BOSTON (CBS) – The Denver Broncos are up next for the New England Patriots after they handled the Pittsburgh Steelers 29-23 in overtime on Sunday in their Wildcard matchup.

The Pats and Broncos have already faced off once this season, with the game going to New England 41-23 in Denver. The Broncos got off to a great start,  but New England outscored them 34-7 over the final three quarters to hand Denver what would be their first of three straight losses to close the season.

“They’re a very good team,” Tebow said of the Patriots after Denver’s win over the Steelers. “You have one of the best players in football player for you in Tom Brady p[laying for you; one of the best coaches in the game in coach (Bill) Belichick. So you know they’ll have a good game plan and they’re going to be well-rested.”

Tebow On Brady, Patriots 

“We played them a month ago and it didn’t go very well,” Denver head coach John Fox said. “That would be kind of my mindset this minute. I think it will be a huge test. It is a well-coached, again, great football team, great organization. It will be at their place, so it will be a huge challenge. It is one we’ll look forward to.”

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The Broncos racked up 167 rushing yards in the first quarter back in December, but the Patriots defense held them in check the rest of the way. They got three key turnovers in the second quarter, and took advantage of each of them.

Tebow threw for 194 yards and ran for 93 yards and two scores in the loss, but was sacked four times by the Patriots defense. That is all in the past now, with Tebow coming off one of the best passing performances of his career. He finished 10-for-21 for 315 yards and two touchdowns, and ran one in against the Steelers on Sunday.

After their December meeting, Brady told Tebow “maybe we’ll see you again.” Now Tebow and the Broncos get that chance.

“He was very nice. He was very kind. He just said some very nice things, and I really appreciated it,” Tebow said of their postgame exchange. “What an honor it is to play with him again and to have that opportunity. And it’s exciting as well to be able to face one of the best quarterbacks and one of the best teams in the league.”

Tune in to the Patriots-Broncos playoff game Saturday night at 8pm on 98.5 The Sports Hub and WBZ-TV. Pregame coverage begins Saturday at 5pm with Patriots Preview on 98.5, with a special edition of Patriots GameDay on WBZ-TV at 7pm. After the game, stay tuned for Patriots Postgame on The Hub, and Patriots 5th Quarter on WBZ-TV.

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  1. John Schwab says:

    The Bronco’s slithered into the playoffs, and the Steeler’s sucked when they played them. Tebow is no quarterback, he is just another doub Flutie – around for a few years and then forgottehn – better off. The Master, Tom Brady, will Crucify them, and it will all be over. Elway was the only quarter they will ever have that was good, and great! Cin deralla season is over next weekend guys, and then it will all be over – thank God!

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