Charlton Library Sends Police To Collect Overdue Books From 5-Year-Old

CHARLTON (CBS) – A Charlton mom says her local library crossed the line when they sent police to collect her daughter’s overdue library books.

Her mom says the 5-year-old girl was so afraid that she burst into tears.

Charlton Police Sergeant Dan Dowd stopped by the home of Shannon Benoit to let her know that her daughter had two books several months overdue which needed to be returned or paid for.

WBZ-TV’s Ken MacLeod reports

“I thought it was way overboard,” says Benoit. “I closed my door, I looked at my daughter and she started crying.”

Hailey asked her mom if the police were going to arrest her. Hailey says, “I was scared.”

They found and returned the books, but Hailey’s mom argues that sending a cop to their house was like pounding a ten penny nail with a sledge hammer.

Even Sgt. Dowd admits he wasn’t real keen on it.

“Nobody wanted to, on this end to get involved in it,” says Sgt. Dowd. “But the library contacted us, and the chief delegated, and apparently I was one of the low men on the totem pole.”

But state law does outline a misdemeanor for such things, and police thought a friendly reminder might make a better impression and get better results than a cold summons to court.

The Benoit’s insist they never got any warnings.

  • Dave

    Our tax money at work. I’m sure the police have better things to do. Library should be ashamed.

    • WalterO.

      why doesn’t

    • tomfromalgonquin

      The police would not have had to go if the mother hadn’t ignored repeated attempts by the library to get the overdue books back. The woman in question should be charged with the costs incurred.

    • lynney62

      completely agree!


      • Travis McCrea


        Here is what I find funny – The Library whose actions you defend, is a socialist program (other socialist programs are the Fire Department, Police Department, and Military).

      • Abby Brown-Kenwick

        Setting a terrible example, it is obviously a dysfunctional family that needs investigation by authoritative state agencies

      • Abby Brown-Kenwick

        Public property stolen. You think police ought to just sit by if called about it.
        Mom is setting a terrible example, social workers from state authorities ought to investigate.

      • avgjoe

        OK Ill type very slowly so the Boston area small LIEberal brains can comprehend.
        Im sure the library had sent numerous notices about the overdue book, that the parents just ignored (see the girl was only 5 so the parents are responsible & are the ones on the contact list) The story mention some FACTS (I know you LIEberals don’t like FACTS) that the books were several months overdue & the library had sent several notices & bills BUT of course the parents claimed they never received them. Having worked in a library while in college myself this was always the case UNTIL they got the collection notice for several hundred dollars all the late notices etc are ignored & never get returned by PO BUT they do get the collection notice & like the parents here all of a sudden “find” the missing books.
        The same thing if you rent a video (like in the old days) or if you rent a piece of equipment from the local hardware store & never return it the company has to protect its investment

      • BlueCollarCritic

        @avgjoe The perfect example of the modern day well conditioned stooge of the Big Brother POlice State. Not only is he/she to dumb to realize whats going on but they are all so well trained (by hundreads of hours watching the Boob tube) that they speak up in defense of the police state goons.

        This is NOT the job of the police or any other law enforcement and is a gross abuse of the police powers. Both the library worker who called the police and the Sergent who agreed to send out an officer shoudl be put on leave without pay if not out right fired.

      • NC


      • LTCB

        Say it ain’t so, “avgjoe”. Fact of the matter is that, while the library MAY have actually sent the notices, that does not mean that the parents received them OR that they even knew the kid HAD any library books. In Oklahoma we just pay for the book if it isn’t returned and/or get a hold put on your card and stop checking out books till you clear the fines. Sending the cops to a kid’s house to scare the snot out of them is clearly beyond reasonable.

      • LTCB

        By the way “Abby Brown-Kenwick”, you seem to be the kind of person that needs to move to a country that is of your views, Communist China.

      • Carleen


        “In Oklahoma we just pay for the book if it isn’t returned and/or get a hold put on your card and stop checking out books till you clear the fines. Sending the cops to a kid’s house to scare the snot out of them is clearly beyond reasonable.”

        I was a librarian at a public library in Oklahoma for six years. This is not exactly how things work. If the book is not returned, several, and I mean several overdue notices are sent out. They’re mailed. If they have a phone number on record, they’re also called. After a few months, if the book isn’t returned, then it goes to “Lost” status, which is just a nice way of saying that the person who checked it out decided not to return it, which is another nice way of saying they stole it. Once it’s at a lost status, the patron is required to pay the full cost of the book and a hold is placed on their library card until they’ve done so. In this case, apparently the family had several lost items, several late, and a serious fine as a result. Trust me, they would have been notified. If the police stopped by their house, then the library obviously had their address somehow and they would of contacted them to report the fine.

        I wish we did have a policy at our library requiring law enforcement to show up at the house and ask for the materials back, because you have no idea how many books and subsequently how much money is “lost” each year because people decide they can just keep a library item and ignore our requests to return it. You see, a public library is supported by city/county taxes. You know how you pay city/county taxes? When someone doesn’t return a library book, you and the rest of our tax payers are the ones who essential pay for it.
        Although public libraries differ around the U.S., this particular practice involving fines/lost items is pretty standard (except for the calling the cops part, I only know a handful of those).

        This article seems focused on twisting things so it sounds like the library blamed the child. Dude, she’s five. She has no idea. Plus, it wasn’t just one book that she had, the whole family had fines and items out. Is the mom setting a bad example? Sure. Does this deserve the attention of the authorities? When the fine is this much, sure. Do we really need to get social workers involved? I doubt it. I’ve had a couple of “lost” library items in my time too. The difference is I wasn’t afraid to fess up and pay up. Most people aren’t. Perhaps this family is seriously struggling financially. Perhaps the mom knew she was in the wrong but was too ashamed to fess up to the library because she had totally let things get out of hand. I can totally understand that happening. My sympathy goes to both parties here, especially since the article is leaving out obvious details.

        If you ever find yourself in such a predicament involving library fines, please, go and talk to your librarian. We’re not unreasonable people, especially when we know you had good intentions and that you’re not maliciously taking our materials on purpose. In most libraries you can pay your fines off in small increments. We’ll work with you, just talk to us. The key is to tell us before we send everything to a collection agency. At that point, it’s out of our hands. We don’t send it to the collection agency to be mean, we send it because we struggle with money too and if we don’t get the money back then we have to use our budget to replace material as opposed to buying new stuff, or perhaps even request more money from the city, thereby….raising your taxes. LTCB, you strike me as someone who doesn’t like to have their taxes raised for any reason, so perhaps from this perspective, you can understand why a library resorted to such drastic measures. We don’t usually like to piss off right wingers. They tend to give us enough trouble already. :-)

    • no

      Tax money pays for those books. The woman should be ashamed for nto returning her daughter’s books. And the idea that they came after the “little girl” is idiotic. Her mother is responsible for her and her books and her library dues. Not the little girl. Nice attempt of them to make it much more dramatic, though.

      On the other hand, I’m not sure why the police would get involved. What happens when you don’t return books to the library is that they send you notices and EVENTUALLY SEND YOUR ACCOUNT TO A COLLECTION AGENCY. Then it becomes the collection agency’s problem.

      • lordgoodyear

        This is the same in Goodyear, Arizona. A man was arrested for speaking to a fire chief without an appointment. Judge Gerald Williams found him guilty for disorderly conduct due to speaking and pointing a finger. Video didn’t show the guy there. Full police force came to his house and arrested him including threats to ‘grab and drag him from his home’. Glad he didn’t have a library book too.

      • Locke

        No, they are arresting people for late books now. I’m serrious google it.

      • Chris G.

        Do we know tax money paid for that book? Where I grew up libraries always had drives to donate your old books and for people to donate money. If this is the norm for people that forget to return books I will no longer donate books.

      • Gregg Mcphedrain

        WELL PUT

      • ahna capri

        your an ass

      • Lazybum

        Yeah yer right…send a cop @ $100 per hour (car, bennies, salary, insurances, ancillary associated support…) to collect a $5 fee on a $10 book. And Mass is crashing into the wall because….

        BTW, The police were not allowed to enforce existing laws broken by OWS. Did the govner issue a list of laws that must be obeyed and laws that can be broken yet? If not, how is this little girl to know what laws to follow and what laws you can ignore?!?!

      • Kathryn

        I think it is people like you who needs to be ashamed. Yes, tax money does pay for some of those books, the rest are paid for by donations. Nonetheless, the library and the police should both be ashamed. The police chief should have had a chat with the library and told them that they are over-reacting and they should just deal with it themselves. To involve the police for 2 children’s books is rediculous.

      • JMWinPR

        I agree wholeheartedly. Mom’s job is to teach responsible behavior

      • Bruce_Almty

        I just want to know if they had air support and SWAT backup.

      • Justin Case

        Your garbage, pure filth.

      • KBKBKB

        And “YOU’RE” illiterate.

      • Kevin

        “Nice attempt to make it much more dramatic….” Exactly how could the library made this more dramatic? Perhaps they should’ve made the mother or daughter take the perp walk to the cruiser in handcuffs? What kind of moron would condone the actions of the library and police? This is how the Nazi’s got started, and for people to allow the police in their community to be used this way, without an uproar is a stain on the entire community. At the minimum, the police chief should resign. Let’s face it folks, do you want a chief of police in your town who make such idiotic decisions, to be in charge of your town, especially if an emergency arises.

      • paul

        and I imagine she has paid plenty in taxes to have paid for numerous copies of the book. Some 47%ter probably wanted it. 47% is the percentage of people who don’t pay taxes and yes I know its a fed number. Hard working peoples money paid for those books in the form of taxes !!!!!

      • Eric Swinson

        Do you have any idea how many books libraries in the US burn or destroy every year becuse they have no room for them? Millions. They destroy valuable first edition books simply becuse they can’t take the time to sort them out. If you want a to keep a better eye on your tax dollars watch the library not the patrons.

      • RC

        I think you are so right. The fact that so many can be manipulated into believing the “mom” was in her rights just shows you how were are just all entitled.

      • Catherine Baxter

        actually…in texas they issue a warrant for your arrest. They do not send it to a collection agency. They arrest the library card holder.

      • destests liberals

        @Abby Brown,

        Leave it to a liberal to call in CPS for overdue library books. “OMG….the parents are terrible”. LOL I’m sure they have more pressing matters, like actual child abuse.

        **rolls eyes**

    • Pete Gaughenba

      Small town cops often have loads of free time that would otherwise be spent hanging out at the fire station or sitting at the local diner. No harm in putting them to work. The officer’s salary is already being paid for, so this errand didn’t cost anything extra.

      • ew3

        I can tell you from experience, small town MA cops are the new SS.
        Was riding my bike and a cop pulled me over to make sure I had a proper light.
        They drive around checking license plate numbers for any prior infraction, even if the car is not doing anything illegal.

        Where is the ACLU when you need them ?

      • Gene

        I agree. The news has the way of making police doing their job a bad thing. I’d rather have my tax dollars going to police who are in touch with the community than police who have to chase home invaders and drug dealers. They’re lucky to be living in a community where the biggest problem for the police is this.

        People want to be protected and served well this is part of serving. Love it or leave it.

      • SAG

        Nail on the head! And lets get something sytraight. The 5 year old didn’t borrow the books, the mother did. The article did mention how many time the librabry tried contacting her to get the books back. I am sute that sending the cops was the last resort. Think about people, really……

      • Tony

        …or they could get rid of the superfluous cops. Just a thought.

      • Dennis Johnson

        Pete, you are right on. When I was a small town cop, (1 per shift) we did all sorts of innocuous stuff because there was no one else to do it and we were the only resource that our little town pop 2000 had.

      • MW Manning

        More effective cost cutting would entail firing the police chief and the librarian who called the police. Both are obviously not qualified for their respective jobs.

    • To Serve and Collect

      They should have sent the U.S. Dept. of Education. They just received 500 militarized shotguns and I’m sure they nothing but good intentions in mind for the tax slaves.

    • Leah Coleman

      Sadi, you are the one creating drama. Telling “Tara” she needs parenting classes because she pretty much thinks this whole thing is nonsense? (As do I) Really???? Judging people you know nothing about. Nice.

    • Alice

      The library and “I’m a victim” MOM are the culprits….nitwits at the library and irresponsible MOM ….

      • RUSS


    • laurie

      over the top for certain,,,however,,,,parents need to take more responsibility in teaching their kids and over seeing their children’s activities.

    • Paddy

      Are the police completely stupid, why would they get involved

      • Clint

        They would have to get involved eventually. How the hell do you collect money from someone who won’t pay? A collections agency? They have NO actual power. You tell them “cease & desist” and they can never contact you again. So then the only way to collect is lawsuit.

        Now you tell me which way of getting the fees back cost less taxpayer money – 10 minutes of a cop’s time when he was probably just sitting there eating a donut, or paying for a judge, lawyer, stenographer, bailiff, and courtroom?

      • frank

        Paddy maybe you shouldn’t call people stupid when if you had read the article or watched the pretty video they even made so you could just sit back and watch, you would have known that the library went and got the cops involved. The library did the same thing that someone else would do if something was taken from them and not returned

      • Gerald Zirnstein

        You got it! Yes, they ARE completely stupid. If the police in this country stoop to doing stupid shi! like this, then they might do anything. I agree with the person commenting that they have too many police officers on their staff and need to eliminate some to reduce their budget and let little girls have a few more FUC#ING days to return a children’s book!!

    • MerryJ1

      Dollars to Tic Tacs there’s more to the story, Dave. Either the mother ignored numerous notices and, more than likely, several courtesy phone calls (or got a bit testy about a “reminder call” and responded rudely or hung up the phone), OR there’s a personal issue between a family member and a library staffer.

      In any event, Mommy Dearest is setting a very bad example for her five-year-old daughter by ignoring her commitment to return the books. Library loans are conducted on the Honor System, which does require a bit of honor from borrowers as well as the lender.

      • Chris

        I’m going to nitpick a bit. If something is done on the honor system does that not assume their is no force to back up a contract? If not can we really call it an honor system?

        “In any event, Mommy Dearest is setting a very bad example for her five-year-old daughter by ignoring her commitment to return the books.”

        A very bad example? Would we say that?

      • John Galt

        Yes, you are absolutley correct, I mean after all what’s next, selling crack in the scholl yard. This kind of behavior must be stopped!! You idiot, it’s 2 overdue books and a 5 year old.

      • Rufusthedog

        No. It’s two overdue books and a mom trying to make it be about the 5 year old.

      • tara

        Well I guess all of us moms that have ever forgot to return a book should go to jail and leave our poor little ones at home or with social services. Most libraries are very understanding about books that are returned late or even lost. but yep yur right this mom needs to be locked up and given parenting classes about how to return a book on time. you either are a moron or have never had kids.

      • averageman

        should have perp walked the 5 year old…set an example…otherwise, she could turn into a Corzine, or some other law breaking pig scum

      • sadi

        @tara, maybe some parents are just lazy. Mom is setting a bad example and many of us raise our kids to be responsible citizens and do not place blame or create drama that isn’t necessary.

        Perhaps you are in need some parenting classes, Tara.

      • Donald V Dunham

        Very well said

    • justfing around

      I can’t believe that in this day and age that we don’t simply beat the bannanas out of them and place these evil people in concentration camps. I am really sick of the liberal niceties that this society allows average citizens and so glad that the NDAA has finally been signed! Now we can finally have Stalinst purges for anyone who can’t remember to return a library book. Age is no excuse!
      In fact, they should pull everyone out of their houses on the block and execute them all just for knowing these evildoers. It worked so well in Germany!

    • John Watrous

      i think if this town has an officer to actually respond to this they have at least one to many cops.

    • Chris

      Cop should be ashamed. What’s soooooo scary is that so many police officers are robots with no common sense or reasoning. They just follow orders.

    • cAROL wERTH

      No need to go into details…RIDICULOUS.

    • Julie Was Here

      The woman in the story should be ashamed. She violates the rules and wants to play victim? That idiot needs to grow up and take responsibility.

    • Bobby Allen

      Just suppose the books had been returned by the agreed upon time. What would the cops do then?

    • jerry S

      Sgt. Dowd, I don’t use the word “hero” lightly but you are the greatest hero in American history. If it were not for brave men like you putting your life at risk every day by taking down dangerous criminals like this 5 year old, our American society would crumble in no time.

    • Bookmonkey

      I am a children’s librarian. I’ve worked in libraries for 20 years and the problem of people not returning checked out books and materials has escalated significantly. We loose many thousands of dollars a year in non-returned and damaged materials–new materials purchased with tax payers money not old donated items. DVDs get stolen daily (because if you don’t return it you are stealing). And many claim they never receive notices (even though we sent out many by mail, phone or email–patron’s choice) or did not see damage (like a dvd broken in half and put back in the case or soaking wet books put in the bookdrop). I work in a big city and our library has never had law enforcement to assist in getting back items. I can only wish we could. Now, I do not think two books lost is a serious enough offense to send police to someone’s home. We have people loose 20 without any repercussions but not being able to use the library. Those are the ones that could use a visit from the police. Few parents want to teach responsibility these days. It is a real shame.

      • Sarah

        You should try reading more, it’s spelled lose not “loose”

    • Alexa Styles

      Hey avgjoe – I don’t mean to call you out man, but I think you are spelling the word Librarian incorrectly.

      • Donald V Dunham

        As long as every one can read It, we are communicating here, not studying for an exam.

    • Jessica

      The parents should b ashamed for teaching there kids to b irresponsible, they get sent letter, calls to there homes, and emails saying they have books that need to b returned. Its not ok to b checking out books and not returning them. Those parents were just to damn lazy to look for there childs books,

      • Sarah

        Maybe your mom should have taken you to the library more, then you would have learned to spell “be”,or maybe your just too lazy to add the “e”

    • Dan S.

      One police officer ringing the bell and asking a few questions about an overdue (by several months) book doesn’t sound all that frightening to me. The book was found and the case was resolved. There was no violence or any threat thereof. It sounds like what, we are told, citizen-police interaction used to be like – the “friendly policeman” and all that. It’s just that, because of what has happened elsewhere, Americans, including five-year-old girls, now have reason to fear the police, and so what actually was a non-threatening event was perceived as threatening. That’s one more negative consequence of the armed SWAT-team raids and general militarization of the police that has been occurring across the U.S. Luckily, what happened here did NOT involve anything of the sort. I hope we can return to being a country where a visit by one local cop will not be a frightening event.

    • Jonny Aisling

      fucking agreed! come to my door asking for my 6 or 7 year old in a uniform or what..hella no will i let them in..OMG>>

    • C. G. Woodring

      I was a librarian for 30 years and I agree that the library should be ashamed!
      That mother and little girl will not want to go to another library again. Too bad.

      • Sarah

        You should be ashamed that your too lazy to spell a word, or use punctuation.

      • Jessica

        The mother should b ashamed, it like they were stealing from the library they sent notices plus phone calls and emails, she needs to teach her kids whats right from wrong and explain to her daughter what happened the father was the 1 who had a book on cds out on his daghters card which was a little over $100. She should tell her daughter this is what happens when ur not responsible. from all people u should know how it works, When they get a card the have to sign a paper to have that card and it explains to u about everything!!

    • MichaelH

      Sure, Dave, they have lots better to do. Scoffing at “the rules” though, has become an epidemic in the United States. Your attitude reflects that degrading. I’d take money that you text while driving, too.

    • Abby Brown-Kenwick

      Public property stolen. You think police ought to just sit by if called about it.
      Mom is setting a terrible example, social workers/state authorities ought to investigate.

    • Yanni

      This is the level of intelligence that is in our country. I honestly believe that these people have gone absolutely crazy. Whoever works at that library is just “STUCK ON STUPID” They need to be replaced with someone who is intelligent!!

      • Jessica

        You must be stuck on stupid because u must of not read the other part of the story. U must b one of those irresponsible parents that dont teach ur kids right from wrong!!

    • MZ

      You assess a fine, and if it is not paid, remove library privileges until it is paid. Simple solution that does not involve police.

    • Lynn

      Just went to their website, . I’m guessing by the FAQ page that their patrons are often displeased with their lousy service and attitudes. They’re union, by the way.

    • Dog

      I live in MA where this happened. Charlton’s property taxes recently went up, supposedly to pay for police ‘protection’

      I for one am PROUD to have my taxes go up so 5 year old girls can have a $100k a year (add benefits, and cruiser expenses) police officer deliver an over due library fine.

      • kyle

        $100k a year? are you high lady?

    • Jay

      There’s only so much action in the trailer park. Mom must be bored.

    • lmr

      I believe the parents would have to sign for the library card and the child is not responsible in this case. Put the blame where it belongs.

    • kevin

      This could have been a great teaching time for the parents. They could have explained about taking responsibility for ones actions and understandin that thir are consiquences to actions. Instead what did you here from the mom, its not our fault..

      This is a prime example of what is wrong with our society! People, need to quit making excuses for poor behavior.. We need to get back to taking personal responsibilty for our and our childrens actions and not to expect to be cottled like a bunch of babies. I am a single parent and had that happened to me I would have had my appologized to the policeman for taking him away from catching real criminals and then used it as a teaching moment..

      • Donald V Dunham

        Right on !

    • Yankeefan

      Charleton MA must be a REEEEELLY small town that they don’t have TELEPHONES! Why didn’t the librarian or the police call the parents of the little girl and tell them to return the BORROWED books to the library, and pay the fine. Frightening a little 5 year old girl over something as trivial as two overdue library books is mean and wrong headed. Go make that police officer direct traffic as punishment, and make the librarian read the stacks to make sure that the books are in order.

      • Jessica

        The library has called them, sent letters to there house, and even write emails to them. The parents r to damn lazy to go and look for the books. The parents r not showing theyre childeren to b responsible. So for them to say they didnt recieve any thing is bull crap. People think they can keep checking books out of the library and not return them how irresponsible is that. Thats how they teach the kids nice!!

    • Darryn

      The cops are called pigs for a reason. They should be embarassed at this. Complete and total utter idiots and bullies. No kidding the money wasted on this could have replaced the books. The girl holds onto books. She likes to read. That is a good sign. Utter and total dirtbag cops and librarian. The librarian’s job should disappear and be replaced by 7 different people. They all do the job on an as needed basis. Should prevent another idiots display of power abuse.

      • Jessica

        The parents r to lazy to look for the kids books. how irresponsible on theyre part they should teach the kid how to b responsibe, and it wasnt just the kid the father also had fines right along w/ it. Theyre is 2 parts to a story so the news needs to get theyre facts straight. Theyre stealing from a library!!

      • Grumpy Dude

        Did you lose your tin foil hat over the New Years weekend? Smoke one too many bongs? I think we know the answer to that.

    • Amethyst777

      Why couldn’t they just MAIL out a reminder? This is ridiculous!..

    • Voice of reason

      With the school system in the U.S. we should simply be happy that a child can read!
      Give her some more books!

    • JoanneH.

      Awww, what a cute photo of a little tyke reading a book with mommy.

      No one would suspect the family likely owes hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars for stolen and damaged books/movies. Dave, that’s your tax money lost — to deadbeat thieves who cry when they’re confronted.

      • Sarah

        The most important part of this story is the mom reading to her kid you moron!

    • BigAl

      Welcome to Obama’s Police State

      How much was the fine vs. how much did sending police officers cost.

      Did the library try sending letters or email, or did they just send the people with guns?

      • Melvin P. Arbuckle

        Yep, this has Obama’s “I can incarcerate you forever without tria” fingerprints all over it. He flunked E-Verify, too.

      • KBKBKB

        Grow up. Has nothing to do with Obama, moron.

    • Pam

      Dave, there is a lot more to the story than this station reported, as usual. Why do people believe everything they see on TV? That’s something to be ashamed of. The father of this little girl owes over $100 to this library. He checked out material over 2 YEARS AGO. He was sent numerous notices and courtesy calls, of which he ignored all. Then, the parents took out a card in their daughter’s name because they had accrued too much money to use their own cards. So, the officer was in no way sent to arrest the little girl. How idiotic! This man has stolen town property. Very little of the material in libraries is donated, contrary to popular belief. It comes from TOWN and state monies. Librarians are the guardians of this material; ALL residents have the right to use it, not just a few irresponsible patrons. He has no respect for the property of others. And when even a few people take advantage of their right to borrow material from any library, they cost taxpayers a lot of money. Look up your laws. He could be arrested for this. But Charlton Library apparently decided that enough was enough, and in these fiscal times, they want their items returned or replaced. They are owed $4000.00 in material that has never been returned!! Don’t jump to conclusions because a television news station loves to create headlines that will lure you to watch their broadcast. WBZ should do better “investigative” reporting, and you should get a life!

      • Grumpy Dude

        100% agree. Sensationalism aimed at ratings…nothing more. Twist the story by including, or not including, details based on which audience you want to get to react. People are stupid sheep and believe everything they read on the internet or see on TV.

      • museumatt

        You are right! I officially disavow this TV station’s report and chose to believe this person whom I don’t know and posts things with no evidence.

        I heard that someone said drugs may be involved.

      • Elijah

        I remember going to all the Friends of the Library book sales where they try to sell the tens of thousands of books donated to the Library that were duplicates… for a dollar or two per book… This happened twice a year… I asked what they did with the books that weren’t sold, or books that were duplicates of the duplicates, and they said they threw them in the dumpster recycling… I dumpster dived hundreds of text books & children’s to build the library of a free school across the street from the library… eventually they noticed, and padlocked the dumpster so I couldn’t “steal” children’s books from “their” dumpster…. Where were the cops and Librarians when I pleaded with them to donate the books destined for the shredder to our Library instead…? They said that the lawyers and politicians passed a law saying that they legally can’t “share” books with other libraries or the public, because it would interfere with market forces… how’s that for “stolen” property..?

      • tobeornottobe

        $4000 for two children’s books?? That is just plain ridiculous…! Its just waaay over the top to send police for something insignificant like that. Obviously there is nothing much important for the police to do than to bother folks about ‘green eggs and ham’.

      • L.S.

        Libraries, like all other entites, cannot contract with a minor (i.e.issue a library card) without consent of a parent or guardian of legal age. If, in fact, the parents owed them that much money, they could have refused the child a card, and prevented this in the first place.

      • Garrett

        And your source for all these assertions is… what, exactly?

    • Joe Johnson

      because emails are expensive…..

      • omstrat

        they will be once the government finishes taking over the internet..didn’t you know that ?

    • Daffy Duck

      If this little girl was an illegal alien or minority, they would have sent out flowers and balloons and told her she could keep the books.

      • meadowlands

        Well said

      • george


      • KBKBKB


    • Tax Payer

      They are either over staffed or have very poor judgement.

    • Pvt. Duke

      Agreed. But the obvious question, aside from that obvious truth, is why didn’t the mom just have the daughter return the books? Just because the library over-reacted, it doesn’t absolve mommy of responsibility.

      Basically, the kid learns that if you fail to return something that is borrowed, just paste your wrist to your forehead like some histrionic dirt-bag and indulge your fever-dreams of a police state. The root cause is immaterial when you’re perpetually hard done-by, nice lesson.

    • broadway dave

      The PARENTS should be ashamed, for not returning the books.

    • The Battman

      WBZ did one of two things in this case. Either they did a lousy job of investigative reporting or they reported only the part of the story that they knew would generate controversy, which it obviously has. Read the article that was in the Worcester Telegram

      The visit by the police was not to this house only and it was not primarily to address the return of the 5 year old’s overdue books. It was to address the father’s audio book that had been overdue since April of 2009. The police had a list of 13 families to visit that owed a total of $2,634 of which the Benoits owed $130. This has nothing to do with a “police state” or an attempt to harass a 5 year old. It has to do with irresponsible people who entered into a contract with a government agency, violated the terms of that contract and as a result are reaping the rewards of their actions. Period.

    • Stu

      What kind of person excuses thievery? Late notices were probably ignored. It was a good lesson for girl to respect the property of others.

    • Clint

      I’m a flaming liberal, but sorry, this is the most tax-efficient way to do it.

      Someone wrote to me: “I saw this on FB and really, WTF. Why don’t libraries just use collections agencies like everybody else? Send notices when books are late. If they aren’t returned in X days, send a notice that it’s going to collections and send it to collections. Looking past the absurdity of the situation, sending a police officer to someone’s house to collect library books is a complete waste of tax dollars.”

      To which I respond:

      “The library must have already sent notice; they wouldn’t call the cops first unless this is actually a personal issue between some friend-of-cop librarian and this mother. (Possible, but it is the less likely explanation)
      So most likely, this is a real overdue book that they have made an effort to get back. (Been there, done that, paid my whole-book-cost fees before years late.)

      The problem with that is a collection agency has no power – you tell them to cease and desist on the first call and that’s all they can ever do and you will never hear from them again (been there, done that, 800+ credit rating still). But then they charge you for their services, of course. And that’s not already a budgeted salary, so that’s more taxpayer money out. And less budget for the library that needs it.

      So the only next step would be a lawsuit to get an enforced judgment. Lawyer + judges + bailiff + courtroom + stenographer + server for the subpoena is going to cost way way way way more taxpayer money than 10 minutes of a cop’s time that is already budgeted.

      Cops have slow days and sometimes don’t have much to do – I’ve seen them sleep in their cars at the school ‘cross the street – so it’s just as much of a a waste of taxpayer money to have them do nothing as well.

      The part I find funny is that a cop simply telling a 5 year old that something is wrong causes the 5 year old to cry, that little children already know to fear the scary men. It’s a good lesson to learn; I think this child will grow up and not be one of these cop apologists, which is good.”


      this is crazy. the mom should be ashamed of herself. she drove the child to get the book, well, dam,,she should know it is her responsibilty to return the book. show your child some responsibilities to others. so the mom should feel like a heel for doing this to her child. also, i know the officer, and i am sure this is the last thing on his list of things to do. MOTHER,, WELL, NO BRAINS, OR PARENTING SKILLS

      • Sarah

        Again, more negative trash the parent comments. Funny how you guys refuse to use any grammar.

    • DianeG.

      Dear WBZ Reporter: Mabye you should do your job better and find out how much the Benoit family owed in fines? Shoddy reporting, and shame on you if you did have that info and left if out of your story.

    • Captain

      Any parent that teaches their young child to cry at the sight of a policeman should be flogged, and the child taken from them.

      • Sarah

        Kids should just be taken from their parents at birth and raised by the state. Maybe leave a few at home to report on their parents. Would that satisfy you?

    • JohnsonBW

      This will be the same cop who shuts down her cool-aid stand in July?

    • JoanneH.

      Dave, you’re wrong. Our tax money is being stolen by deadbeats who steal and/or destroy public property and then deny, deny. Nice try with the photo of the cute little tot reading a book with mommy, though. Families in my district (I work at a public library) have owed as much as $3800 – when one person’s card is revoked, they rack up charges on another family member’s card. Are you okay with people stealing $3800 from you?

      • Sarah

        You work at a PUBLIC library. Get a grip,its not YOUR $3800!

    • robertsgt40

      Welcome to Ameristan. We have entered the days of the old USSR. They learned. We haven’t. With the passage of the NDAA law, we’re all subject to the militarized police state…comrad

    • The_maven

      They should have just sent Mr. Bookman from the Seinfeld episode when Jerry had an overdue book from high school. I’m sure somewhere in the government bureaucracy a Mr. Bookman exists, and he could have lamented all the wee-wee’s and pee-pee’s that people draw in library books, and chastised the 5-year-old for “making the scene.”

    • geowash

      A town with that much time on its hands has too many Police officers.

  • Willow

    I think the people who didn’t care about a return date should be ashamed. Keeping a book that doesn’t belong to you is the same as stealing. I think a friendly reminder was kinder then a summons to appear in court. The child is not responsible for returning the books, the parents were. I always made sure my children returned their books back to the library on time. I can’t understand people getting upset when they are in the wrong.

    • Phil

      Willow, you sound like a self righteous woman blind to your many faults and sins. Come on now! You are the kind of person who would lock up jay walkers and may I be so bold as to say the the 8th Amendment to protect against people such as yourself while you think it good to have the police show up for overdue library books. Let me say this is cruel and unusual punishment to have the police show up for something so insignificant. She should be fined her .05 cents a day per book and that’s it!

      8th Amendment of the US Constitution.
      “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.”

      • FireGuyFrank

        Phil, nice quote from the Consititution, but not relevant. Books are borrowed from a public library to share knowledge. Small town libraries have very small budgets, and don’t have personnel to knock on doors. Using the local PD is an option.

        The mom is trying to play the victim. Sorry. How about the other kids in town who have been denied the book because it wasn’t returned on time?

      • Bill Smith

        Phil, Willow is absolutely right and nothing in her comment shows her as being self-righteous. It’s people like you who support people who don’t hold to their agreement. The mother, in effect, agreed that when the books were taken out, they would be returned by a certain date. Several months later, the books still had not been returned, and you apparently see no fault in this. If it was you who had loaned the books to somebody else, I’ll bet you would be outraged. You need to stop bullying people who do right.

      • John

        You’re right, she does seem pretty self righteous. It was an honest mistake. I forgot to return a few library books when I was a kid. When I returned them no one complained. They simply told me what the fine was so I reached into my pocket for my allowance and paid most of the fine. Then I went back after I got my allowance the following week and paid the rest off.

        No one called the cops. No one freaked out, and no one had a holier than thou attitude.

      • matthew goguen

        your wrong Phil, Willow is correct

      • MDC

        By what possible definition of the word was she punished, let alone in a cruel or unusual way? Being called on a personal failure is now punishment?

        Let’s take the counter argument: keeping a book that doesn’t belong to you ISN’T the same as stealing? That would require some redefinitions. A friendly reminder ISN’T kinder than a summons to appear in court? The child IS responsible? People SHOULDN’T instill in their children any lessons about returning what they’ve been loaned?

        I can certainly see disagreeing on whether this was the right response or not… but projecting that Willow is “self-righteous” and “blind to her many faults and sins” based on simply stating common sense positions (unless you really hold the ridiculous counter positions, of course).

        I’m not from the area, don’t know anybody involved, but the tone on this one just really pushed my buttons. What arrogance. What silliness.

      • Bunky

        Willow is right and you are wrong!

    • Midge Martin

      “The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it.” – Josef Mengele

      • Jim Dea

        Thanks for the post. Great website, been there often. Why is it that so many people are asleep? Why won’t they wake up? The reality that most people think they know couldn’t be farther from the truth of what really is. Are they afraid? Are they part of the plan? This has been planned for a very long time; the NWO that is. I am starving for truth and that is all I search for anymore. Once you understand some truth, NOTHING but the truth will do!

      • harviele

        You can’t handle the truth. Your reality is a myth to me. You don’t exist if I can’t see you.

      • Jason

        Mengele? When did he tell you this?

      • Sharon

        History told her, we are all destined to be slow learners. But Oh, the lessons are harsh.

      • Sharon

        Yes………..and it is happening.

    • mike

      Send a member of the library staff to the home. Is that so hard?

      • JoanneH.

        Would YOU want to go to a stranger’s house and collect money and property they owe?

      • Julie Wilusz

        I don’t know about YOUR local library, Mike, but most libraries are working with a skeleton staff as it is. Why should they have to go to the home anyway….libraries send notices through the mail. Sure, she CLAIMS she didn’t receive any notices, but let’s be serious, here. All she had to do was take the stupid books back so someone else would be able to use them if they wanted. SHE knew when the books were due back, and I’m not talking about the little girl. The mother should step up to the plate and acknowledge that she “forgot” about them or was just too damned lazy to make the trip back to the library. What a sad state of affairs when folks won’t accept responsibility for their actions, and try to twist the story.

    • db

      Amen, we would be reading the same outraged comments if they had sent a summons rather than having a policeman stop by to give a friendly reminder. I could see the headline, “Charlton library sues five year old girl over 2 books valued $4, costing tax payers thousands.” As to the girl’s reaction, I bet she cried either due to her mom’s overboard reaction or due to being taught to mistrust police; either way it’s sad that this is even an issue people would have a problem with.

      Bottom line is that the library doesn’t have resources to hire someone to go door to door collecting books. A policeman dropping by (who presumably patrols in that area anyway) is a lot more fiscally responsible than filing a summons.

      • MaggieLyn

        Have you ever considered a simple phone call! One could politely say, “I just a rerminder that the 2 books checked out XX-XX-2011 have not yet been returned”. It would be much cheaper than sending a police officer! A phone call was evidently made to the police so the resources are there to make a call to the parent instead! I can’t believe that those being so self-righteous here have never had a library book returned late!

      • frank

        maggielyn do you really think they the library didn’t make any attempts to call or write these people? because if you do I have a nice ketchup Popsicle that is delicious that i would love to sell you. In the video it even states that the books are months over do and that they were going after people that they couldn’t get a hold of through letters and calls

    • Frank

      That’s a complete non-sequitur. The point is: when do you involve the police? People do stuff wrong all the time. People borrow things and don’t return them. People violate contracts. People spread rumors about people.

      These are CIVIL matters – not criminal ones. Doing something wrong isn’t an automatic ticket to use the police. Taxpayers have a right to be outraged for using their money inappropriately.

      • Sarah

        I totally agree with you. Then you read all the absurd comments where people want the CPS called. WTF?! This mother takes time to encourage literature in her childs life, I think that is more important than the fact the books were late. What A HORRIBLE PARENT!!! Lets inolve the state in every tiny fractional part of our lives. God knows the pulic has no business making their own choices and decisions. The slave mentality is disgusting. Lets just plop the kids in front of the idiot box, and stay away from libraries.

      • Phil

        Great point Frank!

      • Cynthia Moak

        Agreed. Is this the result when education fails a society? Majoring on the most minor of issues. You do know that the economic and governmental world is literally falling apart as we speak (write).

      • JaniN

        I fully agree.

      • Bergman

        And if it’s not a civil matter? Some states make keeping library books that are overdue past a certain point a misdemeanor, which is a criminal law matter, not civil. Note the second-to-last sentence of the article.

      • Chris

        It clearly says in the story that in this town not returning your library books after a certain amount of time is a misdeameanor crime. They sent a cop to ask, instead of sending a court summons (which is technically a non-custodial arrest). Does anyone really think the library didn’t send ANY other type of reminder and jumped straight to the cops. Oh, I know, she said she didn’t receive anything, but seriously? I guess next time they should just arrest the mom… you know, since sending someone to ask for the books back is just soooo attrocious.

      • george

        The books were part of the collection maintained by a public library, right? Therefore, they were public property. This makes their retention by the girl a criminal matter, not a civil matter. Contract law is irrelevant, as is any body of law related to the spreading of rumors.

    • Lounge Daddy

      Filthy criminals think they just keep a borrowed book for days on end. The answer to this is clearly sending a man with a gun to issue a “friendly reminder.” And if that doesn’t work … taser the hell outta them.

    • Julie Was Here

      Thank you for being a voice of reason!
      What is it with people and their insane attitudes that mothers are somehow above the law?

    • Olivia

      That is precisely why they get upset; they know they are in the wrong.

    • BigAl

      Willow, you are a stupid liberal. There are plenty of ways to collect money without using a threat of violence.

      Until now, I only thought the mafia used these techniques to collect debts

      • Jenn

        The mafia and the IRS one in the same.

    • ew3

      Under no circumstances should a person with a gun be called to deal with this.

    • tsalllllll

      This is ridiculous. The number of comments here justifying what the mother did and what she has now passed on to her child as a life lesson are amazing. The library books are overdue. Everyone in the town is entitled to borrow those books. And yet the mother felt it was justifiable for her daughter to simply ignore the rules and keep the books. Coupled with the mentality that you bash police no matter what the cause, I can understand the comments. I simply do not understand the mindset. I absolutely agree with Willow and Frank and others who have said the same thing

    • Diana

      That’s as uncalled for as the cops showing up. Come on, there are two excellent lessons to be learned here, stick to your agreements (eg return books) AND America is turning into a police state slowly since the “war on drugs” and quickly since 911. Oh and a third lesson, divide and conquer always works because we are so easily turned against each other. Be nice to your fellow man.

    • Ran Hansen

      Correct! “Benoit’s insist they never got any warnings.” What about 1- knowing the due date when they borrowed the books in the first place, 2- The library usually gives a receipt, 3- Libraries rely on personal honesty & integrity. 4- Parental responsibility, and 5- I usually set a reminder on my cell phone calendar – an alarm rings when a book is due. 6- Why would the mom make such an excuse? She was clearly in the wrong.

    • josephine

      To Willow:It is just wonderful to meet such a perfect person as you must be.

    • Joe Johnson

      email, a $.49 stamp plus paper & envelope, or phone call… are all cheaper and less gestapo-ish than sending a police officer to the door.
      Tell me, what lazy arse library employee couldn’t put their finger to dial the household instead of the police department? Where they to busy downloading porn on the library computers?!

    • Carol Cook

      I think it’s possible the books were put away and forgotten about. I also wonder if the police are being sent to every patron who had an overdue book at the library? This may bite the library in the behind later when they appeal to the community to help keep their funding up to keep open. There are so many ways to get reading materials into the hands of a child and this seems a little bit of an overreaction. I would be afraid to check a book out of that place,,what if I misplace it or lose it? I don’t need my children frightened by a policeman at the door for an overdue book. That seems a little over the top. Maybe the local paper can publish the names of the patrons who have overdue library materials,…?

    • robertsgt40

      With this in mind, what do you think should be done with those that looted the country and declared war on the rest of the planet? BTW, they’re still walking the streets and the halls of Congress

  • B fleming

    Mom, don’t use your irresponsibility through your child! Good work Ms. Librarian!

    • Morris

      I’m all for this concerning the adult accounts, but for a 5yr old? The police arrive asking about the books on the little girl’s account. She is in tears thinking she is going to get arrested. It is not her fault she was born with irresponsible parents…

      Good work? A 5yr old now has a fear of police, libraries, and probably books… Ya, a real win there…

  • P

    Idiocy continues

  • janine keller

    if the Library is so intent on returning a book, send the librarian…………..what do they do ALL DAY? shuffle books?

    • Future Librarian

      Maybe if you’d visit your local library, you would know.

    • Julie Wilusz

      So they should close the library so that they could go pick up books that lazy, self-centered idiots refuse to return??? Kinda defeats the purpose, wouldn’t you say?

    • Katherine

      They work, and work hard! Not only do they “shuffle books” they have to put up with members of the public and their children-most of whom are self absorbed adn ignorant, as your comment clearly demonstrates. Librarians are underpaid and are being expected to pick up the extra work that used to be done by co-workers who have been laid off.

  • billbranch

    Police departments all over this country should be doing one thing right now: getting cell phone users and texters off the roads. Leave these people alone; they pose a threat to no one and nothing except their own pocketbooks.

  • Linda

    I agree with Willow. It was the parents responsibility to return the books and I am sure the Library did send notices which the mother ignored. The mother should be the one ashamed for putting her daughter through this.

    • James Madison

      Thjen take it one step further: when the book still is overdue, send in the SWAT team. Just where is it reasonable to draw the line? With police assets being stretched to the limit, it is an abuse of taxpayers’ money to have had this happen.
      The Librarian has a phone. It is in her perview to call in the books, not the police. Please, use some common sense.

  • Da Troot

    Do you fools understand what recidivist seuss-borrowers cost our nation per-capita?

  • snap

    How about a postcard rmeinder?

    • Locke

      That would require 44 cents for a stamp, it’s better to waste manhours of police to frighten and reinforce government slave training at an early age on the child.
      After all it isn’t enough that potbellies can feel up kids at airports, it’s to show the kids they are just property and a government ‘authority’ figure can do what they please with them at any time, and like Santa they are always watching.
      It’s so very loving.

      • Blunt Force Trauma

        I agree completely. The police know precisely what they’re doing, and it’s exactly what you said, Locke..

    • Jason

      And if the reminder or reminders didn’t work, what’s your next move?

      • Liberty Jane

        How about putting replacement cost for the books on their property taxes?

  • Bob Dobbs

    How many books could have been purchased with the money spent to send the cop?

    Is this what cops do instead of solving murder cases? Is that why the number of unsolved homicides is going up, because cops are only tough enough to mess with 5 year old girls?

    • Teacher

      You are an ignorant fool. If you bothered to read Bob, the police were called to do this by the LIBRARY. The police officer was sent to let the parents know, not the 5 year old. The story is blown out of proportion by the mother who placed the blame on her daughter instead of herself, the responsible party. I’m not saying that the police was needed, but that’s not up to the officer.

      Police officers are paid regardless of where they are, so there is no money wasted. Charlton isn’t a crime ridden community. The police officer was most likely taken away from writing tickets. If there had been a case or an emergency that that would have taken priority. Since you are not an officer (nor know one obviously), you are just another ignorant civilian who knows nothing of how the department runs.

      Shut up and get off the computer. Maybe read a book. Then come back with something intelligent to say.

      • Amy

        This so called police officer is about as useless as you teachers. Need to fire all of you and find someone who has common sense. Which apparently you do not have.

        If you saw a young child being scared to death by a bully, irregardless of what she or he may have done, it would be your job under the so called bully law to stop it, I suggest that cop acted like a bully and probably scared the child and caused her much grief for many days. He should be fired. Had I been that parent I would have slammed the dam door in his face and ordered him off my property and called my attorney to take action immediately. This is not a dictatorship country yet although it is working its way up to it with these types of actions. This type of cop is a real disgrace to the whole country.

      • Bob Dobbs

        Ignorant fool am I? I’m not the librarian who thought it appropriate to call the cops on a 5-year-old, nor am I the cop that didn’t use his judgment to tell the librarian that it wasn’t a police matter.

      • Conservative T & T

        Teacher…please. You might be able to be condescending in your small little hick town but here on the World Wide Wide other professional, educated people gather to discuss ideas and what I am sure you would call the norms of society (although if this is normal I am not sure I would want to live in this community). The facts are that the police were sent to the home of a 5 year old for overdue books. I could care less if they went there to see the mother, father, or the ghost of the great-grandparents. They sent the police to the home of someone who had overdue books, not to the home of someone who has not paid their taxes in 20 years! This is not normal! If it is where you come from, there is nothing wrong with the rest of the country, what is wrong is coming from your own back yard. If a local library is going to have free reign on what they use the police department for, the town needs to think about if they need a police force as large as they have.

        So maybe before you go flying off the handle at someone who takes a differing opinion on something than yourself, maybe try to visualize, in this case anyway, the police coming to your door because you forgot to turn in some books to the library. And by the way, I have read many books and wrote two of my own, so your condescending rhetoric, if there is any left after throwing it at the last individual, will just be laughed at.

      • Bob Dobbs

        Having considered this further, I think we need to investigate your employment in the teaching profession. If you cannot see the obvious that every other normal person can, it is probably not the best to have you teaching children. Can we please have your name and the name of your district, I’d like to discuss your judgment with your supervisor.


      • Lawrence N Melissa Evans

        As a retired educator I respectfully ask you to either change your name “Teacher” or show more respect for yourself and others through your chosen language. Otherwise, even if you’re ‘right”… you’re wrong.

      • Jason

        Well said, teacher. teaching respect for the law. Police deal with trivial matters all of the time; trivial in isolation,that is. If each was allowed to slide because dealing with it would cost too much etc. the quality of life would rapidly deteriorate.

  • allen

    obviously it worked because after months of not taking the books back, they finally found the time to do what was right. Maybe the Mom learned something too. that she needs to teach her daughter to return overdue books.

    • Chris

      I think you are missing the point. Was the aggregate gain from getting a few kids books back worth the expense of involving the police department?

    • Locke

      No, we learn never enter a library in the new Amerika.

    • Carol Cook

      Yes, they got the books back and probably have alienated a few in the community who won’t use the library again and when the library needs funding from the community in the future, there possibly are a few more people who will say “no.” It just doesn’t seem worth it. I suppose if these were really expensive books it could possibly be justified,,but if we’re talking about children’s books, ,,it seems a bit much.

  • Ron S.

    Responsibility, something people today know nothing about. A friendly visit from the police is much better than a day in court. Get the bad behavior under control early, that way they don’t end up in criminal court later.

    • James Madison

      Any visit of a cop to your house in this day and age can not always be construed as ‘friendly’ and is more likely to scare the bejesus out of small children.
      We used to know who our police officers were, and they us, back in the day.
      It has all changed, and not for the better.

    • Chris G.

      Are you sure there is a clear cause/effect relationship between 5 year olds forgetting to return a book and future criminal activity?

      • Elsie

        I’d question whether the due date was actually forgotten or if in fact the books were misplaced for a time. As a child I often borrowed dozens of books at a time and invariably would lose a few for a time (not permanently, just misplaced, say at the bottom of the closet under the toy box) and it sometimes took a good while to locate the books. With fine amounts what they were if I didn’t get the book back this week, I’d get it back the next. Sometimes that meant the books were considerably overdue.

        We do not have all the facts, but certainly, public property or not, police services were not needed for two children’s books whose replacement value, even at library edition costs, was way south of $50.00. The use of law enforcement in this instance demonstrated lack of judgment on the part of the library management and the Chief of Police. Contrary to what some people believe, the head of a police department DOES have the right to refuse to under take many tasks, even if an honest to goodness crime has been committed. If there is no obligation for police to investigate a murder, look it up there isn’t, then there is no obligation for the police to do the bidding of the library manager either. That was a waste of tax payer funds.

        Library should have sued in small claims for the cost to replace and then utilized the State’s tax refund intercept program to obtain the judgment if they won e case and the borrower refused to pay. Sending the police gets bad publicity and keeps people from supporting the library in the future. Suing is how civil matters get resolved and unless the library was stupid enough to actually name a child, such a lawsuit would probably not even make a ripple.

      • Ron S.

        I don’t need a clear cause and affect. The lack of respect for the law displayed by todays youth speaks clearly. OWS vermin should tell you everything you need to know. My property will be defended with extreme and deadly force. There will be no questions asked before bullets fly.

    • Morris

      You realize you talking about a 5yr old little girl? She isn’t the one with the bad behavior, I doubt she even realized she had overdue books, or even what that means exactly…

      I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you didn’t know how old the child was…

      Cheryl Meskus, Secretary (2012)

    • Chris G.

      Replying to your comment to me below. . .

      You hold 5 year olds to quite a high standard. I’m sure you child was driving by 4 and filing their taxes for allowance earned by age 6.

      “The lack of respect for the law displayed by todays youth speaks clearly. OWS vermin should tell you everything you need to know. My property will be defended with extreme and deadly force. There will be no questions asked before bullets fly.”

      This is utterly intelligible to me and has nothing do with the topic. Further, there is a clear distinction between “todays youth” and the occupy movement.

      Maybe you should lay off the “bullets will fly” refe

      • al

        “My property will be defended with extreme and deadly force.” hahahaha start shooting over a few crummy kids books with torn pages? that’s hilarious.

        and the fixation over guns is really rich. don’t you know that tomorrow’s “battlefield” will be internet security? your bank accounts, credit cards, credit rating, and economic freedoms will be stripped from you by hackers. no guns, no bullets. but plenty of misery for folks who are living in the 1900s.

      • Ron S.

        Maybe you should grow a pair???

        What my kids did at what age is none of your business. Trying to lay off your shortcomings on my kids is over.

        You own your own screw ups and I will not pay for your screw ups.

      • Ron S.

        Maybe you should refrain from your ignorant responses. You can decide to keep hiding for the rest of your life. There is right and wrong. You decide which side you want to be on, but be ready to own the results of your decisions.

    • BigAl

      Nothing like a couple of guys with guns to collect library fees

      Welcome to Obama’s new world order

      • KBKBKB

        Welcome to conservative paranoid and delusional America is more like it…

  • Rowdy Boots

    Oh, what a wonderful way to spend public money!

    About time someone put their foot down and got those books back!

    Now, if we can only get the Real Criminals to cooperate…

  • James Andrews

    The mom shouldn’t need a reminder that she borrowed books from the local library. Many children could have used the book in the 7 months Mom let it lay around the house. Individual responsibility MOM.. Do what’s right and the cops don’t have to drop by and remind you of the contract you signed when you took out a library card.

    • Rich


    • treehood

      The word was “several” not “seven”. Reading skills do count. Of course I suppose you are right as you never make a mistake or forget anything. From what I could ascertain from the story, they had no other books overdue and may very well have been regular users of the library, and certainly the books (that’s plural James, another mistake?) could have been discussed whenever they checked out an additional book.

    • Morris

      Clearly the mother is irresponsible… BUT the books were from the 5yr old’s account. The police show up while the little girl is home asking about the books on the 5yr old’s account. I’m sure she was terrified!

      I’m in full agreement of the tactic concerning ADULT accounts, but for children? Come On! That child isn’t going to understand it is her mother’s fault.

      Dysfunctional family? I’d vote yes. However, what fault is that to the 5 yr old little girl that is now going to have a fear of libraries, police, and probably books in general?

      I vote CLASSLESS for the library…

      • Sarah

        You deem a family dysfunctional over late library books?!? Wow!

  • James Madison

    Another egregious misuse of expensive government assets. The Librarian needs to call the house, or God forbid, go there herself and get the books. Who gets paid more, a library employee or a police officer?
    We have fallen off the ladder of Common Sense in this country.
    Pull the family’s library card and shame them that way.

  • Spanky

    Public canings for overdue books!

  • sdf

    What do they expect when they steal government property?

  • Mark C.

    Welcome to the new amerika

    • Amy

      You hit the nail on the head. That is exactly what we have become.

      • brandy

        The officer was going there as a reminder after the family ignored repeated notices and calls about the overdue items. He wasn’t there to arrest anyone. At that point the family techincally had stolen property. If the mother would have just returned the books in a timely matter, the whole situation could have been avoided.

        Better to have a friendly reminder, even from a police officer, rather than getting an offical summons informing you that you have to go to claims court about the missing items.

  • rachel

    pay your damn library fines people! be considerate of other people that might want to check out those books. Don’t feel one bit sorry for them.

    • Mark C.

      you are heartless

    • Locke

      How about we close the libraries, then no one would have a late book or fine and you could feel better.

      • Carol Cook

        That’s the concern,,this type of action could lead to people feeling that way and the community can decide the library is not worth it. There are so many ways to get reading material now. The library really needs to consider this as a very bad decision. I wonder who else they are sending the police to collect books from or is it just this one person that had overdue books.

    • BigAl

      You should have added to your post “or we will shoot you or carry your sorry butt off to prison”

      This is liberal/socialist utopia!

    • Morris

      You don’t feel sorry for “THEM”? A 5yr old now has a fear of police, libraries, and probably books… Ya, a real win there…

      I’m all for this concerning the adult accounts, but for a 5yr old? The mother is to blame, I agree. But, the police arrive asking about the books on the little girl’s account. She is in tears thinking she is going to get arrested. It is not her fault she was born with irresponsible parents…

  • Yuri Tardett

    they should have fired a warning shot then rammed the door down.

  • rick

    Oh it starts with overdue library books then those 5 year ods discover DVD rentals and the life of crime just spirals out of control from there……they should be thankful for the intervention.

  • Boots

    That’s what we need alright cops knocking on doors looking for over due books. Pffftt…

    I believe there are 40,000 new laws going into effect this year…2012.

    • BigAl

      Everyday, I am finding more and more reasons to vote for Ron Paul

  • Josh Biggs

    Karma may well run over that librarian. Depending on how old she is, she may end up begging this child for a job in the future when hard copy books are completely replace by electronic books and their is no longer a need for a brick and mortar library. This will also mean that most librarians will no longer be needed.

  • Bill

    I guess book worms really are worms

  • HereComesTrouble

    OMGosh — NOTHING else going on in that town? The City Council should be recalled and the Head Librarian should be fired! Ridiculous expenditure of tax dollars.

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