74-Year-Old College Teacher Charged With Running Somerville Meth Lab

BOSTON (CBS) – A 74-year-old professor who has lectured at Boston schools for two decades has been charged with running a methamphetamine lab.

Irina Kristy, who teaches math at Boston University and Suffolk University, will be arraigned next month for allegedly running a meth lab out of her Somerville home.

Kristy’s son Grigory pleaded not guilty to the same charges last month.

Kristy has been placed on administrative leave at both Suffolk and Boston University.

WBZ-TV’s Christina Hager reports

  • Nosgood4me

    It doesn’t get better than this ! so when college labs blow up,, this is whats going on…it doesn’t get better than this .. Higher Education now i understand.
    and to think there no humor in the news this made my day thanks…..

    • Nancy Finlay

      this is crazey and sick what kinda person dose his and the kids sees this her ss check must not be enough she could of blowned up the whole school and the smell is very nasty

      • Tom Walter

        Huh? What?

      • Matt

        Clearly, a satisfied customer of Dr. Kristy’s at-home pharmacology.

      • Greg Shinkovich Jr.

        Your English teacher must have been on Meth.

      • Nosgood4me

        This come’s on the heels of a BC student fooling with mustard gas having a lab explosion .
        Fact is these students and faculty need to be held accountable and the Fire Marshall needs to drag these people across a carpet. as to why they are fooling with such stuff.
        it is a public concern ..exceedingly serious…
        and Boston wants to lead in Bio research ??? these schools need to be “properly watched” and to have some sort of control or close the labs.
        Just because its a college does not lighten the fact of a possible major event jeopardising students and public safety and God forbid if they start fooling with infuenza , Haunta. or Ebola
        strains..real smart.

      • kronkite


      • LOL WUT

        Did I just accidentally go to Yahoo Answers?

      • James

        Must be one of her, uh, duh, stoodents….

      • Tom Menino

        “All Your Base Are Belong To Us”

      • Justin

        Nancy I think you should re-read the article. The alleged lab was ran out of her home. Let’s see what the “facts” are in this case.

      • Tomm S

        “Her name was McGill and she called herself ‘Lil, but everyone knew her as Nancy”.

    • Crystal Rose

      Dang, Did Nancy Pelosi change her name?

    • rashid

      What is a 74 year old doing teaching? Top of the wage scale, not really with it, move them on.

      • xb

        Obviously an adjunct since working at different schools – probably makes 16,000 a year from adjunct teaching with no benefits – so needs to supplement her income. Universities are always screwing the adjuncts

      • arias

        Comedy. Someday YOU will be old, and a whole new generation of youngsters will be ready to “move you along”.

      • rashid

        Hey Arias, I already am old and understand my limitation. That ol bag has more than a dozen years on me and she should not be teaching. God made Florida, use it.

      • Faces of Meth

        She’s actually 22, she just looks 74 from all that Meth.

  • web

    Did she get the idea from Breaking Bad?

    • Pure Gold

      Breaking Bad is a great show. Glad I’m not alone. But hey, I rather have a my Meth cooked up by a college professor instead of that kid with the dead tooth down the street. God Bless America!

      • Heisenberg

        Comparing Breaking Bad to Weeds is like comparing a Porterhouse to a Whopper.

      • Hazmat77

        At least the Mexican Cartel doesn’t get a piece of the action.

      • Vicky Bevis

        So is “Weeds.” All are on Netflix.

      • no

        Are you kidding me? Weeds is idiotic.

    • MuffMerkinMan

      DAMN… So was this based on ‘Breaking Bad’ or was ‘Breaking Bad’ based on this professor? Uggghhh! When Real Life and TV merge it gets a little off…. Kinda like that DiCaprio movie… Inception.

  • emom

    She must have thought she was in her twenties again,, I think alzheimer’s has set in.. that will be her defense,, ‘ IT WAS ALZHEMIERS , I DONT REMEMBER,,,, I WAS MAKNG COOKIES, ITS THE HOLIDAYS AFTER ALL,,”

  • bob

    She is probably taking the fall for her son.

    • jk

      Agree. But, how old is the son? 30? 40? Guess the meth is why he is living with Mom.

  • Davis

    Good for her. She was creating more supply, thus reducing demand which leads to a lower price which in turn means less crime from otherwise harmless addicts.

  • eddyjames

    You’ve gotta do what you got to do.She probably lost all of her investments and now her house is upside down.After watching the government break all kinds of laws and trample the constitution.The members of congress get theier kickbacks and insider trading schams. She mostlekely was was fed up and ask her self why not her. It will get worse as there is more awareness of the two laws sestem.One for the government and one for subjects.

    • web

      ‘you gotta do what you got to do’, really? Murder, rape, anything? Or just certain things? You read someone does something illegal and your first thought is an excuse of some sort? You don’t know if she lost all her investments, maybe she just inherited a million dollars. Or maybe she is just a really bad person who doesnt’ care about the kids addicted to meth, as long as she gets her money, how about that?

      • ethancase

        its a victimless crime. *shrugs* she didn’t make them start taking meth, they had to want it first.

    • Greg Palmer

      According to your logic, this meth pusher is “just doing what she has to do” so she can pay her mortgage?

      If you don’t like what is happening with your government, then put down the meth pipe and get involved in the process.

      The instant you justify immorality by pointing to other immorality then you have become the thing you rail against.

      Oh yeah, I lost all my investments and my house is also underwater. Oddly enough, I have not turned to a life of crime to solve my problems.

      • Jedidiah Smith

        Morality is subjective. Obviously her morals and your morals aren’t the same. In fact, most peoples morals and your morals aren’t the same. However, just because your morals are not in agreement does not mean that either of you is wrong. Most adults think that what another adult wishes to ingest is his/her own business, period. The morality of that action then, belongs to that person alone. The biggest reason that the government has a seek-and-destroy attitude towards meth is because it is the one drug for which government doesn’t control the production, importation and distribution. Before you call bull I suggest you do a bit of research. BTW, I am a college graduate myself and I neither drink nor use drugs.

      • Overthair

        These sales are business transactions between consenting adults It is only a “crime” because the government says it is The war on drugs is idiotic. Legalize it all, tax it all and inject 1/10 what we now spend on the “war” into rehab and counseling and you will see a huge decrease in usage and crime, and a huge increase in civil liberties.

      • Keyboard

        Well hop to it! What’s taking you so long?

      • hazmat77

        Greg ….Not veryone believes using chemical substances is an act of moral depravity. That it may be illegal is a separate and questionable “Right of Privacy” issue.

        Legalize and tax it all!

      • JR

        Morality isn’t subjective. That’s something that people argue when they’re about to offer an immoral opinion and don’t want flack for it.

        She’s wrong from an ethical point of view, as well as a legal one. And legalizing meth wouldn’t just be immoral or illegal, it would be like assisted suicide. Meth has no redeeming value, it destroys bodies, lives, famlies and is dangerous to any area where it’s manufactured, so add communities to the list.

        As to the government, it oversteps it’s bounds on a daily basis, but in this regard, they’re right. They might be losing the war on meth, but the war is still worth fighting. If someone wants to kill themself, let them just fling themselves from a bridge, at least they won’t take anyone else with them.

      • Ray

        Morality isn’t subjective. It comes from GOD and is made known to us through our conscience. The degree of our awareness of morality differs depending on how much effort we have made to live in tune with His guidance that speaks to us through the quiet voice of conscience.

      • Ben

        Morality IS subjective as well as your fairy tail religion!

      • mackthinksthissucks

        @JR “…legalizing meth wouldn’t just be immoral or illegal, it would be like assisted suicide. Meth has no redeeming value, it destroys bodies, lives, famlies and is dangerous to any area where it’s manufactured, so add communities to the list.” While meth is very dangerous to manufacture and the present “recreational ” illegal consumption of this substance does have negative societal consequences, to say that meth has no “redeeming value” is wrong. In the United States, Methamphetamine has been FDA approved for the treatment of ADHD and exogenous obesity in children and adults under the trademark name Desoxyn. Desoxyn may also be prescribed off-label for the treatment of narcolepsy and treatment-resistant depression. In the Netherlands where Schedule I narcotics are treated with a similar approach that most progressive localities in the States treat marijuana (decriminalizing possession, etc.), the rate of addiction of all hard drugs is much lower than in the US. I don’t think that legalizing meth is a priority, but we certainly do need more sane drug laws in this country. And we need to pay our teachers more so they do not risk their lives in hazardous black markets like the illegal drug trade.

      • Tom

        Morality is not subjective, but it is immoral for the government to deny people the right to do what they want to with their bodies. Drugs would be a lot safer, and help for addiction more forthcoming if drugs were legal. Drugs were decriminalized in Portugal a decade ago, and there has been no explosion in drug use there.

        The government can’t dictate how people behave any more than they can command the tide. People had better get used to that idea, or they will get caught off guard, just like they did in Katrina. The war on Drugs must end. It is the war that created the violence, just as it did during Prohibition. Legalize it, and the violence will disappear overnight.

    • web

      So now we have excuses to make meth? ‘you go to do what you got to do’. Do you draw a line in the sand anywhere? Why do you assume she lost all her investments? Maybe she won a million dollars…who knows? You read that somone does something illegal and wrong, and your first instinct is to find an excuse? How about that she is just a bad person and doesn’t care about the kids who are addicted to meth, just as long as she gets her money, how about that?

    • rashid

      In other words, its not her fault.

      • Bub

        The distinction that needs to be made here is between the ‘reason’ she did this which is understandable. However there is no ‘excuse’ for this behavior. It is a question of moral ‘responsability

  • MacvTm19

    Check out the spelling in some of these comments, goes to show you what government public education has come to !!!!!

    • jharper

      I agree. Even if the spelling was correct, the english is horrible. And even if the spelling and the english were spot on, the thought process from some of these comments is laughable.

      • WalterWhite

        Capitalize ‘English’ you freaking fool.

      • Hazmat77

        Who said commenters are only English speaking and American educated people?

        This is the WorldWideWeb, isn’t it?

      • deaconbob

        In this instance “english is used in place of “grammar”. It does not need to be capitalized. So there!

      • WalterWhite

        You’re wrong, you nitwit. Check this out: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20060921194722AATvGqY

    • rashid

      That’s what you get when great grammy is your teacher. Academia: welfare on meth.

  • ablecynic

    She is frighteningly ugly. She looks like a man in a wig. Is that what meth does to you in Mass? A true meth math mess!

    • freecheese

      I have had several aquaintences — including my ex -wife who have been heavy meth heads.
      Their teeth rot out, and they lose MUCH wight, and not in a healthy way.
      You can spot them immeaditly. The have that thousand yard stare and seem to be thinking about yesterday, and not what’s going on now.

    • wonder bread

      thanks….i repeated “meth math mess,” 3 times and now I have an unbreakable lisp.

  • gongmongpungo

    What!!!!!! Legalize Cannabis, and give hard time to all the chemical pushers.

    • deucerider

      Legal here in Oreygun. I grow my own and usually have a few lbs. on hand for me amigos.

  • Sheltiman

    I found a typo in this story….”Irina Kristy, who teaches math at Boston University and Suffolk University, ” should be ,,who teaches METH at Boston U,,,,

    • Nathan S.

      LOL – Best comment here by far.

  • freecheese

    Where I live . . . she would be in jail. No mention of bail in the story.

  • StaticKlingon

    Definitely need to keep the home-schooling option open.

  • Jesse Pinkman

    Next thing you know the CEO of Los Pollos Hermanos will get blown up in a nursing home.

  • http://www.spootylinks.com/24811.html 74-Year-Old College Professor Charged With Running Somerville Meth Lab « CBS Boston » SpootyLinks.com
  • JS

    Why is it that whenever a publicly-funded employee gets caught in wrongdoing they get placed on administrative leave? Now the guy is sitting at home, probably collecting full pay.

    • ethancase

      1. It’s a woman. 2. Suffolk, the state funded school, fired her. 3. BU placed her on admin leave, BU is a private school.

  • Tom

    I suspect the cops charged the old lady as an accessory after the dead-toothed son refused to cooperate with the cops.

  • Fred

    She looks a little cross eyed. i hope she had someone like Jessy or Gail helping her out.

  • Greg

    More like “teaches METH at Boston”.

  • Kelly

    Drugs are NOT a “victimless crime”. As drug use escalates, so does other crime, such as domestic violence, burglary, child neglect and abuse. Not to mention the huge price the working taxpayers in our country have to pay for our jails, court system, rehab centers, and welfare.

  • Pollos Hermanos

    Better call Saul!

  • Nad

    Will this be on the final?

  • http://wishididntknow.com/2011/12/05/74-year-old-college-professor-arrested-for-running-a-meth-lab/ 74-Year-Old College Professor Arrested For RUNNING A METH LAB

    […] LABDecember 5, 2011 // nRelate.domain = "wishididntknow.com"; // wpa2a.script_load(); TweetShare(CBS Boston) – A 74-year-old professor who has lectured at Boston schools for two decades has been charged […]

  • Steve

    You mean she teaches Meth not Math.

  • bob

    It is this woman’s generation that has destroyed this country. They are the ones running the corporations and congress.

    • steve

      Oh brother! Is this logic encouraged by the schools? By the media? The younger generations have blamed the older generations for their difficulty for well, a couple of generations now. It is what it is. Blaming the previous generation is not going to get you anywhere, Dude!

  • Rusty Korporate Rezponzibility Springer

    She is a stone fox AND a go getter…
    I DEMAND sex with this woman !!!

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