The Bruins continued their dominance of the NHL on Thursday, shutting out the Calgary Flames 9-0. This came after they beat the New Jersey Devils 6-1 Wednesday night. With both of those games out of the way, Boston can now look toward Saturday night, when the Vancouver Canucks come to town for the first time since the B’s clinched the Stanley Cup in Vancouver.

98.5 The Sports Hub’s Bruins play-by-play announcer Dave Goucher spoke with Toucher & Rich on Friday to talk about the Bruins’ dominance so far this season, and the upcoming visit by the Canucks.

It’s no secret that Boston plays a very physical game and Vancouver has made comments about it leading up to this game. Are the Canucks looking to make a statement in this game and play a physical game of their own?

“They’re not built to play that way,” said Goucher. “I think the nice thing about this Bruins team, and they were the same last year, is they can play it however you want to play it.”

Did the Canucks make any changes in the offseason to help add a little bit of physicality to their team?

“Not really, no. They haven’t really gone out and I’d have to take a closer look at it, but I don’t think they’ve added anybody really of that ilk. They’re built on a lot of skill. They’re a high scoring team, they’re one of the highest scoring teams in the league again this year, but that’s not really how they play.”

The Bruins are playing some great hockey as of late, dominating teams both at home and on the road. In their last three games on Garden ice, Boston is outscoring opponents 20-2.

Has Goucher ever seen this team play better than it is right now?

“No I haven’t. It has been unbelievable,” he said. “I was thinking about it a little bit last night, the way they’ve won some of these games 9-0, 8-0, 7-0, 6-0, 6-1; it’s almost like the other team doesn’t have a chance. I haven’t seen them play this way ever.”

The biggest problem with this team last year was that at times they just couldn’t score. Other than the line changes what different this year?

“They’re a fast team, they’re speed is incredible… They’re team speed is pretty good and their ability to get in the offensive zone and get their forecheck, going a lot of teams can’t handle it.”

Vancouver defenseman Aaron Rome delivered a devastating hit on Nathan Horton in Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals which resulted in Horton missing the rest of the series with a concussion. Rome was subsequently suspended for the hit. Rome has a thumb injury, but is reportedly traveling with the team. Is there any word whether or not he’ll play this Saturday?

“I haven’t heard anything about it yet. But I would think if he does that, what happened in the Finals might be addressed.”

Listen as the guys play a montage from the Finals to get you pumped for Saturday’s game.



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