STURBRIDGE (CBS) – State Police made a huge marijuana bust Saturday in Sturbridge.

Troopers pulled over a 2011 Toyota Sienna for failing to keep right, speeding, and an unsafe lane change on Route 84 eastbound near the tolls.

The Trooper who stopped the car noticed a strong smell of pot coming from the inside the car and called for back-up.

A search turned up 159 pounds of marijuana.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Doug Cope reports

The driver, Andrew Locke, 34, of Surprise, Arizona, and his passenger, Tanik Kerr, 30, of Phoenix, Arizona were both arrested and charged with distribution of a class D substance.

Additionally, Locke faces charges for his alleged traffic violations.

Comments (4)
  1. massvocals says:

    I think the war of marijuana and statement made by the state police ” keeping drugs off the street we are keeping it form the kids “is I personally would reather see those so called kids getting high on pot rather then in coffins for inhalers the fact that marijuana is safest known herb only makes this bust more reason to legalize .. what waste of money and time Taking few pounds form the state which are not on streets but sold in the many houses of users This does nothing to make end its an endless flow so this cop did nothing and too bad those busted did not fight but I say wish the war would come too that as most cops violate bill of rights and constitutional protection and this will only continue the on quest with other police who will compete as it is a game of war on culture of people not kids that is some kind of approval statement I say hell with this legalize

  2. massman says:

    What a waste of taxpyer money.

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