BOSTON (AP) — Proponents of stricter rules against cellphone use while driving in Massachusetts will have a chance to make their case on Beacon Hill this week.

The Legislature’s Transportation Committee has scheduled a public hearing Tuesday on bills that would ban motorists in Massachusetts from using their cellphones while driving unless they have a hands-free device.

The state’s current law only bars adult motorists from texting behind the wheel. It also prohibits any kind of cellphone use by drivers ages 18 and younger.

Another proposal before the committee would make it illegal for a motorist to use a cellphone when operating within a school zone.

The National Transportation Safety Board recommended last month that states outlaw all non-emergency cellphone use by drivers.

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Comments (3)
  1. John says:

    I hope the hands free bill passes!

  2. SafeDrivingAdvocate says:

    There are several ways to combat using a phone while driving:

    1: nullify the insurance of the at-fault driver who was using his/her cell phone. State laws have to be enacted.
    2: disable cell phones moving more than 10mph except for 911 and two 2 minute emergency calls. Passengers annoyed? Too bad! Lives are more important than your messages.The FCC could enforce such a ruling on the mfgr’s and cellular providers.
    3: sue the manufacturer of the phone and the provider of the service for providing a defective product. After all, cribs were recalled after a few children died. This is much worse.

  3. gramps says:

    How to enforce Cell phone & texting while driving Laws & tickets…..101…

    The Police Officer does the following:

    1) Observes the ‘Offense’ & notes the time of day & if possible use his/her dash-cam to memorialize the offender.

    2) Pulls the Offender over, asks for & receives the cell phone #, then verifies by calling the given # to see if the phone rings…

    3) If necessary, for court purposes, cell phone records will be will be ‘Subpoenaed”, they’ll show the dates & time of day the phone was in use. This will prove the ‘Motorist’ guilty or innocent.

    4) If the Motorist refuses to surrender his/her cell phone #, they shall/should be treated as if they, ‘REFUSED THE BREATHALYZER’!


    “All hand held Cell Phone use while driving S/BE banned”!

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