SOMERVILLE (CBS) – A man and a woman from Somerville were arrested Tuesday afternoon in connection with an investigation into multiple package thefts from area residences.

Somerville Police and other greater Boston Police Departments have been investigating reports of thieves taking advantage of the seasonal spike in express deliveries by stealing packages from porches and doorways.

Acting on information from the Medford Police Department, Somerville officers stopped a vehicle at Pearl Street and McGrath Highway that matched the description of a car suspected of involvement with the theft of packages from area homes.

The officers noticed that the car was full of boxes marked for delivery to several local addresses.

Manuel Sheehan, 27, and Kristen Casey, 26 were placed under arrest for receiving stolen property.

When police searched their Everett Ave home they found more than 100 similar items, believed to have been stolen from area homes.

Detectives are working to identify the victims and return the packages in time for Christmas.

Both suspects will be arraigned in Somerville District Court Wednesday.

Comments (7)
  1. Alvin G Fougere says:

    they should hang the bastar-s

  2. SICK OF IT says:

    he is an angry elf ! santa must have fired him

  3. jakl says:

    This dude looks like trouble. Lock his ass up before he kills someone!

  4. lb says:

    she’s no prize either……………lock her up too!!!!

  5. yikes says:

    None of my stuff was stolen, probably because I had ordered soap, shampoo, a razor, toohbrush….

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