The Denver Broncos found success with the help of Tim Tebow at quarterback, but after the Patriots handed the Broncos a loss to end their six game winning streak they couldn’t turn things around. Denver went on to lose their last two game to finish the season 8-8, but were able to back into the playoffs thanks to an Oakland Raiders loss.

Darren McKee of KKFN in Denver spoke with Toucher & Rich about the Broncos dropping their last three game to finish with and even record, Tim Tebow and Brady Quinn.

Is there a chance that Brady Quinn starts at quarterback over Tebow on Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers?

“I suggested it on the radio, I asked John Fox about it after the game.”

“You got to be real about what’s happening now and now that you’re in the playoffs you got to use everything at your disposal. Let me tell you about one thing with Brady Quinn, the dude is healthy. When you don’t take a snap in the NFL for two years you’re gonna be well rested.”

Can Quinn run the offense the way it’s set up for Tewbow’s type of play? Can the Broncos make two separate game plans if need be or do they even need to?

The guys also discussed the injuries the Steelers are dealing with going into this Sunday.

They also discussed if Denver would pull Tebow for Quinn if the Broncos are down late in the game?



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