BOSTON (CBS) – The football team at Cathedral High School in Boston celebrated today, despite losing to Blue Hills in the Massachusetts Division 4A Super Bowl earlier this month.

The team lost the game after a controversial penalty on their quarterback for excessive celebration.

Former Patriots Tedy Bruschi, current Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine were on hand today for a lunch with the team, along with Mayor Menino, who says Cathedral players are winners in his eyes.

“Winning on the field is important, but winning in life is more important,” said Menino. “You win in the classroom, you’ll have opportunity for a brighter future.”

WBZ-TV’s Paul Burton reports

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Bernice Corpuz reports

Menino also praised the team’s sportsmanship following a tough loss.

“They could have grouched about it. They could have not shaken hands with the other team. They were class acts,” Menino said.

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  1. gramp says:

    Mr. Mayor,

    A free lunch for a ‘Private School’ over a judgement call made by a ‘Football Ref’….”Figures”, teaches the ‘kids’ ‘NOTHING’ about life!

    Why aren’t you paying the same attention/time to the ‘judgement calls’ your School system has & is making?…..Which is more important?

    The ‘Boston Public School System’ has ‘ENABLERS’ in positions of authority & power, people who look the other way when confronted with tough situations…..Instead of doing their jobs they’re solution is to be ‘silent’ or cover it up by moving the problem to another school!

    Why is the ‘Peter Principal’ running rampant in your Schools? …’ll tell ya!

    Politics, Cronyism & Hacks…..

    A little 1st grader is ‘bullied by a fellow student & the School Leadership threatens the Lad & his family with a ‘Sexual Harassment Law suit!….You’re, they’re ‘silent ‘.

    Now two students maybe more, one a ‘Special Needs’ student who ends up in the hospital @ the hands (or some other extremity) of a School Official!…Then we find out it’s happened B/4 @ another School….How many more victims & Schools will be identified?

    There’s a ‘CANCER’ lurking the halls & Administrative Offices destroying young lives that are entrusted to ‘you’ Mr. Mayor & your ‘School Leadership….(where’s the ‘Elected School Committee’?)

    Given the growing number of victims, incidents & locations, you’ve got multiple cover up’s & ‘many’ doing the covering up!
    If the BPS has a ‘code of conduct’ those people who were involved S/BE fired & or indicted!

    IMO: There’s @ least 5 or more Administrators or employees involved in sweeping ‘stuff’ under the rug!


    Then tell us who!


  2. Ed Keenan says:

    subs from S&S

  3. Blue Hills Mom says:

    Dear Mr. Mayor and the Media:

    While the other team “. . . could have grouched about it. They could have not shaken hands with the other team. They were class acts,” you are not. You are punishing and demeaning the Blue Hills football team (and school as a whole) with your attitude and thoughtless comments. The Blue HIlls students did nothing wrong and are being punished and embarassed by the comments and opinions of people like you! They played a fair game and worked hard to get to the superbowl and are not getting any credit for their accomplishments!

    A Blue Hills Mom

    1. TheTruth says:

      miss, with all due respect look up youtube and check out how blue hills is really handling all this with their cyber bullying. they won the championships miss they’re being recognized for what they did relax. both teams did great now for people who know football they know that not even this will bring the real champs title back but its all about respect and playing fair. now to be fair people that realize that this whole thing should of never happened are doing something about it. its life.

  4. Sue says:

    I have lost all respect for the Red Sox organization – rewarding someone who broke the rules. It was not a new rule for just that game but a rule that had been implemented all season. A rule that the Cathedral player had been called on multiple times. Also, the player had already been called for unsportsman like conduct earlier in the game, but that seems to have been forgotten. Blue Hills has conducted themselves with dignity through this whole media circus. Have the Red Sox made this offer to all the losing Super Bowl teams? – they also played hard and deserve recognition for making it to the Super Bowl. The message that Mennino and the Red Sox organization is sending is wrong. I hope they feel good about themselves for sending the wrong message to our youth.Unfortunately, the media has taken the wrong angle on this story – the story should be about what happens when rules are not followed.

    Blue Hills football team and Coach Catabia played a great game and should be proud of themselves -I am. It is tough seeing them being protrayed as the bad guys.

    Congratulations Blue Hills Warriors!!

  5. TheTruth says:

    People need to understand that when a team looses fairly they wouldn’t be getting all the attention they are now so obviously not everything is as people are portraying it. if you were at the game and if you really know how football is played then you would know that no comments are being made against blue hills. everyone is correct in giving them praise because it was no their fault. it was a bad call and thats it. now for the simple fact that it caused a title, people want to be nice. no one spoke up for cathedral when they were taken their title for a call that should of been -15 yards for the kick. its funny how people want to talk now that other people are trying to be nice to the school. let it be…

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