BOSTON (AP) — As part of the state’s anti-bullying efforts in public schools, Gov. Deval Patrick has designated Jan. 25 as “No Name Calling Day” in Massachusetts.

The governor’s office says students will be urged to sign a pledge against name-calling and are encouraged to wear black that day to symbolize their commitment to “Black Out Bullying.”

Legislation signed by the governor in 2010 following a spate of highly-publicized bullying incidents included a provision for a ‘No Name Calling Day.”

The law requires school districts to develop anti-bullying strategies. It was enacted after the high-profile case of Phoebe Prince, a 15-year-old Irish immigrant who hanged herself after South Hadley classmates taunted her when she dated a popular boy.

A 28-member statewide youth council appointed by Patrick plans to discuss the anti-bullying campaign at its regular meeting Saturday.

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Comments (2)
  1. Maria says:

    Wouldn’t this make a little more sense if it was…maybe while kids were still in school?

    1. Maria says:

      Never mind! thought it said June 25th.

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