BOSTON (CBS) – A list of possible fare hikes and service cuts is being put together to help the MBTA close a huge budget gap.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Don Huff reports.

Transportation secretary Richard Davey believes it’s almost impossible to avoid a fare increase to help close a $161 million deficit in the fiscal year that begins next July.

“We will be floating a number of different proposals for public reaction,” said Davey.

Once they come up with fare hike and service cut options, Davey expects public hearings will be held that could last into March.

Even with a fare increase, Davey said the MBTA’s financial problems are not a one-year issue and will need further fixes down the road.

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  1. beenworkingsinceage10 says:

    Here’s a fix.Get rid of the T.It is a public service funded by 100% of the taxpayers for the benefit of a very small percentage of the entire state population.Look at the large buses at 6 or 7 P.M.They have 1 or 2 passengers on board.When the T fares went up a few years ago the people in the urban areas squaked about how unfair it was.My taxes go up,my auto insurance goes up and the price of gasoline goes up.I have a friend who is a conductor and they can’t toss the non-payers off the train because MBCR won’t allow it.That is pure B.S.If I refused to pay the state-tax portion of my gasoline at the service station I would be arrested immediately.Stop the entitlements.

  2. SigLig says:

    Public transportation should be a priority in order to decrease reliance on
    oil, decrease pollution, and improve the availability of public
    transportation to those who cannot afford other means of transportation.
    It is clear that public transportation is price sensitive from the increased ridership on the T when gas prices were at $4 per gallon.

    The least expensive way to run public transportation is to run every train, bus, subway, and streetcar full of paying riders. The best way to keep them full is:

    1. DECREASE the price, not increase. And have offpeak pricing to increase ridership in the off hours, where possible.

    2. Run the T until at least 2:30 a.m., and preferably 24 hours a
    day. People will drive if they believe that the system will not be
    available to them when they need it. One night having to spend money on
    a taxi home will result in a decision to drive from then on. Making
    this change would increase ridership and decrease drunk driving.

    3. Provide public transportation from towns that don’t have commuter rail to nearby commuter rail stations.

    4. Increase the availability of parking at all public
    transportation stations and publish the times that each lot usually
    fills in the morning.

    An appropriate economic analysis of pricing the T should be done, taking into account the decreased impact on the bridge and road infrastructure, which is likely to show that a decrease in the cost of public transportation would actually result in increased revenue. I realize that the T thinks that it should increase pricing in order to decrease its deficit. An economic analysis that looks at the likely increase in paying riders from a decrease in pricing and takes into account all the economic factors including a decrease in car usage would counsel in favor of decreasing the cost of public transportation, for the benefit of the general public. The move people made to public transportation because of the cost of gasoline shows how price sensitive the use of public transportation is.

    Additional riders should cover the per person revenue lost from the
    decrease in price. If it does not, an increase in the gas tax and other
    charges for driving may be necessary to fund the benefit the state would
    have in providing an incentive to use public transportation. Saying that the T is running a deficit could simply mean that it is not adequately funded to assure its availability and the benefits that result in less traffic, congestion, and pollution.

  3. taxedout says:

    I guess the selling of T hats and such didn’t cover the debt…Well someone has to pay for those big saleries and pensions……Enjoy!!!!

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