CAMBRIDGE (CBS) – It was a memorable lesson for some Emerson College students. Patriots wide receiver Chad Ochocinco taught them a class about social media, and he did it while treating them to dinner.

Emerson professor of social media David Gerzof-Richard gave his class a project: Make contact with the man considered to be the number one athlete in the country in the world of social media.

“Ochocinco has about three million people following him and every time he tweets he gets a tweet back every three seconds so there’s a lot of noise to break through,” says the professor.

WBZ-TV’s Jonathan Elias reports

But they broke through because he tweeted them back and the relationship was formed.

Ochocinco tweeted this status after the dinner:

“Social media has allowed us to get in contact with people that would normally be unavailable to us,” says Kendal Peiguss a student in the class.

The Patriots wide receiver showed up at the All Star Sandwich Bar in Cambridge with no handlers and no entourage. It was just Chad and his fiancée, who by the way he met on Twitter.

He didn’t want cameras in the sandwich shop, but they talked about marketing, social media, the power of Twitter and then he bought them all dinner.

  1. wiseguy says:

    This is great for Chad to do, but he should stick to practicing catches.

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