The Patriots now know that they’ll be taking on the Broncos this Saturday in their first game of the playoffs. Denver beat Pittsburgh 29-23 in overtime after an 80-yard touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas on the first play.

Former Patriots linebacker Rosevelt Colvin spoke with Toucher & Rich about Denver’s win, what teams do during a bye week and the Patriots hiring of Josh McDaniels.

Pittsburgh defensive back Ike Taylor couldn’t stop Demaryius Thomas from scoring the game winning touchdown in overtime. If you’re on that Steelers team what do you say to Taylor after that?

“I tweeted and said to him, ‘you got to break down that stiff-arm buddy.’ I mean this is the Steelers you should have better technique than that.”

The Denver defense isn’t the greatest defense statistically, but they do have some stars on that side of the ball. Where do they cause trouble for the Patriots on Saturday night?

“They definitely present a problem that’s been the big reason why they have been so successful once they made the switch to Tim Tebow being quarterback because their defense has played well. Not necessarily have they been lights out, but they’ve played well enough to keep their team in the ball game and down the stretch if Tebow doesn’t make mistakes they’re in it in the fourth quarter going to overtime and they pull out ball games.”

The Patriots had the bye and didn’t know who they were going to face. How does a team prepare during their bye week?

“We always addressed some of the basic things some of the things that we had issues with all season long.”

Josh McDaniels was head coach of the Broncos for 2 season and was responsible for drafting Tebow 25th overall in the 2010 draft. McDaniels was fired with four games left in the season with a record of 3-9. In 2011 McDaniels agreed to become the offensive coordinator for the St. Louis Rams and after finishing the season 2-14 he returns to New England. What does Colvin think of this development?

“Now you have inside information you definitely would not have had two, three years ago or even yesterday on what guys good or bad traits are.”

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Did Tebow’s performance against the Steelers change Colvin’s opinion of the young quarterback?

“No it has not changed my opinion of who he is as a quarterback. Obviously the guy has guts and moxie, he’s going to go out there and compete for you at the quarterback position, but again Pittsburgh they sold the farm on daring the Broncos to run the ball.”

And why is Colvin coming to town again?



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