WATERVILLE, ME (CBS) – Police in Waterville, Maine are turning calling the case of a missing toddler a “criminal investigation” and have turned over the lead in their investigation to Maine State Police Major Crimes Unit.

Deputy Chief Charles J. Rumsey, IV issued a statement Friday night saying evidence gathered during the investigation points toward a crime.

“At this point, we believe that foul play has occurred in connection with Ayla’s disappearance,” Dept. Chief Rumsey said.

Crews from Maine’s State Police Forensics Team returned on Friday to the house where Ayla Reynolds was last reported to be seen.

Her father, Justin DiPietro reported her missing after he says he put her to bed nearly two weeks ago.

DiPietro has said he has no idea what happened to her.

On Friday, investigators taped off an area around a shed in the backyard of the house.

ayla reynolds Police: Foul Play Has Occurred In Missing Maine Toddler Case

Ayla Reynolds

According to the CBS affiliate in Bangor, members of the State Police, wearing gloves and boots, were in and out of the house and at one point they removed a paper bag from the house. There’s no indication of what may have been in that bag or whether it was of any significance.

Dept. Chief Rumsey said his department will continue to assist in the investigation.

“Our commitment to finding Ayla and explaining the circumstances surrounding her disappearance is as strong as it was on December 17th,” he said.  “Every investigator involved in this case shares the hope of Ayla’s family and the public that Ayla will be located soon.”

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  1. mamasaidso says:

    This is so upsetting
    Young people who are not ready to have children should really take protective measures so they CAN NOT GET PREGNANT
    Sad part is there are women who would do anything for a baby and you have two irresponsible people have a child and they can not get along and this happens. Who ever hurt this child will pay the price someday…. innocent child

  2. Cassie Sirois says:

    Noboby EVER just disappears …I think people need to be looking closer to home…just because whether or not either parent was diectly involved one of them may know something that make suggest another possibility behind who may be responsible for this poor beautiful young girl gone missing!!! Maybe even lie detector testing…what if something accidently happened, and the fear of blame scared someone so much they couldn’t do do the right thing…accidents happen all the time but without the lie detector test one may never no ?? I am NOT accusing anyone as I, as well as everyone one else have NO idea what type of god forbidden thing could have happened to this innocent beautiful child, its just that if it was my child missing I would not stop at nothing till she came home, test me..my husband..babysitter..neighbor..what have you…anything that may help find a lead to what truth may be out there and may help bring my baby home!!!….SOMEONE OUT THERE KNOWS SOMETHING (the question is WHO) becuase someone is behind this for one reason or another, because like I said previously….people dont just disappear!!! All of my heart, and my hope goes out to the parents and family, as I myself am a mother of two beatiful girls and could never even imagine living the pain and anguish these poor people are feeling…but still I feel that more personal investigations may uncover what investigators may need to help in bringing baby AYLA HOME!!!!!!!!… before packing this case up into a tiny cardboard box set high up on a shelf labeled “COLD CASE” or “UNSOLVED MISSING PERSONS” as it seems two weeks in now that the box is a very real aspect of what may soon be coming with no new leads…….”Please hear me now our lord all mighty, baby Ayla is not asleep in her bed tonight, her bed lay cold, and our hearts bleed tears of our sorrow…we pray now that you are there with her..keeping her safe…keeping her warm..keeping her from thirst and hunger..just long enough till you can bring her home where she belongs!!! Thank you our Lord…with all the love and appreciation there is…AMEN”

  3. michelle oneil says:

    i really hope even though there is foul play that she is at least returned home and that all questiopns are answered. shes been gone to long, and im starting to lose faith. good job to all agencies involved and all volunteers that assisted in the search. Good luck to all involved now.

    1. Mrs.TruthMama says:

      Foul Play generally means the victim was killed. Sorry. No one is going to “return” this little baby safe and sound. It’s been weeks and obviously either the parents had something to do with it or they left her unsecured and a child-predator climbed in her window and snatched her (unlikely, but even so he’s not bringing her back).

  4. Richard Sherburne says:

    you mean to tell me a father puts a 20 month little girl with a broken arm to bed at a certain time, and does not check on her well being at all during the night , come on now a little girl with a broken arm. i mean this is a 13 hr. period.true many young adolescents sleep right through the night,but this is a girl with a broken arm. Come on now, what type of father is he. Something is very very fishy here.

  5. KarBare says:

    Many children sleep 10 hours or more. Not checking on this child is normal for many parents. how many of you actually get up in the morning and go check on your children, if you say you do..either you are a liar or you are one of few. How can one blame someone for wrongdoing if you don’t know they did anything wrong? I personally feel that the investigators need to do the job they were hired to do instead of all the speculation from the peanut gallery.

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