Westford Students Told To Leave The Christmas Cookies At Home

WESTFORD (CBS) – Westford school officials are getting tough on classroom holiday parties.

They’re banning sugary snacks and sweetened beverages from the celebrations this year.

Students are being told to leave the Christmas cookies, cakes, candy bars, and soda at home and to bring fruits, unsweetened juices, popcorn and raisins instead.

Superintendent Everett Olsen says the ban on holiday sweets has nothing to do with being politically correct, rather, his motive is simply promoting a healthy lifestyle.

“We aren’t trying to take the Christmas out of Christmas. We’re not trying to take the enjoyment out of children’s lives. We’re just trying to act responsible,” he told WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mike Macklin.

The school’s goal is to avoid the types of sweets that pile on empty calories and contribute to childhood obesity.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mike Macklin reports

School officials say they’re also hoping to protect the growing number of children with severe food allergies.

The new policy comes as schools across Massachusetts get set to implement stricter state-mandated food policies aimed at reducing child obesity.

  • Matt

    Dang Liberals…

    • Daisy

      One would hope that the teacher would not say,”We’re just trying to act responsible … ” when the word is “responsibly” and their behavior is not even slightly responsible, it’s autocratic bullying.

      But that would be hoping for too much from a union employee, I suppose.

    • mitzi

      yah andwho voted him int office? not me so everyone of you you left wingers moobats did vote him in right? now that you see your mistake you complain? how dare you

    • nope

      imagine if childhood obesity was a problem in this country…

      no one is stopping them from bringing anything christmas related, just sweets.

      this whole article is a joke

    • Jim Dea

      What is wrong with people??? Let the kids have some fun and eat some cookies! What is this country turning into? Nevermind, I’ll answer that, the USSA that’s what!

      • jasperddbgghost

        Somebody took a dump in the Stupidintendent’s stocking.

      • Peter

        When I was a kid, we’d run around playing war. We’d go up to the school on weekends and ride our skateboards. We’d go out into the woods and spend a full weekend sweating our rears off to build a treehouse. We would build a track with ramps for our bikes. Today, we’d be arrested, sued or have the cops tell us to go home for doing the same. Our answer to essentially forcing children to stay inside without exercise is to say that parties thrown once a year can’t include cookies? Seriously?
        Remember when movie theaters had the great popcorn cooked with coconut oil? Then the reports came out saying that it’s too fattening to cook it with coconut oil, and the theaters changed to more “healthy” oils. Now, when I go to the movies once every other month, I can’t have the good popcorn. Apparently, there must have been some families serving their children movie popcorn for every meal, forcing this change to make our society “better”.

      • Kenyan ACORN

        I agree. This is crossing a line started by our first sasquatch, who calls herself a crusader of other people’s obesity while she stuffs her face in public ruthlessly. There were treats at the WH, so what is this school’s problem?

    • mitzi

      so what is wrongwith sugar free cookies cakes and pies and other treats i ca not beleive what iam reading here

      • Mom of 3

        Mitzi—-Sugar free = aspartame. Do you research on the unbelieveable harm that aspartame inflicts on children and adults. Don’t fall for the sugar free is safe b.s.

      • Mom of 3

        Mitzi—Sugar free (aspartame). Do you research on the unbelieveable harm that aspartame inflicts on children and adults. Don’t fall for the sugar free is safe b.s.

      • hughesh2o

        ……and what happened to punctuation 2?

      • Jay

        That’s not the issue. The issue is someone in authority trying to force his agenda on everyone because he thinks he knows better and the “common folk” are all too stupid to realise Christmas cookies are bad for them. It’s an authority figure imposing his “progressive” views on the rest of us. This is getting crazy. From Obama and his wife on down the line. The progressive (Marxist) agenda is killing the country.

    • brian

      When did the USA become Nazi Germany! How dare you eat sugar or drink pop, you dang kids!! Pathetic, I am glad I was raised in a different time when playgrounds were allowed, holidays meant cookies and candy and people were just nice! Look what this country has become, it is sad really! “Pull out the swing sets so we don’t get sued”! Pathetic!

      • JED

        When 63 million idiots elected the freak show that is presently OCCUPYING the white house.

      • Corey

        @Brian, When did we become fascist? We became fascist when we elected a fascist into office in 2008.

      • jim

        It is because of the PATHETIC excuse we have for a pres, who half of the country who are obamabot Morons, put in office!

      • tbaby

        AMEN!! We are becoming a nations of complainers about EVERYTHING that was held dear in the past. The softies and those who like to blame others for their own actions are making all of us look bad. And to blame a president for some of these actions are just ludacris. At least if that is the case this president wants to help, our last one wanted WAR and congress agreed everytime by giving more and more tax payers money to fund it-even when the lies came to light. Can’t change history, we have our FIRST INTERACIAL PRESIDENT and it will go down with one of the worse congress sitting EVER because of the prejudices that they want the world to think we don’t have anymore. So, let them eat cake, play outside without the body armor and allow holidays to be a fun time. GRINCHES of today, go bury yourself and see how hot it is down there for the rest of us who are happy with ENJOYING life and not hindering it to live long. If they truly looed at the people who live long anyway, they aren’t 20 nor do they look it. I don’t care how much you exercise, have plastic surgery, have insurance or eat like a rabbit we all can tell and you aren’t fooling anyone. And as of yet, if you breathed your first breath you will breathe your last one-so enjoy those inbetween.

      • Jerry

        Cookies and such weren’t such a big deal when we went outside to play instead of plopping are arse on the couch and playing xbox…..

      • lion

        Parents will take their kids to McDonalds. Parents will buy their kids cheezits, pizza, fries & potato chips, soda pop and let their kids play video games and watch tv. Parents will bake all the chocolate chip cookies and cakes for their kids to eat..

        Start worrying when parents get thrown in jail for doing all of the above outside the classroom.

      • BRIAN SHAW


    • Frank1234

      You can bet that those sanctimonious teachers stuff their faces and gain 25 lbs. during the holidays. How many of them are super-thin and healthy?

      Parents will take their kids to McDonalds. Parents will buy their kids cheezits, pizza, candy, fries & potato chips, soda pop and let their kids play video games and watch tv. Parents will bake all the chocolate chip cookies and cakes for their kids to eat..

      Start worrying when parents get thrown in jail for doing all of the above outside the classroom.

    • Shauna

      Wouldn’t it be great if the Superintendent wanted to act RESPONSIBLY instead of acting responsible? Maybe the kids wouldn’t be such morons when they graduated if those who taught them knew, say, grammar and the English language. Just sayin’.

      • george


    • Chris

      I suppose we get what we sow. We have been to tolerant of liberals and they have shown us our stupidity. Oh well, time to go boys before you finish ruining a once great country.

    • Logical1

      The GRINCH lives!!! Let the kids enjoy their party, then let them do something unheard of…let them go out side and play. We can decide what we want to eat on our own and do not need government approved food gestapo forcing their will upon us. Reich-marshal Olsen really need to back off and stay out of it. Maybe he can stay at home on that day and try to ruin his own kids Christmas.

    • Dotty G.

      I dislike the Obama administration to no end. However, as a resident of Westford for more than 11 years with a son in the school system I can tell you the efforts to keep crappy foods out of the classroom has been around since as long as my son has been in school. Unfortunately, they still serve crappy food in the cafeteria (go figure).

      However, in MA, all teachers in public school systems have to be union members (we are not a right to work state) and in Westford the average salary is over 70K plus benefits (which the taxpayer pays the majority of the cost and the teacher pays very little). Teachers also do not do bus duty, lunch duty ir recess. We hire others for that because our teachers are “too good” for those tasks. However, it is not a job I would want but I would love to have weekends off and a gauranteed paycheck!

  • TheBigDr

    It would be great if they would possibly use school time to educate children about math, English, vocab, history, and so forth. However in this liberal school system, that is not what they want to educate children about.

    • Brian Y

      Good Grief!!!! Anything to spoil fun for kids…The Grinch really IS stealing Christmas!!!

      • SasquatchWANTSfood

        I notice that michelle obama was dining on sharkmeat sliders and gold flaked chocolate last week. My god, she won’t be full until she eats all the food she’s slapping out of the hands of our children.


      • BcdErick

        This is fascist. Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian (go look it up) and that sure made for a better, healthier person and society didn’t it? Hitler also didn’t drink alcohol or smoke He was real a healthy dude. And you wonder why our schools suck?

      • lukuj

        I agree. The kids will just go home and eat what they didn’t at school. At the school where I used to teach, we simply made sure there were some healthy choices before we served cookies and candy. We started with raw veggies, dip, and cheese cubes. After about 15 minutes we brought out the sweets. Since the kids had eaten some of the healthier choices, they didn’t stuff themselves with the cookies and candy and just ate a ffew of the sweets – and they still didn’t feel deprived.

      • Jack Rail

        Yep. These Lefties just can’t leave anything alone. They just have to meddle and stick their noses into others’ business.

      • Judge Judy

        Earth to School Bureacrats:

        Raisins have a lot more sugar content than cookies or candy.

        It’s no wonder we have these losers occupy in the streets, who still live with mommy and daddy, who were all educated in public schools.

      • Judge Judy

        Earth to School Bureaucrats:

        Raisins have a lot more sugar content than cookies or candy.

        It’s no wonder we have these losers occupy in the streets, who still live with mommy and daddy, who were all educated in public schools.

    • versionthirteen

      Who in their right mind would want to share a cookie with one of the standard issue leftist harpies called public-education teacher? Those jaded union hags are all single for a reason and apparently need two salaries to make up for life without Dick.

    • Warrior

      This is simple; fire the Superintendent and the Principal. This type meddling is what you get when the 10th amendment is not adhered to. Education is a community function, not a government function. Take all education responsibility away from the federal government and allow the separate States to run their own affairs.

    • KYJudiciary

      Honestly; is anyone surprised that the Health Gestapo will stop at NOTHING to impose their philosophy on everyone.

    • german stock

      we should feed the children what we think is best for them, I agree, anyone under 18 needs guidance and the right food to grow strong and dependent on the elders, they won’t feel deprived if we grow and feed them in the right way with the right food we know will get them on the right path…great point!!!
      Heil Barack

      • MUSLIMobama

        germanstock – you feed your kids and I’ll feed mine. My children hate sausage and cabbage, so keep your smelling pots & pans away from my kids.

        I notice how often you use “we” when it comes to parenting. Socialist commies love to run nurseries full of other peoples’ efforts.

    • Gary

      Here’s the good news. It wasn’t the Feds. At least until the State sticks its nose in parents can go scream at the school board members. Difficult for me to believe that the Superintendent did this without their approval or direction.

    • Regulas

      Yes, the school nazis (liberals) can’t stand kids having fun when it is not one of their politically correct liberal agenda items.

    • ru serious

      Health is also an important subject.

    • Marmaduke

      Exactly and a new report just came out that shows that public school teachers make, on average, more than double the private employee!

      Money WELL spent!!


      Time to get with of the NEA and teachers unions!

      • Marmaduke

        Sorry to throw FACTS at you!!!

        According to a new study from the Bureau of Labor statics, public school teachers are now the highest paid state workers. Public school teachers. In fact, public school teachers receive more than twice as much in average hourly wages and benefits as workers in private industry, on average, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Public school teachers “are paid an average of $56.59 per hour in combined wages and benefits,” which is twice the $28.24 an hour in wages and benefits paid to workers in the private sector

      • Dan

        Although, I do agree that this school district is ridiculous… sugary snacks and childhood obesity? Give me a break.

      • Dennis Johnson

        @Jess,better go look up the total compensation packages, here in Salem OR the teachers union reported the average teacher makes 81K….thats the AVERAGE, and this district SU(KS

      • Marmaduke

        Sorry to throw facts at you!!
        According to a new study from the Bureau of Labor statics, public school teachers are now the highest paid state workers. Public school teachers. In fact, public school teachers receive more than twice as much in average hourly wages and benefits as workers in private industry, on average, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Public school teachers “are paid an average of $56.59 per hour in combined wages and benefits,” which is twice the $28.24 an hour in wages and benefits paid to workers in the private sector

      • Dan

        I hate to tell you Marmaduke, but I am a teacher…

        I hate the NEA… I hate everything they stand for. But you are simply wrong. I work six days a week from 7am to 5pm with no breaks, and make 32,500 a year before takes.

        I am not a member of the Union, and if the Union weren’t around I would actually make a decent wage. As it is, I can barely afford to live in the slums…

        So, I wish I worked in the private sector.



      • TeacherGODcomplexes

        When musicians and artists and athletes, they are booed, humiliated, and kicked out for LACKING TALENT.

        This should be the standard for teachers. If you suck at teaching, you don’t get to teach anymore. We all wanted to be rock stars, but if you suck, that dream dies.

        These ego and god complex-ridden teachers think that the world owes them their dream, despite some of them having NO SKILL FOR TEACHING WHATSOEVER!

        Get over yourself, teachers. You’re a bunch of whining entitled morons who happen to have a fatcat union stealing your money and making you mad at us for it.

      • Marmaduke

        get rid not with the NEA!

      • FredIsDead

        You will have to forgive the folks below that questioned you Marmaduke, they forgot that teachers don’t work 12 months a year in the school system. And they forgot that while their hourly rates may be lower, their other benefits make up the difference. I haven’t been a part of a company that offered a pension for over 12 years, all have had 401Ks but my current company doesn’t offer matching funds. They did that when the economy tanked and they chose to stay in business rather than fold. Schools just keep raising taxes to pay for the union-blackmailed benefits.

        Teachers don’t know what it’s like to work for a living. They whine and complain about the long hours, but forget that some of us also put in 50-60 hour weeks on a regular basis. Without overtime. They whine about having to attend classes to keep certified, but forget some of us also have to pay for our own education or technology will pass us by. I wish I had an aide to help me with my work, I have to do it all myself.

        So boo-hoo teachers, if you don’t like the pay scale or the benefits, go get another job.

        Just like the rest of us have to do……

      • Dan


        I actually work 11 months, 6 days a week, and put that kind of time in only to have to pull a second job during the year and a third in the summer to make end’s meet. I don’t get overtime; I don’t get paid for staying after the bell. 75 hours a week is typical. I also get no aides to help me, so I don’t really know where you get that.

        Unions suck, I agree. I think they are a waste. I think that if they got rid of crummy teachers that are tenured, teachers like myself that give a damn will take their place. Salaries would improve, and education would improve because teachers that want to teach and not make money, like myself, would teach (this would also result in better salaries for teachers because those that are there would be effective and not in it for the pension).

        Also, my benefits suck, as do many other teachers across my state.

        I don’t teach because of money though, unlike teachers you see in the media and unions. In fact, surprisingly, most teachers HATE their unions because of what they do to our profession and reputation. The sad part is, the necessity for them is legal: because you as a crummy parent think that when I fail your child it’s because of favoritism and not because your child ACTUALLY doesn’t pay attention. That’s when false charges come onto teachers about sexual misconduct or physical abuse: when parents get it in their heads that their perfect child isn’t perfect.

        Unions pay for lawyers to fight ignorant parents – I know at 32K a year, I couldn’t afford a lawyer. Not with four years of student debt.

        So, maybe, FredisDead, you should attempt to get to know some teachers that aren’t the ones you see on TV, or the ones you’ve come to hate in the Unions, and get to really understand the problems. Don’t attack an entire profession of hard working people who are trying to educate children because of the idiots we have in Unions…. that’s like saying America is a nation of people who suck, just because Obama sucks. Not only is that a superficial view of a subject, but it also doesn’t give any credibility to your own intelligence.

      • Jess

        Dennis, if you’re talking about insurance and such, I don’t think it really applies. Reporters are always doing that, including “full benefits” which may or may not be used. Tell me about descretionary income.

        Also Marmaduke — you do realize that the BLS is the same organization that claims we have an 8.6% unemployment rate (never mind that the participation rate is the lowest EVER) and <4% inflation. John Williams of shadowstats.com regularly decimates the BLS' economic figures. He has practical knowledge, decades of statistical experience that tipped him off when they started massaging numbers to make the economy look good many years ago. Check out his site, very informative.

      • Jess

        Say what? I have no idea what report you’re talking about, but average salaries are highest in Ca., at 59K. In texas, it’s 41K. Starting salaries for teachers are pitiful, in the 20’s and 30’s.

      • carlb

        so dont teach if you dont like it. you work a minimum of 10.5 months a year. with benifits. goverment employees work even less with more benifits. you need a dose of the private sector where you have to produce. we are not even in the top ten in the world with our school system yet we are in the top 5 in salaries. go figure!

    • Emerson

      I haven’t seen it mentioned, but when you think about it, if there was a demographic in which you would want to encourage positive behaviors, it would be children. Why? Well, they are pliable, so whatever you teach them is probably going to stick vs whatever it is that they are exposed to later in life. Also, they aren’t going to really notice as much. Older folks who are addicted to sugar and need to have it every day (that’s probably a large number of people.., and by sugar I’m including starchy foods since they change to sugar in your blood and are just as addictive) are rightfully going to be upset if you tell them what to do. They also take more offense because they simply have clearly defined egos which children do not. Who among you likes being told how to live? I would wager no one. But we do it to our kids every day, don’t we? As long as they’re imposing globably-accepted notions of proper behavior — and we ALL KNOW THAT SUGAR IS UNHEALTHY — what’s the big deal?

      That said, if anyone at this school wanted to send certain foods with their children (which only they would consume, that is, not to be set out at a buffet table), then I seriously doubt that any official is going to deny that child entry to the party or take away the sweets — especially with the uproar that this one article has caused.

      Now if they start teaching contentious ideas, like those relating to religion or politics, then yeah, I would be mad as hell.

      • MUSLIMobama

        EMERSON: keep your hands off my child, you pedophile.

      • ardee

        ahhh, sugar, I love it, people like you can take a flying leap, 70 and still consuming sugar in large quantities!!!!

      • Barbara Conn

        Sugar is NOT UNHEALTHY. Too much sugar is unhealthy. Big difference.

      • Rita Ippolito

        Get over yourself… sugar in moderation is no more a hazard to a healthy person than anything else…

        here is a novel idea.. worry more about math, science and reading skills and stop trying to social engineer everything .. I’m sick of the Nanny state..

        its not the sugar …. its the sedintary lifestyle we need to worry about !

      • jj

        It is NOT the school’s place to teach my children “how to live”, that is MY responsibility. The school is there to teach academics; the school system is supposed to teach kids HOW to think and not WHAT to think. I have no problems with the kids eating sweets at a freaking Christmas party.

      • Dolores Berk

        Get over it….I would send even more cookies and sweets with my kids….after all…WE PAY THEIR SALARIES…WE GET TO CHOOSE WHAT WE SEND TO SCHOOL SO THAT OUR CHILDREN CAN CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS!!!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

      • irishsmile

        Ridiculous. Life is about healthy limits not banning everything. Ban for yourself what you have decided is abhorrent to your lifestyle but leave the kids alone for cripes sake! It’s Christmas; acookie isn’t going to ruin their lives. Merry Christmas!!!

      • Libertyfreedomandfaith

        “…globally-accepted notions of proper behavior” What????? By whose standards?

        “..they are pliable, so whatever you teach them is probably going to stick…” Sure, so let’s send them to the gulags. They won’t know any better.

        Your post reeks of Marxism.

      • Vince

        How about this .. let kids be kids, have a little fun, eat some cookies (which may or may not be bad for you), Then take them OUTSIDE AND EXERCISE IT OFF!

        This kind of “BAN EVERYTHING WE FEEL IS BAD” is getting out of control!

      • Irritated and Annoyed

        What I find rediculous is the schools all saying they’re promoting healthy, blah blah blah, and then serving tater tots with tacos and accepting the ketchup as a veg. On top of that, ONE FRIGGIN DAY of sweets will NOT make them obese. Banning them as a DAILY snack makes sense. Banning them for a one-off party is just asinine.

      • Joseph Hunt

        They are, and you are so worried about a little sugar at the Christmas time of the year, but kids don’t have physical ed in most schools anymore. Excercise would combat obesity a lot better than destroying Christmas.

      • daveb

        So…how much sugar is unhealthy, Dr. Emerson? How much can my child have in a day, a week, a month? You let me know how much my kid can eat, and I’ll snap right to it. And if he can’t have ANY, because we ALL know its unhealthy (except for us idiots who have no idea how to raise their own children), he’s going to be so cranky that…why…I think I’ll just drop him off at your doorstep, and you can raise him, since you clearly know best. ENJOY!

      • ImpeachThatPunk

        Emerson: You said ” Who among you likes being told how to live ? “. THE SCHOOL IS TELLING ME & MY CHILD HOW TO LIVE, by telling me & my child what food items I ( the child ) can bring to the school, dumb-tihs…
        “Globally-accepted notions of proper behavior ” ??
        KCUF you…

      • Buz Radican

        Get a frigging grip. Sugar unhealthy? How about smoking, drugs ,alcohol and the plethora of other things humans indulge in? Were their cookies for any other occasion they would not be banned. How about letting the parents decide what is good for their children? The school is supposed to teach academics, not politically correct theories that are espoused by the very liberal left. Don’t like religion do you? American was a Jesus idea, based on rights that are articulated only in the Christian religion. Want to be a witch and have you head sacked off, go to Saudi Arabia. We have lost our moral compass, thinks in no small part to individuals like you. I know you don’t agree, but the facts speak for themselves.

      • rho1953

        Having some cookies at a Christmas party is NOT going to ruin any kids health. A party is a special occasion. That’s why it’s called a party. You would have made a great Nazi.

      • Dave

        Oh, but they ARE teaching a religion, and Government is the Deity.

        She will tell you what to eat, what to drive, and what you can say. She will provide for you. She will ensure you don’t do anything to harm yourself (unless there’s tax money to be had, like from cigarettes or booze). She will decide how much of what you earn you get to keep, and how much you must pass on to someone else….because they need it. She will take care of you from cradle to grave, and all she demands is total and complete obedience.

        You’re right…Children are very, very pliable…which is why these lessons must start young, and be taught with subtlety.

      • Matt

        Man – every time I see the line “We all know” my idiot radar goes crazy!

        Regardless of the source sugar is sugar. Any dietician will tell you that fruit juice has pratically no nutritional value and that dried fruit is a no no as well.

        This is about controlling behavior not about being healthy. And just who decided it was the schools resposibility???

      • krp

        Buz? Are you kidding me?
        ” American was a Jesus idea, based on rights that are articulated only in the Christian religion.”

        While I agree with you to a point about America being a Jesus idea, you are completely wrong about the ideas being exclusively Christian. (I would argue that the Christian religion and Jesus have little if anything to do with one another, but I won’t go there at this time. )

        Read Pirsig – if you could – and you would find a pretty strong argument to negate your claims of Christian exclusivity with regard to rights of Americans.

        Ok, witches in Salem were burned at the stake, which is not quite the same as beheading, but still.


    • Bob G.

      “… We’re just trying to act responsible,” (Superintendent Everett Olsen) told WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mike Macklin.
      How can they teach kids English when the Superintendent can’t tell an adjective from an adverb?

      • Rita Ippolito

        yup.. and the teachers’s Union protect these incompetents… efforts to ensure teacher competence is always fought tooth and nail by the teacher’s union… we need to take back OUR schools

      • Norm Colson

        There are real teachers out there in America that love children and love to teach and could use extra cash! In fact many are even certified and have already jumped thru all the liberal hoops! Just rent one of the many many vacant buildings in your town,hire these teachers and put your kids there! They will actually get an education and less indoctrination for the “NEW WORLD ODOR”

      • lukuj

        Teachers these days don’t know grammar because they never learned it. It was not taught because in whole language, teachers were told kids would learn it on their own by reading and writing. Later, partly because of the NJ Writing Project, it was also de-emphasized. I was actually chastised by my principal for teaching grammar in isolation. Fortunately, the parents were delighted and the kids came back to me in future years and thanked me. Yes, grammar can be boring to some people and it can be very specific and very picky, but it teaches attention to detail as well as making people effective writers and speakers. At the moment, grammar books are pathetic. They are mostly writing texts with a nod to grammar at the back and not nearly enough practice.

      • jopiper

        Right Bob.My daughters’ 3rd grade teacher sent home a letter that was very poorly constructed, with many misspellings. We were shocked.


      “We’re just trying to act responsible,” he told WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mike Macklin.”

      The poor guy can’t even use good English. How can we expect him to educate the children…
      He should act more responsibly!”

    • Judge Judy

      Earth to School Idiot Bureaucrats:

      Raisins have more sugar concentration than any candy.

      What buffoons…it’s no wonder we have Occutards in the streets, and idiots still living at home at age 35.

    • oracle2world

      “We aren’t trying to take the Christmas out of Christmas. We’re not trying to take the enjoyment out of children’s lives.”

      Whenever someone says it isn’t this and isn’t that … it IS this and is that.

    • A Son of Liberty

      These people are just plane stupid! Liberalism is a mental disorder. I hope these idiots have a very Merry Christmas.

  • CW

    Right-not politically correct and no agenda whatsover…the way you know a liberal is lying is that his/her lips are moving…

    • Rita Ippolito

      but CW… you don’t get it…. these people are just smarter than you and me.. they KNOW what’s best for us … we are just to stupid to understand it.. AND

      in case you couldn’t tell… the above is SARCASM

  • Marmaduke

    Liberal Boston…
    Gee imagine that, another motley crue of libs telling others what they can and cannot do…
    Say it aint so!

    • Southern

      Even conservatives tell their children what they can or cannot do. At least that is the way it works in my house.

      • Rita Ippolito

        that’s just it….. if YOU don’t allow sugar in YOUR house.. so be it..

        I happen to have lean, energetic and active kids who will not be destroyed by a couple of cookies and some fruit punch on a special occassion

        stop telling me what’s best for my kids using the school as your proxy …

      • freeceese

        Right ! Conservatives make their children eat carrot sticks and alfalfa sprouts during “Holliday” celebrations? (laugh, giggle, wink, wink, gag )

      • German Stock

        they should be blond, 6 feet and muscular…all others are not worthy…long live the German’s. Liberals have it right, the weak, sugar babies who need soda water shouldn’t reproduce, they will only need candy bars, free food to grow up healthy and strong and without a moral compass…long live the Reich!!!!
        Heil Barack Hussein Obama……..

      • Marmaduke

        The PARENTS tell their children not a government employee!!

      • Rosco P Coltrain a-ghgeee geegee

        thank you! finally someone with some sense. This isn’t a contentious topic. We all want our kids to grow up tall and without health problems.

      • Frank


        QUOTE: “At least that is the way it works in my house.”

        Exactly. IN MY HOUSE. I don’t need a PhD Ed. reject restricting what I allow my child to eat.

        And no, the school sure as hell isn’t his house. Taxpayers paid for it.

      • Clyde

        Hey, “Southern,” you wrote: ”

        “Even conservatives tell their children what they can or cannot do. At least that is the way it works in my house.”

        You REALLY don’t see the flaw in your logic? Yes, we tell OUR CHILDREN what we can and cannot do. An “educator’s” role is to teach and their authority is limited to ensuring respectful non-disruptive behavior and proper dress code.

        This is one of the faces of “we know what’s best” liberalism and in-your-face political correctness. These liberal asshat bureaucrats are great at being control freaks and downright lousy at ensuring a sound fundamental education based on logic, physics, and history.

  • Jason

    Basically you are to freaking stupid to raise your own kids and we need to tell you what to eat. Way to go Libs!!

  • JByrd42

    Sure, this is not political in any way. Our children may not be able to read and write but, they sure will be healthy dipsh*ts. LOL

  • Avoicenmany

    “We aren’t trying to take the Christmas out of Christmas. We’re not trying to take the enjoyment out of children’s lives. We’re just trying to act responsible,”
    Seems like they are doing a good job of taking it away.
    Be responsible and teach them to read and do math..

    • USAFLgirl

      Exactly!…..he doth protest too much.

  • Jersey Dave

    Food Nazis…. Hey, Teacher (Superintendent,) leave those kids alone!

  • dockw

    Now when I was growing up, Christmas cookies were a treat. Of course we knew they weren’t the most nutritious, but it was a HOLIDAY where one could enjoy something they didn’t eat everyday.

    To the superintendent. cut out trying to “Should” on everyone and let folks celebrate for one day!

    • lukuj

      It seems to me that by making certain foods “evil” you actually make kids want to rebel and eat them. It can work the opposite way also. My mom was anemic and had to eat spinach and liver often. When I asked for some, she would say, “This is grown up food. You are not mature enough to enjoy it. Sure enough, I begged for it, eventually she let me have some, and I ate it and loved it. I don’t think I would have ever even tried it if she hadn’t made it seem like a grown up treat I could’t have.

  • ron

    Cancel school lunches! They eat that crap 5 days a week!

  • Jala

    I don’t know why, but I am still amazed when reading yet another story about your politically correct idiots in New England. Why do normal people keep letting these strange people remain in positions of authority?

    • Raydog

      Hey Jala,
      There are many of us here behind enemy lines in the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts.

  • plaasjaapie

    “We aren’t trying to take the Christmas out of Christmas. We’re not trying to take the enjoyment out of children’s lives. We’re just trying to act responsible,”

    It’s responsibly, you lying bottom feeder.

    • Norm Colson

      Let’s make Christmas a “NON-PAID” holiday for teachers!

    • wes miller

      Yeah. I normally don’t nit-pick gramatical errors, but it’s a school superintendent, for gosh sakes.

  • John

    The libs should just ban christmas, fun, playtime, toys, and everything else that makes a kid a kid and force them to get to work. The sooner we have our little citizens don the Mao clothing and get productive, the better the collective will.
    Dissent will not be tolerated.

    • M.B.

      And don’t forget sports! They don’t want score kept anyway now, so why not just eliminate all competition altogether. Chess Clubs?!? Egads! How can you pit some poor unfortunate child against another who is more intelligent? That’s not fair! That’s so unlike real life! They’ll never experience such things in the grown-up world! Oh, wait….nvm. :P

      • desperado49

        right. Remeber when the schools started to ban dodgeball? , then tag. Social promotion, outcome based education. All stupid Phucking liberal egalitarianism and PC horse hocky.

  • WTF?

    But then they teach gay marriage, Malcom X, abortion rights, women in combat, high taxes, burn the flag, all Southerners and Germans are evil, communism is good, Obama is wonderful, i could go on forever.

  • GoPack!

    I “assume” Everett Olsen walks the talk…i.e. has a body fat level <10%, has good muscle tone, has good aerobic conditioning and is in the moderate strength percentile, for his age…Walk the Talk, Everett, if you're going impose your sense of healthy living on the kids; especially during the Holiday season.


  • General Turdgeson

    Fat cow administrators imposing Jenny Craig and atheism on the masses. Yea feminization of the schools!

  • Neil Moss

    Superintendent Everett Olson’s actions and words are polar opposites and his pclib colored glasses won’t aloow him to see it.

  • atrain

    They are banning Christmans and Cookies? Now that is a way to piss off just about everyone.

  • M.B.

    And yet it’s liberals always saying that conservatives are trying to legislate morality and tell other people how to live; stay outta my bedroom! they say. Well stay outta my fridge ya damned food nazis! Liberals took the liberty out of liberalism a long time ago.

    • USAFLgirl

      Bunch of hypocrites! well said, MB. If my kids went there I’d pack them huge Christmas cookies in their lunch every day and dress them in red and green all December!!

    • Jess

      How are they trying to tell you what you can and can’t do? I don’t understand the uproar. Besides, it IS right not to feed kids sugar and no protein, because not only does it stunt their growth (I know because sodas and candy bars prevented me from being taller than my siblings), but it also leads to mentally tired children, precisely when you want them to be retaining as much information as possible. Feed them all the junkfood you want when they get home.

      • Montford John Greenwood

        I guess the mystery of genetics alludes you.

      • Dave

        Actually, I’m betting it’s a different genetic make-up that’s kept you from being taller than your “siblings”.

      • M.B.

        Wow. It’s a Christmas party, once a year it comes. But I suppose you’re right, a cookie will stunt their growth, probably kill them. Might as well make them f*cking illegal to give to kids, right? Maybe some labels, like on cigarettes. Afterall, it IS right not to feed kids sugar and no protein, right? Arrest these evil parents for mentally tiring their children and stunting their growth! That sounds like child abuse to me!

        /sarcasm off

  • Stukaman

    Let’s see if thesechool offiials are equally concerned abou the sugar content in Kwanzaa food.

    • never ending fight for freedom

      Yeah, the milk man is short & fat like him…

  • Marmaduke

    Let’s be honest here folks, any city that continues to vote Barney Frank into office to represent them DESERVES EVERYTHING THAT IS HAPPENING TO THEM!!!!!!


    • bluffbarron

      Yes, Barney recommend alot of liqued protien for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

      • bluffbarron

        Yes, Barney recommend allot of liquid protein for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

        My spelling was off….too much sugar intake when I was in school!


    If they really want to have healthy foods at school they should ban the GMO’s that they serve for breakfast and lunch.

  • Banderman

    Hey, Bub, it’s not your job to enforce your particular diet views on students. It is up to parents to raise their children. Do YOUR job; teaching. That’s it. Math, Science, History, Economics, Writing. Take your liberal, in your face fascist views and put them where the sun don’t shine.

    • Conan

      Why is this such a big deal? They don’t *have* to have a party at school. You send your kids there to learn. They are not dictating what you feed your kids. This is such a non issue. That people would be upset that the school is trying to instill good behaviors (ie, avoiding sugar — how can you disagree with that?) is asinine. You people need to direct your anger where it is deserved, as in the Republicrat elected officials who can legally insider trade and accept pre-ipo stock, obvious cases of bribery which, because of the law which they keep voting to ignore when reform comes up, on BOTH SIDES, ..which should be called bribery and thus be illegal.
      You all who keep pretending that you’re party is the best are f’ing idiots, how can you not see that both parties are owned by lobbies?

      • daveb

        I’ll tell you what. You agree to drop the GLBT club, I’ll agree to drop the Christmas cookies. They don’t “have” to have either. And we’ll all stick to the three Rs. How’s that for a deal?

      • daveb

        oh, and I almost forgot..that includes no longer instilling “healthy” behaviors like teaching second graders how to put a condom on a banana…,,,,,Christmas cookies are a damn site more harmful than that….

      • Long Live The Republic

        “Good Behaviors”???? According to whom?
        “How can you disagree with that?” . What you mean to say is “You are not allowed to have your own opinion. Comply!”

      • ragz

        Hey Conan….did you ever eat a Christmas cookie at a school party when you were a kid?

      • Daveb

        Conan wasn’t eating Christmas cookies. He was evidently sniffing too much rubber cement.

      • Idiot finder

        Hey Conan you really are a barbarian…this is a conservation about the school deciding what is right for our kids not about political issues.

  • charlie

    Who made the public schools Food Police for kids bringing THEIR OWN FOOD CHOICE? RIDICULOUS! What freedoms of choice will they prohibit next?

  • JohnRalph

    No Christmas treats for the kiddies?

    Meanwhile, Mein Fü&rer and Her Royal Highness Queen Moochelle, will dine on Italian White Alba truffles, Kobe steak, blue lobsters and they’ll wash it down with a bottle of Rothschild’s Chateau Lafite 1869, out of a brown paper bag, Chicago style.

    While we must eat our peas… and learn to appreciate it.

    • bluffbarron

      Yes, they must go. By forceful vote!

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