BOSTON (CBS) – I spent a very interesting half-hour yesterday interviewing Bob Kraft and casino mogul Steve Wynn, who are proposing to locate the one eastern Massachusetts casino now permitted under law across the road from Gillette Stadium.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

Their argument is the same as the one that got casinos over the hump on Beacon Hill this year – we need new jobs, badly, and this is the best short-term prospect for creating them.

“I see this as a great job creator that brings great benefits to the schools and social services of the community,” said Kraft.

“I’m worried about what’s gonna happen to the social fabric if we dont bring jobs back to America, and here we have an opportunity in this community to create 10,000 new jobs.”

Wynn has in the past made it clear he has zero confidence in the Obama administration to shepherd economic recovery saying recently: “The Democratic agenda of spend and bribe the public has bankrupted this country, and until it stops, the citizens of this country are in for more hard times.”

If you ask me, there’s plenty of blame to go around to both parties, and the private sector hasn’t exactly been covering itself in glory with its economic leadership in recent years.

But these two businessmen are essentially saying: do you really see a better job-creation plan out there than the one we’re offering?

Kraft noted that he had wanted to build a life-sciences office park on the proposed casino site, but that industry, which state government has been touting as a future savior, has yet to deliver on that promise.

And if you think Gov. Patrick’s current trade mission to South America is going to deflate the unemployment rolls anytime soon, you’re quite the optimist.

There’s been a lot of discussion lately about the excesses of the private sector, and rightly so.

But ask yourself: who do you trust more to create jobs in the next year?

Them, or the plodding, polarized pols of Beacon Hill and Washington?

You can listen to Keller At Large on WBZ News Radio every weekday at 7:55 a.m. and 12:25 p.m. You can also watch Jon on WBZ-TV News.

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  1. Uncle Andy says:

    I don’t trust government at any level to do anything fairly, justly, correctly, or competently.

    Government is the antithesis of Liberty. Government is force, coercion, and thuggery. The private sector is far from perfect, but I’ll take my chances with corporations over government any day.

    Wal-Mart never invaded a country. McDonald’s doesn’t hike taxes on struggling families to placate thieving public union greed. Exxon doesn’t use force to make people participate in a Ponzi scheme like Social security.

    Government however, does all these things and worse.

    1. gamps says:

      Andy you’re correct is saying, “Wal-Mart never invaded a country”.


      It did & is, “selling one down the river”….that is, whats left of it.


  2. tsal says:

    Uncle Andy I was with you until you mentioned Wal-Mart – its practices of discrimination are abhorrent. I don’t trust government and I do not trust big business. Guess there is not a lot of trust to go around in our new world

    1. The Man says:

      Wal-Mart’s biggest crime, in the left’s eyes, is they are non-union…..THOSE B***ARDS!!!!

  3. gramps says:

    The best way to create jobs…..’TERM LIMITS’!

    1. Matt says:

      We do have term limits. If the majority don’t like them then they don’t get to come back.

      1. gramps/gramps says:

        No we don’t!…..

        ‘Term Limits’, are the only things that will save the country.

        Two 4 year terms for Senate & two 4 year terms for the house, staggered…
        Allign the ‘Presidential Race’ with the Senate.

        This will reduce some of the $$ & the number of elections & constantly bring in ‘fresh blood’…So that in a 12 year span, we’ll only have ’3′ election days!

        Giving us less campaigning, leading to reduced ‘BS’!

        Term Limits will end ‘Partisan Cronie-ism’ & might help to break up all the Congressional ‘Love Affairs’, based on, I’ll vote for yours if you vote for mine.

        If anyone tries to block term limits….’throw those ‘BUM’S OUT!’


      2. Matt says:

        Sorry Gramps,

        We absolutly do. Majority rules. If people are happy with them then they can stay. If not then they go. You may not agree with what they are doing but others do so they can stay until next time, and so on and so on…

      3. gramps/abby says:

        I’m talking about a ‘OVERHAUL’of the whole system…

        You’re not ‘Reading & Comprehending’ what was written…

        ‘Public School’ was it?


      4. abby says:

        I need a ‘NAP’!


  4. FireGuyFrank says:

    Private Sector 100%; Gov’t 1%.

  5. blackbear1 says:

    Uncle Andy, like tsal, I was with you until you brought up a couple of points. Wal-Mart being one. Having watched my Wife do business w/them, they are bad on many fronts. Public unions being another. As a retired Teacher, who made it part way up the administrative ladder, I am somewhat sensistive to union issues. As not a very good union member, I still see that they must continue to exist mainly due to some negative political behavior and poor leadership on the part of the administration. Poor leadership usually spawns union activiity, and so on, and so on eventually to the workplace.

    1. tsal says:

      blackbear – since my post to The man didn’t show up I doubt this will either – but if it does I absolutely agree with you

  6. emom says:

    TRUST THE GOVERNMENT , that’s a joke RIGHT. they can not ever keep their hands out of the cookie jar, they constantly raise the taxes, cut vital services, play around with the elderly’s lives. Threaten to shut down the government if they don’t get their own way. Oh and lets not forget they are now trying to tell use what to eat, what to do and were and when we can do things, They treat us like 5 years old’s., and then punish us because we resist,
    As for the private sector, something good let me think ,, hmmm I am thinking, I will get back to you.
    Lets start with the bad, the ever rising cost of their products, the constant need to lay folks off to curb spending while at the same time taking major pay raises to benefit the higher ups so they can take elaborate vacations, buy expensive things sit on the throne and boast that they just took advantage of the public. And then cry they need a bail out of help. lets not forget the ever need to ship jobs over seas and thus close business forever here. Pay their workers very little , skimp on benefits and force them to work on holidays and any hour during the day. Show no mercy with extreme circumstances, So still thinking of something good.
    I do not see a difference between government of private sector ,,, Maybe I miss understand But the way I see it , they are in this together, they find ways to mess with the public, the hard working folks, take away what little they have and exploit them for their own benefit, Making us
    NOPE still can not find anything good for either of them . To me they both are equal.
    I think their motto should be,,,,,, TAKE TAKE TAKE, THE PEOPLE DONT NEED ANYTHING,,

  7. gramp's says:

    Andy you’re correct is saying, “Wal-Mart never invaded a country”.


    It is guilty of, “selling one down the river”….that is, whats left of it.


  8. Anonymous says:

    Good question….who do you trust more???….the Government, who wants to control your every movement by any means necessary, or the private sector, who wants to separate you from your money by any means necessary???

    Who do I trust to create jobs??? That’s an entirely different question altogether. Since we are travelling down a road leading us straight to ‘1984’, I have to choose Government. God knows who is going to pay for those jobs but they will be created nonetheless.

    But, if society were to finally catch on the Government’s scheme of manufactured terrorism and scaring us into slavery, then opting for a limited Government by radically downsizing ‘The State’ then the Private Sector would get my vote. Since this won’t happen because folks are more than happy to trade their liberty for the illusion of security, the private sector in the US is on the endangered species list…

  9. Matt says:

    To all the people coming down on Wal-Mart. We allowed them to become this “powerful” by buying their products and services. No one to blame here but ourselves. If you don’t like their practices and policies then don’t shop there. If enough do this they will either stop doing what you feel is wrong or they will j go away like many other companies have done. Until then tough. Their job is not to make your lives more convienient it is to make money.

    1. elaw says:

      Seconded… I learned about Walmart’s business practices several years ago, have not bought anything from them since, and never will. Same with Best Buy.

  10. foamy says:

    The right answer to this question would be the private sector in any normal, rational, free-market society. However, the society we live in now of unabated runaway government spending has me thinking that the government will be the bigger job creator. And…..if the Apologizer-in-Chief gets another 4 years?? Forget about it……the crippling regulations, excessive taxation of entrepeneurs, and the abominable health care “law” will guarantee it’s the government.

    1. tsalTryingAgain says:

      @foamy – do you think it will be better with Gingrich? The congress? It isn’t just Obama – it’s every one of the politicians who are so senior that they are well versed in how Washington operates.

      1. foamy says:

        @tsalTryingAgain..aka tsal – yes, I do think it will be better with Gingrich – but not by the margin I’d like it to be. The President wants to dump more stimulus (that was a total failure), more bailouts, more questionable loans to his ‘bundlers’ on us, and his answer to try to combat his spendology? Let’s tax the people whose money gets invested in companies fostering job growth. I do agree with you though – without complete turnover in Congress, there will just be more wheel-spinning and no real action.

      2. tsal says:

        foamy – yes aka tsal – I have to get creative with names in order for my posts to go through.

        The difference is with Gingrich that if the congress stays as is he and the congress will be able to put into effect all or nearly all of the programs it has supported including continuing to funnel money to the wealthy at the cost of the middle class. That includes seniors who will basically end up fighting for their lives – literally – because of cuts to the programs they have spent their entire life paying for. I do not believe for one second Gingrich cares. He literally doesn’t even understand there is a working poor class.

        The alternative is to have Obama back in office and have the country remain at a stalemate for four more years. Talk about being between a rock and a hard place.

        I have heard – and this is repeating – conservative voters say that Gingrich is so far out of touch with reality and so representative of Washington politics that it is horrible. Yet that is the person they will vote for.

        There are other choices right now and this is who the conservative section of this country is supporting?????

  11. tsal last says:

    I do not nor never have stepped foot in Wal-Mart. Who allowed Exxon to make the profit it makes?

  12. tsal last says:

    jon – there’s a good discussion here and I’m guessing several are not able to post and those who are have resorted to odd names.

  13. DoverDavid says:

    Who do I trust, neither. Each will do/say anything they can for their own personal gain. Only when they ugly truth of reality becomes clear will they then indicate that there were things not known by them that resulted in things becomeing sour.

  14. BostonIrish says:

    This sites’ “Firewall” is a pain in the backside, Jon! Can’t your IT dept. correct these dropped posts??? I’m afraid I’m going to drop off as a fan, it’s so frustrating!

    I miss the “old” way. Now I don’t care if it takes a week for you to screen the incoming posts. At least I know you saw them if you refuse to let them through!

    1. tiredofit2 says:

      Good point.

    2. tsallllll says:

      Hi BI – nice to “see” you!!! glad to see you posting about the problem too – I think BZ believes the problem is on our side but there is no way it could be.

  15. roudydowdy says:

    Brilliant question Jon. Trust the Government or Private sector? That’s just like the pole question on WBZ Radio about 43 years ago. Who is better The Beatles or The Rolling Stones? Is there anything in between?

  16. Oh Well says:

    “….Somehow or other we shall have to work out methods of controlling the big corporations without paralyzing the energies of the business community and of preventing any tyranny on the part of the labor unions while cordially assisting in every proper effort made by the wageworkers to better themselves by combinations…..” TR

  17. emom says:

    Government has not created jobs, Only allowed companies to send jobs over seas, Thanks to the bush era. Corporations and even small to medium size companies eventually send their company over seas, Allow foreign moguls to Buy them out and thus move their business out of the country, Ultimately laying off the entire staff, and closing their doors. their product is now property CHINA, MEXICO, OR some other foreign country.
    So which is better government or private, NEITHER, when they both do the exact same thing, Take away. One thing though, we as Americans allowed this kind of practice to happen , Not all but those that voted those into office that caused it. Opening the door to the WORLD of OPPURTUNITY.
    I Have to wonder Did anyone image how our future would have turned out , That we would once again fall prey to a down fall of our economy and thus the quality of humanity. You would have thought we would have learned from the first one. Nope we asked for the second one, which then completely made matters far worse

    1. tsal says:

      emom – I think many imagined – but they didn’t care – as long as they got their due, it mattered little what happened to everyone else and the country as a whole.

  18. petem says:

    The problem with the question is the choice. We are the government in as much as we vote (or don’t) and that decision has consequences. We voted in Bill Clinton and got 8 years of unbelievable growth, 22 million jobs and FREE TRADE, something he should forever have hanging around his neck. We also got the repeal of Glass-Steagall which was a direct precedent to the destruction of the financial system.
    With George Bush, we got Iraq (now at 2+trillion dollars) and more favors for his wealthy patrons.
    With this current president we have seen attempts (most half-hearted for sure) to try to reel in some of the excesses, but true to form Republicans will reflexively take whatever position is opposite of Mr. Obama’s. Even issues that they sponsored in the recent past are now off limits if he agrees with it.

    For the sake of discussion here are a few areas that I believe government does well…
    1) The military, which for many in this country has been a long and proud family tradition, for others a rallying point, and chicken hawks, a way to scare the masses, is GOVERNMENT! does it do everything wrong?

    2) What about the Social Security that millions of Americans rely on? it will be solvent, delivering 100% of promised benefits ’til the 2030’s as is and indefinitely if we tweak up the upper limit a bit.

    3) How about Medicare, the rights’ favorite punching bag? Unlike the private enterprise insurance companies who average around 20ish % overhead, Medicare runs about 3% any person with any sense knows that’s better, it’s not costing as much! Part of that is that they cover everyone at a certain age and those folks have contributed to the basic coverage, and pay extra for additional coverage. I don’t know anyone who claims it is perfect; it has a lot of problems, fraud, waste, abuse of the system, conditions that also exist in the private system. Why aren’t there ads running that besmirch the reputations of these private concerns that have the same problems (don’t tell me it’s because of the scale, that is obvious in a large complex system. We have to do a better job of routing out these problems, but the answer isn’t to tear down the house because you have some rats in the basement; you deal with the rats right?

    I hope someone actually take up a conversation with me or someone else rather than just throwing bombs, that never does any good…

    1. tsal says:

      Petem – I’d have a discussion with you but I’d say pretty much the same thing you have been saying. You been reading After Shock?

  19. emom says:

    No , I do not believe they could have for seen what would have happened, WHY , because Bush Jr, made promises he could never keep, Like daddy making promises and well we were totally blind sided, Tax breaks , sure sounded great, But they never said we had to pay it back, that was the start of the land slide. Then it happened again with Jr. and again we paid back. I would have rather had not had the tax break it did little to help., Only hurt. many lost their jobs, homes were next and businesses look over seas to save them.
    The door was opened to china, Mexico, India, Canada, and other countries, They promised business labor that would work pennies for the dollar, and they didn’t need any benefits, Only a job. and they would work well and produce much. But it backfired in a big way,, none of the companies expected these foreign countries to request pay raises and not just one a year , no try about 3 times a year, Then they wanted better working conditions, and short days. Well guess what they got it all , and today they still negotiate the same stuff ,, Oh that job that over 400 had and lost,,, they are now paying them 80 cents to $1.25 an hour and paying their bossed about $15k a year, to travel and train others, sure living expenses are cheap in these countries, ahh but the products you buy from them are also cheaply made and some have been on the recall list, I wonder why.
    I think it truly did matter But since the bushes made it so they did something to prevent the stop of it, Clinton could never reverse what bush daddy did and Obama can fix what Jr messed up.,, not until the thing expires, gee and how many years of bush law has gone on, since 1990 . Now that is some term limit of law and regulations. all that hurt this country instead of helping it.

    1. tsal says:

      emom – I could only read a little of your comment but I do believe we could see it coming. First Bush was warned. Second it was just plain common sense. There were many democrats who were also warned as well.

      As far as what Bush did continuing – we need to vote out anyone who supports his policies. Simple but won’t happen.

  20. Ron says:

    Neither. We the people need to take back our country.
    To the person who favors Newt Gingrich you should check his history when he was Speaker of the House

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