BOSTON (CBS) – Happy Holidays everyone as we gear up for one of the most-hyped NFL games of the season. Just a few Boston sports thoughts as we await “Tebow Time.”

– I don’t understand the hype that is Tim Tebow. We’ve seen plenty of athletes bring religion into their sports world over the years and it wasn’t considered that big of a deal. The late Reggie White of Green Bay Packer and Philadelphia Eagle fame is one of them. He was a minister and talked about his faith all the time, but it didn’t cause the craziness that Tim Tebow’s beliefs have. Around here, Curt Schilling and Mike Timlin are two athletes that come to mind. Wasn’t a big deal. Meanwhile, Pedro Martinez was one of the first players that pointed to the sky in praise of The Lord. Pedro once told me he was simply saying….”from the bottom of my heart I give thanks to God”. So be it… and I have no problem with that.

– I do think the Broncos have a big chance to win Sunday. The reason is that Tebow is relentless. Never stops. And, we’ve seen the likes of Dan Orlovsky torch the Pats secondary in recent weeks. Tebow eventually finds his receivers and that’s a problem for the Pats.

– Speaking of that, I still can’t believe that there is only one team that has given up over 4,000 yards passing this season. There is also only one team that has given up more than 300 yards passing per game. And that team is? Yep……..

– The Brady-Bill O’Brien sideline shouting match was not that big a deal to me. I’ve seen it happen a few times over the past couple years. Both are highly competitive and hard-headed guys. They shout at each other, get their frustrations out, and then move on. It’s part if what Brady is; a fighter with a deep competitive spirit. Better than not caring. Brady is also a chirper on the sidelines. Up and down the bench he goes encouraging guys to keep fighting; to keep leaving it all out there. He has a tremendous passion and will to win and he cares about those battling with him. He also apologized to those that saw it. Took a lot for him to stand there and answer many questions about it. Move on people……

– I also want to reiterate something Bob Ryan talked about when Larry Bird was in his prime in a Celtics uniform. Ryan would always say to make sure you watched each and every game Bird played in because something special could happen at any time on any given night. That’s how I feel when Tom Brady plays. The guy is amazing to watch and I am thankful I’ve been able to watch hits Hall of Fame career from the start.

– To the Celtics where one hopes for the best for Jeff Green. Never want to see an athlete…or for that matter anyone really….have to deal with health issues. Hope he’s back at work and healthy as soon as possible.

– I actually enjoyed the Celtics Green vs White scrimmage Friday night at the Garden. Their bench should be much better and more reliable this season. Brandon Bass, Chris Wilcox, Keyon Dooling and the rest should be durable and fairly productive. They need to be able to maintain or gain the lead when their out there. And their health shouldn’t be as big a factor. They just need to help reduce the minutes of Pierce, KG, and Ray Allen so those guys have something left in the tank for postseason play.

– Amazing how much this team misses Kendrick Perkins. Goes to show you about the impact players can make both on and off the playing fields. Don’t have to be a superstar. Play to your strengths and you can contribute… big time. And, being a good teammate can go a long way with your fellow players, coaches, and front office members.

– Great to see Zdeno Chara’s left knee injury wasn’t too bad. Also nice to see the Bruins can still get wins when he’s not in the line-up. Easy to see what Chara does well when the B’s do play without him. Clears out plenty of traffic and rebounds in front if Thomas and Rask. Moves the puck well out if the zone and contributes offensively. His non-stop motor also sets the tone for the entire team. An underrated captain in my view…

– Ben Cherington is best described as methodical. He has a game-plan and is willing to wait things out to implement it. He also said the Sox don’t need a new car/engine… just to fix a few things under the hood. We’ve seen that come to fruition so far with Kelly Shoppach, Mark Melancon, etc.

– Interesting to me that Ben told Jim Bowden of XM/Sirius radio that if the season were to start now that Melancon would be his closer….

– Ben also told me that Ryan Franklin was the Cardinals closer when the team opened up its season in 2011, and when St Louis won the World Series that Franklin was nowhere to be found.

– Cherington will change the clubhouse from last season by saying goodbye to Jason Varitek, Tim Wakefield, JD Drew, Jonathan Papelbon, and others, and it will allow new leaders to emerge. It’s still to be determined if this team can rebound, both on and off- the field though.

Enjoy the upcoming Holidays folks and enjoy the ride here in the Boston sports world!


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