FALMOUTH (CBS) – New court testimony reveals that a Falmouth soldier killed in June while in Iraq was shot in the head by his roommate during a game, according to a report.

The Cape Cod Times reports that 22-year-old Army Sgt. Matthew Gallagher was killed during a game called “Quick Draw,” where both men would see how fast they could aim their 9-millimeter pistols at each other.

Prosecutors said 25-year-old Brent McBride held the gun to Gallagher’s head and pulled the trigger. McBride’s lawyer said it was a tragic accident, but Gallagher’s family doesn’t believe that, according to the paper.

McBride could face charges ranging from negligent homicide, involuntary manslaughter or murder, the report said.

  1. Dave Hedman says:

    I am deeply saddened to hear that “quick draw” is still “played” by a few. Two of my friends engaged in it back in 1967 in Vietnam. Although repeatedly warned to quit before someone got hurt, Joel was fatally shot by his good friend. My heart still aches for his family, and now for Matthew’s, too

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