Three-time All-Pro and four-time Pro Bowler Kris Jenkins joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich on Friday to talk about the current state of the New York Jets, with a few thoughts on the Patriots as well.

Jets backup quarterback Greg McElroy made some comments after the team’s season ended about the selfishness of some players, and how they did not care if they won or lost as long as they individually had a good game. What did Jenkins think about McElroy’s comments after the season?

“My feeling on him if I was in that locker room, I would have been a little upset… Some things are better to keep in house. But I mean he was spot on as far as his assessment.”

Jenkins played under Jets coach Rex Ryan during his time in New York. Can the Jets have long term success unless he changes things up, and does he give players too much leeway?

“I don’t know if it’s necessarily all on Rex. I know Rex and his personality is what it is, but in my opinion Rex was just brought in to be a coach and more of a personality. I think this is an organization issue because it’s what they cling to. They like to cling to high profile guys with a lot of talent and a lot of controversy. I think they’re trying to put fans in the seats, but when you do that you still have to make sure you take care of the chemistry issues.”

How bitter are the guys on the Jets defense over the lack of production on offense?

“They’re upset. I mean you know it’s something you can’t say when you’re playing, but they’re upset and the issue isn’t because they’re carrying the offense. I mean I’m pretty sure that they’re practicing against the offense. When you practice against guys and you see what they can do in practice, you see different things. You see what people’s potentials are.”

When Jenkins was with the Jets, did he have faith that quarterback Mark Sanchez was someone who could get the job done, or did he think the organization should have brought in a capable veteran?

“I think Sanchez was a good pick. I think that he still is a good quarterback (and) I think that Sanchez could be a great quarterback. I think one, they didn’t have someone behind him backing him up that could push him for that job that could create a little bit of competition for him to keep him going and he got comfortable and complacent. On top of that I’ve been trying to tell everyone in New York that Sanchez is a nice guy, so what that translates to on the field is if his receivers are upset and they want to see the ball he’s going to try to spread it out and make sure that everybody gets the touches that they want; make sure that they’re happy, make sure that he does things the right way. And you can’t do that as a quarterback.”

The guys talked about an article that Jenkins did where he talked about being an interior lineman and how guys sacrifice their bodies for injuries. Are fans becoming a little more sympathetic about what these guys put their bodies through or is there still a long way to go?

They also went on to talk about the pileups in the NFL. What goes on in a pile?

“Somebody might pinch you, somebody might pull or something. I don’t think the guys do it to injure players, but I think they do it to discourage players.”

What Patriots player was known to be the dirtiest in the pile?

“Honestly the Patriots weren’t that bad. The guy that I went against the most who probably I wish that I could have taken in the back alley and kicked in the balls was Logan Mankins.”

Listen to the whole interview:


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