Bradley Jay: ‘Foxboro Should Rethink Their Rejection Of A Casino.’

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Residents of Foxboro recently voiced disapproval of a plan to build a casino in their fine town.

I guess the economy in Foxboro is not really that bad. If it was, they would not look an economic gift horse in the mouth.

It’s not like someone is looking to build a nuclear power plant, or a dangerous bio-lab, in their town. It is a resort casino. It will bring money and jobs.

There is no such thing as a free lunch. There is a price to pay for prosperity. Either you want a sleepy New England village, or you want a good economy. Which is it? If you reject the casino so you can keep your sweet little town image, don’t you let me hear any folks from Foxboro whining about the economy.

Let me ask the rest of you, would you want the money and jobs a casino would bring to your town? Check the Jay Talking video for your responses.

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