80-Year-Old Woman Criminally Charged For Feeding Ducks

LYNN (CBS) – A woman known as “the bird lady” is facing criminal charges for feeding the ducks, geese, and pigeons at a local pond.

Eighty-year-old Claire Butcher has been feeding the birds for 45 years at Flax, Sluice, and Goldfish Ponds in Lynn.

But the controversy really began to simmer back in 2009.

At the time, Lynn officials were fed up with Butcher. They had been complaining for several years, asking her to stop bringing shopping carts full of food to the pond.

The city contended Butcher’s feeding the birds was causing a problem with animal feces as well as attracting rats.

“You can see how filthy it is over there and how many animals reside there. It’s because of the constant feeding by Ms. Butcher,” Lynn’s Attorney Vincent Phelan told WBZ-TV on Wednesday.

WBZ-TV’s Ken Macleod reports

The city sought an injunction and eventually made a deal with Claire. She agreed not to feed the ducks anymore.

But officials say she repeatedly ignored the deal, which included a No Trespass Order. She was fined several times, but never paid up.

Her reasoning, she felt, was simple.

“The animals in the park do not belong to the city of Lynn — they belong to God,” Butcher said.

So, the city upped the ante and launched a criminal complaint. And on Wednesday, a court ruled that Butcher had violated the No Trespass Order and a city ban on feeding wildlife and should face criminal charges.

Butcher claims she’s just feeding a few domesticated ducks, and is disgusted by the city’s response to her actions.

“I guess Lynn has nothing else to do besides chase an 80 year old woman down the street for feeding ducks,” Butcher said.

The city says they realize how the situation looks, but their major concern is public safety.

“The only thing we wish to do is have her stop,” Phelan said. “It is a clear public safety issue at this time and the city has had enough.”

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Kim Tunnicliffe reports

Neighbors have also had it with Butcher.

“She’s flaunting this and the neighbors are fed up with it,” said Allissa Kummel, who lives near Flax Pond. “She’s a nice old woman and that’s her joy in life. But it’s a big problem for the city, as well… It’s piles and piles of bird poop.”

After the court hearing, when asked if she was going to stop feeding the birds, she responded, “I don’t know. I’m going to think about it.”

Butcher could spend up to 30 days in prison if it’s found that she violated the ordinances.

WBZ-TV’s Ken Macleod contributed to this report.

  • p faioa

    Put her butt in Jail. Do the crime domthe time. Age should not matter.

    • jshell

      By that definition, Jesus Christ was a criminal.

    • Patrick S

      I agree she has no regard for the law Put her in JAIL

    • jim

      why not just kill the ducks ,no ducks,no crap ,nothing to feed

    • dom

      She knowingly broke the law and should be put in jail, her age makes no difference. This isn’t an issue of morals or ethics, the lady thought feeding the ducks was harmless. They explained to her the reasons that it was a nuisance. She must have thought she knew better or that she had superior moral or ethical values to justify breaking a law. But being that she broke the law her arguments are invalid and the morality and ethics do not apply, she could have given that food to starving children rather than obviously already well-fed ducks. She should have just bought some ducks to feed on her own property; she could have cleaned the waste herself and stayed out of the clink.

      • Pearlie

        So we are all supposed to follow the laws to a T even though the government is allowing people to break the founding law of this country on immigration, because of ‘circumstances’? Pretty effed up that we are all lumped into one law as you want and then there is a group of people breaking the laws that you turn a blind eye to.

    • Rev. David Valjean

      Land of the Free and Home of the Brave? Let us persecute a kind, little old lady for feeding God’s creatures. “Mommy, why is daddy sodomizing that Syrian man? For freedom Billy, for freedom…”

      • Luke

        That’s PROSECUTE, not PERSECUTE. Persecution means the person gone after is innocent; this swabhead is clearly guilty.

      • Lisa Beth

        Have you ever met her in person? Kind is not a word that one would use to describe her.

    • Dan K.

      Are you people really serious? Oh my poor little pavement path along side a pond we’ve ruined over the years is being destroyed by the wildlife we’ve displaced!!!! Do you really wonder why other countries hate us. This lady has been feeding the ducks around here before you were even born. There was more farms around than ignorant people from Lynn (one of the crack and cocaine breeding grounds in New England)

      • Cap

        Give it a rest, you environmental loony — Humans have AT LEAST as much right to this earth as all the wildlife that is soooo dear to you. Are you out there criticizing the bear that displaces the poor defenseless duck, or the eagle that runs all the other small wildlife out of their area?

        Is it really necessary to bring a friggin shopping cart full of food for these birds?

      • Susan BetzJitomir


    • lael

      Those white, domesticated ducks MUST be fed by humans to survive. So, unless the city has a feeding program in place for them, she’s right to do what she does. Those ducks are there permanently and the amount of poop people are complaining about would be the same regardless. I say they should leave the woman alone.

    • stewge

      no…she’s probably just lonely…the best solution is to have a duck roast and feed the poor in her honor. I say open season on all the fowl.

    • Isabel Vanover

      It’s people like you, and I use the term for lack of another, who don’t care about society. you’re a selfish ignorant, self centered idiot. A lady is doing something humane and you want to stick her in jail. It’ s thinking like yours that has changed our country for the worse! Why not use the opportunity to create jobs to clean up the poop and leave the poor woman alone!

    • Isabel Vanover

      This lady iis doing something humane! More people need to examine their consciences and do something humane for animals. Anymore animals don’t seem to matter. Instead they’re a nuisance. When did we stop caring and being humane? If the bird poop is a problem, create jobs to clean it up, jerks!!!

    • dave

      God, you idiots amaze me. People wanting to incarcerate a poor elderly woman whose only “crime” is feeding the ducks. I would wager that all of the replies on here from such people including the one from “Yankee Ingenuity” are from your typical liberal lowlife entitlement seeking scum. People also argued that the duck guano would ruin the pond…well folks, would take a huge amount of ducks to do that. Before anyone says anything, I raised ducks on farms. I would chance it to say that I doubt this pond is supplying drinking water or is used for swimming.

    • Miguel Saavadera

      Oh, yes! Let’s encarcerate her and spend some more money on usless and non-productive things for our government.

      Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security (safety) will not have, nor do they deserve, either one. BF

      Bird poop can be easily hosed down, and cleared off.

      • JohnC

        The Airbus 320 that ended up in the Hudson river lost power after sucking geese into it’s engines on takeoff from La Guardia Airport. Restricting the feeding of birds in the area of an airport is a very reasonable action.

      • Ray

        Hey Miguel, are you going to hose down the bird poop or should my tax dollars be spent paying a town employee to do it?

      • Dave Shaffer

        An ordinance *is* a law, Locke, on the municipal level.

      • jay dough

        it’s a man made law!!! I REPEAT, MAN MADE LAW!!!!

        We have to many LAWS MADE BY FOOLISH MEN!!!

        Stick it to the city Ms. Butcher…the PEOPLE will rally your support….


        Only thing not man made in this story is the person feeding the animal and the animal…

        Wonder who I side with!

      • s-smith

        In some states local laws are called ordinaces. I notice they found away to avoid a jury trial! If they do put her in jail for this she should schedule any medical care she needs while jailed so city has to pay for it.

      • jeffsmom

        how about you tell her if she wants to feed them you must clean up after them. this is a win-win. she can do what she enjoys and the city can have a clean park. all they have to do is provide her with the tools… c”mon people let her keep herself busy doing a good thing for these creatures…

      • Larry from Phoenix, AZ

        Those are exactly my sentiments on the matter. I’ve already sent an email to the mayor suggesting it because, as you said, it’s a win-win arrangement. She should take some responsibility for the mess she’s been a direct factor in.

      • LTCB

        I suggest you let her feed them all she wants. And let the landowners in the area just as readily shoot them when they want (the rats too). Talk about a reasonable answer and you kill two birds with one stone. She’ll stop feeding them and they’ll all go away if you start shooting them.

      • Forge Park

        You cannot hose down poop in the water Miguel. Ducks do not naturally stay in one pond, they move around to others. When someone feeds them regularly, they don’t move and will ruin the pond with all their poop. That is not the natural order.

      • Guys Against Women

        “MoreFreedom: If Claire wants to feed the wild animals, she should do so on her own property, and she is free to do that.”

        Ive already, this year alone, read a story where a business owner, on his OWN PROPERTY was fined/jailed for feeding geese because he was “too close” to an airport.

        Government is just stepping in everywhere it can. If the laws werent so strict on not hunting birds in parks/cities (there are MANY ways to do so without guns) then there obviously wouldnt be a bird problem. How many people here go hungry every day? we have here some volunteers willing to feed the animals for free. Now we just need some volunteers to hunt the animals and serve them up to people who are hungry.

        COST EFFECTIVE, NO GOVERNMENT INVOLVEMENT needed… instead, everyone tries to sue and write laws and build more government. Crazy.

      • MoreFreedom

        There is a conflict between the freedom of Claire to feed the wildlife, and those who want to enjoy the park provided by the city, without having to deal with bird poop and rats there thanks to Claire. Owning the park, the city can create rules that those using the Park must obey.

        If Claire wants to feed the wild animals, she should do so on her own property, and she is free to do that.

      • Tyrone

        I agree Miguel. Lynn has bigger fish to fry, like the vast numbers of illegal aliens here. I’m glad you agree that Lynn should be using its resources to round them up and deport them.

      • Locke

        No Dave a law has criminal penalties.
        An ordinance has financial/civil penalties.
        It’s like a Mafia edict.

        And the city needs to be disincorporated.

      • Daniel

        So miguel we should not wast the money to put some one who broke the law in jail, but we should spend the money to pay to clean up their actions?

      • Yankee Ingenuity

        How about getting the maintenance man to put the droppings into their compost heap.
        The town nearest me sells compost; but, then again, I live in a Republican district way down South where all the stupid in-breds live.

      • Locke

        An ordinace isn’t a law, it’s an opinion of a city, a corporation.
        Yes, a city is simply a corporation, a business.
        They just suck liberty from everyone.

      • Jane Anderson

        No Daniel, no one has to “spend the money to pay to clean up their actions”. Get another convicted criminal. When they are put on probation then have them clean up after the ducks as part of the terms of their probation.

      • Sandra

        Bird droppings cannot go into a vegetable compost, nor should any other fecal matter (especially human) or even meat trimmings. Poop from omnivores does not break down the same as vegetable matter including lawn waste and tree trimmings. What you wind up with is a toxic soup of e. coli and other nasty germs breeding in a stinky, unhelpful mess. “Well rotted manure” from horses and cattle are different, in part due to their high grass and grain diet, and the intestinal flora particular to their digestive systems.

      • Harry Li

        OK, jail time is stupid here. But if she has been fined, why not get a garnishsing or attachment order and liquidate the debt. The reason this is not done is because our legal system has no teeth whatsoever anymore, and exists only to invite scorn and derision. There are no consequences to actions anymore, so how can you expect anyone to respect the law?

      • Capoprimo

        You obviously haven’t had the misfortune of walking in a park populated by ducks. Before entering your own home, you have to clean your shoes and disinfect them so that the poo isn’t dragged throughout your home. Ducks are dirth filthy creatures and aside of their aesthetic value in the park, they have no value at all.

      • Nick from TX

        Guys Against Women:

        I’m with you that in this case, about the woman feeding ducks in the park, it is stupid.

        But, as an Air Traffic Control student, I can tell you that birds near an airport is very dangerous. The speed limit below 10,000 ft is 250 knots, or about 290 mph. On take-off, most aircraft are going to be accelerating to around this speed, but even on landing, when aircraft are between 100-150 knots, the impact of a 10 pound bird hitting a propeller, or being sucked into a jet engine, or hitting a windshield will possibly have grave consequences.

        I have to disagree with you on the opinion that the man you referenced was a stupid incident.

    • Locke

      How about disincorporating the fool city instead.

      • jay dough

        well said!

    • asdf

      what a stupid reason to throw someone in jail. i hope it’s your tax dollars they’re spending on it.

      • Justin Time

        Agreed. The city just wants to have a d-swinging contest with an elder.

        There’s a reason she’s been feeding them for 50 years and its not because she has a lot of extra bread to get rid of. Probably something she did with her husband and child before they both died in a tragic accident.

        There are several solutions available, none of which require fines, injunctions, or jail time. No one working for the city, involved in this, has any common sense.

      • davefromGA

        People stupid enough to want to enforce this insanity should be required to fund it. I also hope that when they “bend” the law that the full force of justice is brought upon them as well! As one guy in this blog stated…do the crime, do the time. I hope what goes around comes around for him.

    • Ian Rooney

      this woman is a typical aging hippy who still has no respect for anyone or anything but her own drug-induced ‘free love’ psychosis. Why doesn’t she care for the concerns of residents who have to deal with the flying rats known as pigeons infesting balconies on building, field mice infesting neighborhood homes, etc. I don’t care HOW old she is. She is callously ignoring the problems that she is creating and breaking the law. Good for the city.

    • BillsCatz

      Wouldn’t be talking so tough if it was YOUR 80 year old granny, would ya?

      • Jeff

        You wouldn’t be talking so stupid if it was YOUR property negatively impacted by illegal and extreme feeding of wild animals.

    • G D

      Instead od paying 30k a year or whatever it is to jail her. Pay someone 30k a year to clean up the park. She isn’t hurting anyone.

    • Chris

      If’ it’s that big a deal have animal control remove the ducks. Then you have no mess on the ground because there is nothing there to eat the food which wont be provided because there is nothing there to feed. Leave the old lady alone.

    • Martha Stewart

      The mentality that says this old lady should be jailed is exactly why the United States has the largest prison population IN THE WORLD!

      • freecheese

        The reason the U.S. supposedly has the largest prison population is because 75% of violent crime is commited by blacks. Blacks represet 13% of the U.S. population.
        Also, per-capita, I am sure MANY third-world countries far exceed the U. S.
        You need to do like I did. Check out Haiti, Thialand, Cambodia, for starters — and you’ll eat your words !
        These statistics can be confirmed if you do a search on the net. They are provided by the U.S. Justice Department, headed by a far-left Attorney General by the name of Eric Holder, who is under fire as I write this.
        Do your homework !

    • Ghostsouls

      So, it’s okay for Humans to take over a park, with tents, pee all over the place, dispose of their trash in public parks, take a dump anywhere they like, causing major health hazards to the public, but please don’t feed the ducks. Have you people not ever heard of a “compromise” where I live we had a similar situation with a man. The city made an agreement with the man. They gave him a box, said he could put bird food in the box, not to exceed the size of the box, he was then allowed to feed the birds, between 9 and 11 am 5 days a week, he was to pick which 5 days. All is well, and everyone is happy. Why does there have to be such hate for people and animals?

    • Jerry

      Jail ? She should be executed immediately, as well as all other people who feed animals.

      • Klaus

        Why hasn’t the city euthanized her and harvested her organs?

        She’s 80, America’s new retirement age, according to the Supercommittee dismantling Social Security. And by retirement, ObamaCare’s death panels mean “retirement”. Shouldn’t there be a lifetime limit of carbon dioxide emissions allowed by a “useless eater” like her? In the meantime, she should be indefinitely detained in a military camp without due process as an enemy of the State.

      • beverins

        We need to start with Jerry, methinks.

    • Lynn Gunter

      Ever notice how everything governments do is in the name of “public safety.” It’s for your own good people.. TSA Healthcare, EPA, and on and on and on..Welcome to the new soft dictatorship, where almost every citizen is some kind of criminal..

    • NotFondOfLibs

      Nice comment, pal. This is what government does when it is incapable of solving the real problems of a city, county, or state. Can’t catch crooks, gnagster, or drug dealers? Simple. Go after old women who try to do something for animals. Your attitude is typical of a stupid iotot with no clue.

  • gramps

    ‘DUCK-GATE’! Toss her in the ‘Slammer’! That’ll fix Lynn’s problems…

    What’s the loaded rate per hour for 3 cruisers, chasing a 80 year old?

    Lynn’s crime rate is twice the Massachusetts average & 33% higher than the national average!



    Remember poor ‘OZZIE’?


    • gramps

      OT: ‘Ozzie’ the Duck’, gets a ‘Memorial Stone’…..

      He live’s on in the memories & hearts of the people of ‘Westfield’…..


      A fitting memorial.


    • Exciter

      Why not just have a Duck BBQ next time she’s out there feeding them?

    • Brandi Lefeber

      Yes, and maybe instead of chasing the 80 year old with three cruisers, it would probably be cheaper to hire one city worker to go out and shovel the bird poop and put it into the compost pile……..

    • franki

      Well they could not have used too muuch fule chasing that lady- I mean how fast can an 80 year old women really run…

      • Chris512

        Apparently you have never seen Granny in The Beverly Hillbillies…

      • T-Texas

        Question?Will the ducks stop pooping after she stops feeding them.I don’t think so.Sounds to me like she has some big burly commie cops trying to intimidate a poor little ole lady who enjoys feeding the birds.At her age this probably one of the few things she enjoys in life.The city counsel need to let her along.

    • jpbrody

      What’s the loaded rate per hour for 3 cruisers, chasing a 80 year old?

      I don’t know, but you know how those 80-year-olds move. No wonder they needed three cruisers. Would like to know how many drug deals, muggings and other nefarious acts went down while they were chasing grandma for feeding ducks.

      • some body

        They like to go for the lowhanging fruit. Real crime perps are too hard to apprehend – and dangerous.

  • JoKe

    Selling Drugs is forgivable. Feeding ducks is not.

  • comprof

    Free country? Jail someone for feeding ducks while PETA screaming about not using animal furs or saving the starving dogs. I guess it is OK for ducks to starve. Anything to reduce the personal freedom of individuals to the power hungry government officials at all levels. What stupidity.

    • fred

      The scumbags at PETA are the biggest monsters of all. I love animals and I love birds but I’d sooner see every PETA member hung on a tree and their rotting corpses feeding the stray animals they are supposedly protecting. Google Penn and Teller and PETA if you want to see the truth about these nut jobs.

    • Locke

      Well said.

    • Sally Burke

      Ducks are quite capable of getting their own food, but they become dependent on people who feed them but shouldn’t. The old lady broke the law multiple times and is thumbing her nose at law enforcement. She’s not too old to learn a new trick, i.e., obey the law.

      • jack herer

        Well now these ducks that have been dependent on this lady for 45 years have no food source, your talking about Darwinism at work, only the laziest survived and made it. Now these surviving generations are in Jeopardy and you are going to allow their dedicated care taker to go to jail. That caretaker is grandma, let her be happy feeding the ducks for the rest of her limited life, Come on world step up.

      • jay dough

        F#CK THE LAW!!!

        The politicians set the law, then make themselves exempt….

        The cops break the law they are supposed to enforce…


        You are not to brainwashed to learn a new trick….like OBEY the T.V

        hahahaha….go get em granny!! Sally, if you want to turn your children and household into an obey sanctuary for the corrupt and sheeple, be my guest, BUT

        I don’t OBEY for my future childrens sake, I FIGHT FOR IT!!!

      • citizen

        your logic is not sound, take a look around. assume you replace ducks with people. “People are quite capable of getting there own food, but they become dependent on people who feed them” there lies the proplem with your liberal progressive atttitude.

      • Mick

        When I first saw the headline I was appalled, but after reading the article, I agree with your sentiment.

      • WagTheDog

        Right on, Sally! I say give this woman a job at the nearest zoo. That would be at the Stone Zoo, ten miles from Lynn in Stoneham. The city of Lynn can arrange the job and provide her transportation. Or just buy her two parrots trained to say “Don’t feed the ducks!”

  • Chompin At The Bit

    Time to renew the passport.

  • glenp

    this definitely is a LIBERAL CAPITAL CRIME she should be slammed for the rest of her natural life (which shouldn’t be toooo so very long)

  • Heavily Armed Irishman

    Gun sales up 37%. You better get an AK-47 if you are to deal with what’s coming.

    • Mark Matis

      Just remember – when TSHTF, take out the pigs first. For it is THEY who have been angling the swill that has destroyed this country. In direct violation of their oath to the Constitution, no less…

    • Walter Fowley

      I agree, I know what’s coming, once those flocks of ravenous ducks are not being fed any longer they’ll be looking for a new food source, people.

      We will need AK’s to keep from being eaten while tje government does nothing

    • Locke

      Our best bet is to end the private Federal Reserve now by electing Ron Paul so that what’s coming won’t come.
      The private Federal Reserve is the cause of the financial collapse and is ordering government tyranny to build-up a police state to keep control.

      • jack herer

        thank you RON PAUL 2012

      • patriotgirl1


      • Michael


        Locke is on to something here. Follow the money and it will lead you to the real power, amidst the festering corruption. RON PAUL 2012!

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    Whew, I know I feel safer with this menace to society is behind bars for feeding ducks– and that the goobermint is vigilantly protecting people’s “civil right” to schtup the ducks instead.

  • Ryan K

    When just looking at the headline, I was on the side of the woman, but after reading the story, I think she had her fair chance to comply. Throw her in jail! I hate duck poop!

    • Buck Bagaw

      The smart thing would be to deliver the duck poop to her house, and continue doing this until she gets the message. Two days, maybe three, and she’ll stop hauling groceries to the park. Did this to a neighbor who was using my yard for a dog toilet and the results were immediate.

  • S Palmer

    These headlines suck. If I shot a guy and stole his kidney because I needed one I can imagine the headline here would go something like “Man faces charges for wanting to live!”

    • rock

      haha i was thinking the same thing…
      biased media

  • Italo

    Another feather in the cap, and further personal-space encroachment, by our upside-down legal system. Are they going to start fining us soon for how many times we feed our toilets everyday? I mean, apologies for sounding crude like that, but not everything, including this issue with an 80-year-old elderly woman, should be sucking up time and dollars in our court systems. Once again, give me a freaking break and I think our whole society is really going nuts, to the dogs. Or is it to the ducks?

  • Capt_Incredulous

    How dare she feed the King’s ducks! Off with her head, I say!

    • Paul

      That is just ducking crazy. You big city folks are all ducked up in my mind.

  • Really???

    Enough of these so called NEWS stories stirring the pot favoring the offender. Yes, I like to read stories besides death and drugs, But Really? If you cant do the Time, Don’t do the CRIME!!! Stop blaming the police and the judges for doing the right thing! Age,Race,Religion has nothing to do with what’s right.

    • JimTX

      I think once again we are confusing what is “Right” and what is ‘Legal” There is absolutely NO correlation between the two.

    • jpbordy

      True enough. But there is such a thing as a proportional response to the “perpetrator”, the type of crime and other mitigating circumstances. It does make me wonder about the morons who sent the police after this lady, while other things were doubtless “going down.” Someone decided to get into a plssing contest with grandma, just because they could.

  • elmerjfudd

    One qestion….. when is duck season?

  • Infowars

    Cute little story…really tugs at the heart.

    Meanwhile the government:

    just declared indefinite detention for citizens, anywhere on earth
    is actively soliciting bids to staff FEMA camps
    is hardening buildings and rushing to build bunkers
    gave record military weapons and riot training to local police
    legalized the internet kill switch as needed

  • Martin Weiss

    She feeds ducks and goes to jail but Eric Holder allows guns to go across the border and he still has a job. Where’s the fairness in that.

    • donskoi

      Holder never caused ducks to poop on the sidewalk! Get your priorities in order!!!


      Eric Holder is a member of the “anointed” ones who rule over us. She is just an old women with a tender heart towards God’s creation.

  • Marvngardenz

    I believe she should should perform community service cleaning quano from area walks and benches!

  • Big Bear

    When I saw this headline, I immediately thought: Massachusetts.

    • SerfCityHereWeCome

      Good thing it wasn’t NY or CA– she’d be forced to marry the ducks. Or at least the females anyway.

  • ManOnPoint

    This why I don’t live anywhere near a liberal-infested city like Boston!!!

  • Bob

    I wonder if she was sent to the TSA to be frisked for weapons.

  • mrsharfer

    Even the TSA knows what terrorists grandmas are! Feeding ducks is a precursor to jihad!

  • foggyworld

    An “offender?”

    Cost Accounting aside, this doesn’t sound like the greatest place in the word to live But we should rest easy knowing that Jon Corzine, former governor of New Jersey and misplacer of billions, will go scot free while Ms. Butcher and maybe a jaywalker or two will spend their Christmases in jail.

    Truly, there are things wrong with this picture!

  • John C

    People who disregard the law SHOULD be put in jail.

    • Rowwdy

      Oh really John C? Where should we start? With Reif? Pe;osi? Obamao? Holder?

      Quit being so pious.

      • petem

        Bush, Cheney, Rove,Rumsfeld, nearly everyone at Goldman Sachs

    • Jail Congress

      Agreed. 1,500 bankers went to prison during the S&L crisis. Today the nation is being looted and we all know the law is being followed, right? Eric Holder is out there every day slamming his fist down screaming about equal justice for all.

    • Brenda

      Exactly. But I think the point people are trying to make is that far worse crimes are NOT being punished, so why this one. I agree. If you break the law, you pay the price. But is this the priority…in Lynn? I bet 25 far more heinous crimes were being committed in a 10 mile radius of that pond at the exact same moment. And this is the battle they picked. And three cruisers? Really.

  • dude

    I do not like parks where children play to be covered in bird and rat droppings because someone is feeding the animals and attracting more and more animals, making the park filthier and filthier.

    Lady deserves to go to jail. She is selfish and not thinking how this violates the right of people to enjoy a filth-free park.

    • josie

      The old lady feeds the birds at 3 ponds. But only 1 of those ponds, Flax, is at a playground.
      So, if kids playing around bird droppings is the big issue — it would make a lot more sense if the city of Lynn were to strike a simple bargain with the woman.
      She continues to feed at Sluice and Goldfish, but stops at Flax.
      That way, she’s still caring for the birds she loves, yet not contributing to the “fowling” of a children’s play area.
      And since the Flax birds will likely follow her to the other locations, anyway (they DO fly, you know?) — it’s a win/win situation!
      See, Mayor Kennedy? Sometimes, you CAN please everyone!

    • petsorus

      You should try spending an afternoon with your kids feeding the ducks. They would love it.

  • Sam

    30 days? Not near enough time, should be 30 months. She’s repetedly ignored city ordanences, refused to pay the fines. Jail seems more than appropriate.

    • dude

      I am getting sick of drudge. He is becoming more unreliable in his headlines. This is about when I stop reading drudge as it is now nothing more than a conservative version of a tabloid supermarket newspaper. He discredits himself more and more with these misleading headlines. She needs to go to jail for making that park too filthy for children to safely play.

      • mike

        Drudge is fine. Your worthless complaining is not.

      • tunnel at the end of the light

        Hay “dude”,
        Drudge does not write the headlines. They are directly from the source articles that he links to. Check with the PC media and thier agenda!

    • chester arthur

      Do you often get your delicate little panties in such a bunch,Samantha?Feeding the birds,many of which appear to be domesticated ducks released in the wild by some numbskulls who don’t have the brains to feed their own pets is a serious crime?Would you rather the ducks were wandering neighborhoods looking for food?That’s what domesticated ducks released in the wild do.They get hit by cars(a great thing for the kids to see,right?)If this community had a brain,they would do what was suggested earlier in another post,be thankful the poo is all in one place,gather it for mulching and compost,and sell it.Profit the city instead of burdening it with the expense of incarceration of a non-violent bird feeder.But I guess the geniuses in that community have no more common sense than the rest of the Baaastoon area bureaucrats.If you want to jail people for non-sense,how about spelling (ordanences?Yikes).

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