the driver, it endangers all those around him/her. Unlike the state mandating seatbelts which should be left up to each occupant, as only the belted/beltless individual is effected, a distraction such as talking/texting can easily take the life of an innocent on the road/pedestrian.

  16. mikey says:

    Why do we need a new law? Distracted driving… APPLY IT!!!

    Another nanny state law that’s a feel good but do nothing.

    Oh, see the furor over the Nevada law? A cop on a motorcycle, on his cell phone…

    Ok, make a law, but NO EXCEPTIONS!! Not for police, not for fire, not for tow truck drivers. NO EXCEPTIONS!

  17. keller_is_a_moron says:

    already covered by existing laws regarding distracted driving. no need for more laws. enforce the ones we have.

  18. emmommm says:

    Besides the distraction a cell phone COULD cause, Lets not forget the other distractions a person has while operating a vehicle, Drowsiness, Many accidents are caused by sleepy drivers, Alcohol, drunk drivers are up, and let us not forget the bill to bring back HAPPY HOUR and establishments having the need to sell alcohol. CHILDREN, screaming, fighting and crying kids in the back seat, PASSENGERS, talking with your passenger in the front seat is a huge distraction. There is the potential to look in that persons direction when talking to them. TEXTING, has been proven that a person will take their eyes of the road for at least 5 seconds, You can travel a great distance in that amount off time, drifting into on coming traffic or a tree. SINGING, lets face it many of us do this, and we get lost in the music, How many have seen teenagers be bopping down the road to the beats, or can feel the vibrations of the car in front or back or next to you.. Wait how many crank the volume themselves and DONT hear or see the emergency vehicle coming.. For that matter how many have the mirrors positioned on themselves., HELLO this is not home where you have to look at your self every few minutes just to see yourself.. People are to much into vanity. smoking in the car, those ashed are hot and well ,,, the burns hurt. Coffee OK far to many drink while driving, Unless you have the cover off, its not as bad as the rest, Eating a very very messy food item. AH a bowl of soup or cereal is not easy to juggle, Reading a newspaper really is it a must, razors and makeup,,,, AGAIN, the mirrors are not for VANITY… PETS.. HELLO ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MINDS, this one should be at the top of the distraction list, not only can you not manure to well with Fido in your lap, there is a real danger of Fido jumping out that window , or falling out, or what ever else it could do.. not to mention if you stop short it goes flying. you need to harness them in a seat. MUST…..I am sure there are a few more distractions we have seen, But I have to wonder Like someone else mentioned, How much studies have there truly been, How about testing these issues. Sure we see it but on average, the accidents that happen every day are not solely due to a cell phone, there are many reasons, from falling asleep at the wheel, drunk driving, to just not paying attention,, That is far common in my travels than a cell phone. Not looking at your surroundings to see if there is another car or person around you and driving like you own the road. So if they plan on doing away with this problem 20 other problems will come up and be just as bad, EDUCATION IS THE KEY , drive it home with teenagers Drivers Ed should be the first ones to teach this, as we know from watching others, Parents are not always good examples. and that teenagers follow their friends. EDUCATION it will work if its used…

    1. Dan says:


      1. concernedamerican says:

        Really like any of you have the solution. So what this person writes a lot, Like this person is any different than others on this site. Everyone’s opinion is theirs. I wonder if anyone reads what the youth of today writes? Like they even make any sense. Get over it, there are some valid points to what this person says.

  19. Nancy Menezes-Bourget says:

    Any DMV clearly states where your hands are to be when operating a motor vehicle, and if you are talking on a cell phone you are not properly operating your automobile. SO I think it should be illegal to be talking and texting on a cell phone….

    Both hands should be placed on opposite sides of the steering wheel (i.e., left hand between 8 and 10 o’clock and right hand between 2 and 4 o’clock). This position is comfortable; on high-speed roads it allows you to make turns without taking your hands from the wheel.

    • Hand-over-Hand
    When turning sharp corners, turn the steering wheel using the “hand-over-hand” technique. When you complete a turn, straighten out the steering wheel by hand. Letting it slip through your fingers could be dangerous.

    • Push/Pull
    In the Push/Pull method a driver’s knuckles should be facing outward as the hands are holding the steering wheel firmly on the outside rim. Push one hand to the 12 o’clock position letting the wheel slide through the other hand. Bring that hand to the 1 or 11 o’clock position and then pull down. The other hand slides back to the original starting position. Continue as necessary until the process is complete. If this is done correctly, the two hands will never cross and will remain on the wheel at all times.

  20. Dan says:


    1. james says:

      You just clarified yourself as a bully. Seems you truly have issues attacking folks. I can only imaging the road rage you display while driving around. Your behavior would be cause for concern on the road. And a huge distraction.

    2. BostonIrish says:

      Dan, you are an agressive bully. emom has been posting for years, and she’s a very nice and intelligent person. Your insults are unecessary and unwelcome here. If you don’t like someone’s post, don’t read it. But cut the insults out. Your credibility is already shot. Please go away.

      1. emom says:

        BostonIrish… thank you. hope your holiday was a good one.

      2. BostonIrish says:

        You’re welcome, emom. I dislike people who insult because they’ve got nothing better to do. And my family had a great holiday season. I hope yours did, too.

      3. emom says:

        BostonIrish,, Thanks we did.And I truly agree about people who like to insult others. Part of whats wrong with the world. Have a great week. See you around.

  21. Dawn Kaplan says:

    I can understand this being a law people need their hands to drive .But to want to also add hands free devices to that is wrong there is no difference if i am talking to my passenger or speaking on a hands free phone actually there is a person might tend to turn and look at who they are speaking to ,so maybe we should make it illegal to speak if your in the drivers seat

  22. billbranch says:

    Ban all, hand-held or not. And no stopping in the breakdown lane. That is for emergency use only! These conversations, these communications are not that important. They are not important at all.
    If you do not understand the extent and the depth of the dangerous situations these self-absorbed arses create, then you do not have the brains to operate a moror vehicle. Our august lawmakers should be held liable when accidents occur, because they know there is a dangerous condition about which do not care to do anything. They are as negligent as the drivers with their hand-helds.

  23. JohnC says:

    It’s not what you are doing with your hands, it’s what you are doing with your brain. Hands-free doesn’t solve anything. Having said that, it would be an unenforceable law.We have too many laws already. A better cure would be to sue the bejeasus out of anyone who causes an accident while yakking, texting and driving at the same time.

    1. Dawn Kaplan says:

      so then there should be a law against speaking while driving ? whats the difference between speaking to my passenger or speaking to my hands free device ?
      i think in-car conversation is probably worse because people tend to look behind them to tell kids to knock it off or take their eyes off the road to look to the person beside them when they are speaking to them …

  24. billbranch says:

    OK, let’s get that phone call vs. in-car conversation thing off the table. It is a different mode of communication than talking with a passenger, much as if one is dreaming. There is no comparison.
    Do the research.

  25. SDD says:

    No. No. NO! If we’re going to ban this, we also need to ban:
    * Eating while driving
    * Drinking (non-alcoholic) beverages while driving
    * Tuning the Radio while driving
    * Using a GPS while driving
    * Conversations with the driver
    * Transporting a child without a second adult
    * Using a two way radio while driving (looking at you emergency crews)

    I can go on and on. John solidifies his reputation as luddite curmudgeon.

    1. Elvis says:

      Just look around Chief, when you see somebody all over the road they are almost always on a cell phone. Most of the rest are drunk.

  26. Mark says:

    What did we ever do before cell phones? We either found a pay phone (all gone now because of cell phones) or had our conversations at home or at work. How did we ever survive?

    1. What says:

      before cars we had horses………what is your point

  27. Patricia says:

    You are driving a piece of heavy machinary that is extremely capable of killing many people at once…let’s pay attention to the road.
    The REAL QUESTION is…Why doesn’t the RMV include cell phone usage on their road tests???????

  28. mikey says:

    Any pilot will tell you, you FLY FIRST! It’s not the talking on the phone, it’s the people who won’t take to the mindset of DRIVE FIRST! A PTT microphone? For some reason, a lot of people don’t mind that, they can easily get the mindset of just leave go of the button, shut up, and DRIVE when something happens. But with full duplex on the phone, for some reason they just can’t break that link.

    But we DON’T need another law. Just have the police check EVERY accident, and if the phone was active, that’s admissable in any litigation. If you were doing nothing else wrong, then what’s the problem?


    And what the heck is this nonsense of two hands on the wheel mandatory at all times, What a load of CROCK! Ever hear of shifters? Lights? Turn signals?

    When I was learning to fly, if I put both hands on the yoke (wheel) I’d get my but reamed out! YOU DON’T NEED TWO HANDS ON THE WHEEL AT ALL TIMES! In these days of power assist everything, it’s just not necessary. But you DO need a brain that is geared and ready to DRIVE FIRST!!


    1. John says:

      Nice! From one pilot to another, there are however some critical differences between driving and flying. Multitasking and distractions are a requirement of flying. Learning how to do it safely is something that all pilots are formerly trained and tested on. The FAA even has a name for it — “Crew Resource Management (aka CRM)”. While people may think “oh sure, I can multitask!”, in reality doing so safely is not a skill that we are innately born with: learning how to cope with “division of attention” is something that has to be learned, tested, practiced, and constantly reinforced and restested to ensure proficiency. As “Mikey” pointed out, part of that training is prioritizing tasks in real-time and knowing when the person on the other end of the phone/radio has to be ignored.

      Drivers however receive no such formal training at the beginning, nor are they ever subjected to proficiency checks thereafter. Technology has changed our lives. The younger generations are growing up in a world where the closet they will get to a pay phone will be a museum. New studies have even shown that technology is changing the way we think and problem solve. Yet driver’s education has not changed or kept pace with the world we live in. We can’t just ban the use of every new mobile device in vehicles and expect people to “pull over to use them”. That kind of thinking comes from people who live in a fantasy world.

      Rather than passing nonenforceable “feel good laws” that will probably result in marginal at best compliance, we need to address the underlying issues! To get back to flying, division of attention is a skill that be learned! The FAA has spent decades studying and refining how to teach people to manage far more distracting and complex situations than talking while driving. I suspect other fields, such as the the military, have also gone down this path. If pilots can be taught how to make instrument approaches to land in the clouds with no outside visibility, why can’t we modernize driver’s education in this country to make basic division of attention skills a requirement for a license? I am NOT suggesting that texting and manually punching in numbers while fumbling for a handheld phone and putting makeup on is something to be condoned. But with better and better “handsfree” systems, coupled with actual TRAINING AND HIGHER STANDARDS FOR LICENSE, I can’t see why we can’t achieve a safe balance between mobile technology and driving.

      1. Dave_D says:

        I would have said that CRM training is not so much about how to safely multitask, but more about how to share tasks and especially encouraging a non flying pilot to speak up, if necessary, and say something like, “hey Captain, is there a reason why the cows are getting bigger?”

        Relevant to this discussion is that In an airplane with more than one flight crew, one flies the plane and one communicates.

      2. John says:

        @Dave_D: Yes, but I was always taught things like organizing the cockpit down to how charts are folded, pre-configuration of the nav/flight directors, and most relevant here, not letting ATC become a distraction are under the “CRM umbrella” as well as 2-pilot operations. Regardless though, my point was to simply acknowledge the prior poster’s comments that there are lessons to be learned from aviation that can be applied to driving in an era where mobile technology is experiencing rapid growth. We can’t just ban everything: we have to teach people how to use it safely.

    2. JohnC says:

      Piloting an airplane is a proactive activity. The proficient pilot is miles ahead of his/her airplane. Driving a car is a whole different matter. It is primarily reactive. It is rare when a driver is thousands of feet away from the nearest vehicle. As a pilot I am prepared to handle numerous tasks – but always in the same order. As was said earlier, fly the airplane first – all else is secondary. That is not the way that I was trained to drive a car. Today’s cars are actually more complex and therefore more demanding to drive then the cars of a half-century ago. With the additional capability comes a greater workload. I remember a story that surfaced some years ago. Mercedes-Benz dealers in the USA were screaming for the parent company to install cupholders. The M-B engineers were very slow to comply with the US dealers demands. They simply could not believe that a driver would be doing anything but driving the car.

  29. metoo says:

    Not too many years ago, CB radios were the rage. Seemed like everyone had them in their cars. Most truckers still use them regularly. There never was a huge cry for banning the use of those devices, so what makes using a cell phone any different? There aren’t any hands free devices for CB radios, like cell phones, but truckers and those that use police/business band radios still drive with one hand on the wheel, and one hand holding a microphone.What’s the difference? We only hear about the accidents that are believed to be caused by the use of a cell phone, but what about the hundreds of thousands of safe drivers that are able to talk and drive safely, without causing an accident?

  30. Kevin Haley says:

    I have seen cops using there cell phones while driving. So do u think they will Respect the Rule.

    1. Chief says:

      They are alowed to use them for their job duties.

      1. billbranch says:

        Chief, you are a pompous buffoon. Did you manage to graduate from elementary school?
        Since police are subject to the same laws as I, they are required to display lights and sound and then, only then, may they exceed the legal speed limit in an emergency situation.
        So, the speeds at which we see them driving without the lights and sirens are the speeds at which we may legally drive.

    2. newtsal says:

      billbranch – are you in law enforcement? Do you have any clue why an officer might be doing anything? Clearly you feel you are above others enough to judge them – proven by your comment to Chief which was totally uncalled for. In the end – name calling is an indication you have nothing important to say.

  31. Execute Drivers on Cell Phones says:

    I was T-boned by a driver on the phone. I was almost hit by another that was not even looking at the road when they entered the highway, they had a phone in one hand and papers in the other!

    I have my own solution to people on cell phones that are all over the road: 2000 watts of The Who! They will have to call you back!

  32. The Owl says:

    How about requiring cell phone users to carry $10 million accident and liability insurance. Put it as a cost of the cell-phone service.

    That might get people’s attention.

    Where I am, I see a lot of mothers with their kids strapped in the back yacking with their electronic life glue to their ear with their hand glued to their electronic life.

    Kids? Who cares about them? I’ve got to chat with !

  33. Paul says:

    All I can say on this matter is,God help the driver(male or female) who cause any injury or damage to my family or me while driving and using a cellphone. The time has come to end this stupid and dangerous practice once and for all.

  34. Elvis says:

    When I was T-boned by a guy on a phone with my gf in the car I was pretty ticked off. After crawling out of my missing window I gave the guy a good shove and was ready to punch him him when I thought better of the consequences and cooled down. 10 years ago I would not have stopped until he was unconscious. At least the guy was not a jerk about it and realized a good shove was well deserved for nearly killing us.

  35. Dave_D says:

    If God hadn’t meant for us to drive and talk on a cell phone, why did he give us two arms?

  36. Freedom says:

    Why stop at cell phones? Ban radios,gum chewing and excessive thinking also. These activities are also distracting. In fact thinking about politics can be the most distracting. Hey, why not just ban driving? Ban everything. It really won;t matter because people will continue to do what they want to do. Maybe that is good, because we are pretty much free to do so in our country.

  37. Greg says:

    YOU CANNOT LEGISLATE STUPIDITY! In addition, look at the facts. Driving deaths, while tragic, have been on the down slope with more drivers and increased cell phone use. It has little to do with whats in your hand (whether its a radio dial, coffee, makeup, etc..) more about whats in the head (such as prioritizing the road). Those who stare at the phone for more than a glimpse fall to a theory called Darwinism. Can’t “save” everyone….

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