The Texas teen felled by police as he was brandishing a pellet gun got what he deserved. Perhaps he got what he wanted.

The youth had a very realistic gun that had the appearance of a Glock. The police told the boy time after time to put the gun down. On the 911 playback, police could be heard shouting: “Put the gun down! Put it on the floor!” In the background, someone else shouted, “He’s saying that he is willing to die.” Then the kid ran down hall with the with the “gun.”

As far as police knew, there was an armed student roaming the halls.

The officers had no choice but to shoot. Imagine if they, knowing what they knew and seeing what they had seen, allowed an armed student roam the halls. Imagine if this had turned into another Columbine. They just could not take that chance. They did the right thing.

One has to wonder if this was suicide by cop. The youth appeared to act in a way that invited police to shoot him.

The dead perp’s parents are calling this an “injustice.” Really? How would they feel if they were the parents of one of the other kids in school.

Perhaps rather than blaming police, the parents should look to themselves to see what about the boy’s life could have driven him to this.

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