By Beth Germano, WBZ-TVBy Beth Germano

WORCESTER (CBS) – As thousands of firefighters lined the funeral route for Worcester firefighter Jon Davies Thursday, many of them came from across the state and the country never knowing him.

View: Images From The Funeral

He is a fallen brother to everyone, a brotherhood that firefighters say connects all departments.

“It’s in our blood,” said New London, Connecticut firefighter Todd Patton.

Firefighters saluted in unison as the casket was carried into Mount Carmel church. It is the moment when the brotherhood is sealed.

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“We all know what the family is going through, and what the family of firefighters is going through,” said Portland, Maine firefighter Steve Boucher, who was in nearly the same spot 12 years ago for the funerals of the men known as the Worcester Six who lost their lives in the Worcester Cold Storage Building.

“We’re really shocked and saddened by what the department is going through. Another death in a short time almost to the day,” he said.

Deputy Chief Mike Ogle of the Toronto, Canada fire department says it’s important for families to see the support as they make their way to the church.

WBZ-TV’s Beth Germano reports

“I hope they look at that, and that it helps them in their experience of loss of life. I think it does,” he said.

Firefighters say the funeral is a reminder of the inherent risks in their job, despite all their training.

Never knowing what will happen when the bells rings for the next call.

“We all know it’s part of our job. We were hired knowing that we live everyday with that,” said Nashua, New Hampshire firefighter Tom Perault.

Comments (6)
  1. Sharon says:

    I don’t mean to sound insensitive – but why did this warrant so much tv time. Soldiers coming back from war overseas don’t get this much time?? There is enough sadness at this time of year without having to watch a funeral on tv………I gave up watching after an hour. Why are soldiers having protestors at their funerals – but this takes all the NEWS time on tv? Make sense of that please.

  2. wondering says:

    Personally, I”ve always wondered Who pays for the cross-country trips these Jakes take? Should I look no further than their unions?? …. ( taxpayers)

    1. Amy says:

      I am outraged that someone could turn this tragedy into a union bashing opportunity. My heart goes out to the family and the Worcester fire fighters who are devastated by the loss of Firefighter Davies. For the record, tax dollars don’t pay union dues, the members do.

      1. firemanmark says:

        Amy,the public employee bashers just love to jump on us any chance they get.Why would they have the decency to let this hero rest in peace even before he’s in the ground? Because they suck,that’s why. I pray for my brother firefighter and I mourn the lives lost in war,too.The union bashers are probably children and grandchildren of the cowardly maggots who spat upon the VietNam War soldiers returning home.

  3. Axxman says:

    To Sharon, Yes, you are insensitive. To Wondering, They pay thier own way here to pay the respect that you have not shown.

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