BOSTON (CBS) – Mayor Tom Menino’s patience with Occupy Boston is starting to run thin.

Menino said the city has been very patient with the protestors and he says he agrees with them on many issues.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Jim Smith reports

But, he is furious that some Occupy members tried to bring an industrial-sized kitchen sink into the Dewey Square site Thursday night.

sink Menino: Occupy Boston Can’t Keep ‘Rubbing It In Our Faces’

Boston Police remove the sink Thursday night. (Image courtesy: Bob Plain)

Protesters then allegedly tried to prevent police from removing it.

One person, 26-year-old Gary Williams of Quincy, was arrested on charges of assault and battery on a public employee.

Police say he ripped a police radio from an officer’s belt and was carrying a folding knife.

“I’m not going to allow them to put up a kitchen sink and occupy (that) area of the city of Boston. (We’ve) allowed them to stay for the last two months. I am mayor of all the people, not just 200 people who live on a little piece of dirt in the city of Boston. I want to make sure we’re putting the rules and regulations of the city of Boston in place at this time,” Menino told reporters Friday.

“This is beyond their rights. We’re letting them stay there, we’re not going to have them build a new town in there.”

“At this time we have no plans for eviction, but I have public safety issues. If they break the public safety rules, we’re going to go after them,” he said.

WBZ-TV’s Political Editor Jon Keller reports

“They can’t just keep on rubbing it in our faces and say ‘We’re going to do all this stuff and you guys are bad.’ There has to be a little give on their part. We’ve given a lot with them the last two months and I want them to respect the other people in the city of Boston. There’s 630,000 people that live in this city.”

“We had the normal number of officers on last night and that clearly was not enough to deal with the occupiers, so we’ve increased that number now.  Unfortunately, it’s going to cost us more money,” Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis told WBZ NewsRadio 1030 Friday.

WBZ-TV’s Sera Congi reports

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  1. NikW says:

    I actually agree with Menino here~

    1. Andrusha says:

      Either way, you CAN change the system…

  2. tsal says:

    Menino as is the case with all politicians is running scared –

    According to a recent CBS poll the OWS group has “beaten the Tea Party” – the OWS has changed the discussion that frames public debates from American being destroyed by big government to the rising inequality and corporate greed.

    The thing Menino is having rubbed in his face is the reality of the government mess we are facing – and those who oppose the group either approve of the inequality or greed or must be a member of the 1%

    1. tsal says:

      BTW 76% of Americans agree that the current economic structure of the country is out of balance – it’s what OWS is saying and OWS is getting the attention of the politicians

      I’ll ask again – if you do not like the group – what are you doing to change the mess we are in?

      1. Mikey Cyrus says:

        This goes beyond their message, it is really a question of how far the right to protest goes. Do you have the right to bring in sinks and other equipment? I don’t know. They said they want to be able to wash dishes and such, but they are not imprisoned, they can go elsewhere to do that stuff.

        As for their actual message, what is the goal? What specific action would have to happen for them to say “great, we’re done, protest is over” ?

        Before using terms like corporate greed, you should look at how much charity work is done by corporations.

        Terms like “corporate” and “America” should be used more carefully too. Plenty of corporations in other countries operate exactly the same way. If we put restrictions on ourselves to prevent “greed” then how do you think we would fare when competing with other corporations/countries? Think they would let us win some deals, throw some cash our way, just to be nice?

      2. tsal says:

        Mikey Cyrus – have you looked at the mess in Europe – and guess what country is following in its footsteps. They cater to their aristocrats also

        As far as the right to protest – I guess the patriots didn’t have that right in the 1700s either – glad they didn’t listen to the majority that opposed them.

        Can I assume you are part of the 1% since you apparently ad advocating the promotion of corporate greed?

      3. Mikey Cyrus says:

        Hey tsal,

        Yeah I wish I was 1%, I’m not even 25% in my own house :)

        But coporations are not all bad. Attempting to curb “greed” could have worse effects, like pushing more of their workforce overseas, putting more Americans out of work. Charity work on their part may be somewhat self serving in the form of tax breaks and such, but those charities still benefit.

        You totally missed my point on the right to protest. Obviously that is huge for all of us. What I was questioning is how far it goes, and I said I don’t know. Do they need a sink to protest? Do they need anything at all there? Nobody is keeping them captive. They choose to stay.

      4. tsal says:

        I’m still not getting your point – sorry. They specially designed the sink to be used at the site to sterilize things in and around the are – in the infirmary area too I believe. I figure if they are willing to be on the street day and night to try and make a statement the more power to them. Until someone comes up with a better solution, I’m all for it. I know for a fact they are getting the attention of corporate America. There was a comment to that affect on one of the other blogs this morning that I tried to reply to but of course my reply never showed up.

        The corporations in America are sitting on trillions of dollars – more than ever before in history. They are not hiring. They are not spending and they are not paying taxes. No one can justify that. Charity work is great and I’m not criticizing that but it is a tax break and it does not create jobs. Yes, it saves lives and is vitally important but having a job and an income also saves lives and is equally important.

        And then we have the group who has – as I said in an earlier post – pledged to not raise taxes – EXCEPT on those who are not in the top percent. This gets more ridiculous by the second. And the fact that Ammericans are buying into it has me amazed.

      5. Last says:

        When you’re on public land paid for by Taxpayer dollars, you do not have the right to install fixtures.

        One group does not have the right to deny access to public property that other’s have an equal right to. That’s what the OWS pathetic losers do. And you support that.

        As for your charity work. The same definition applies to welfare & unemployment. I take it you’re willing to have those cut off as well.

      6. tsal says:

        BTW – is that 25% of the vote in your own house or 25% income :)))) I figure my husband and I haven’t been even in the 10% range in our house since we had kids

      7. Mikey Cyrus says:


        Def less than 50% of the vote, and between bottom 15-25% of the income, depending on how the pets are counted !

        My point on the sink is maybe really question on what exactly does the right to protest mean and where does it end? What supplies can you bring? Should they have been allowed to bring it?

        But my other questions still is: What specific action would need to happen for them to say it’s over, we won and we are done?

        Some corporations are hiring, and spending, but their income has also suffered because their customers are not spending as much. Companies big and small need to bank money just as we all do in case the worst happens and there is little or no income.

        They are also individual entities, not a collective group, so saying they are sitting on trillions is a bit inaccurate. Its kind of like adding up all the money in the bank for all the citizens and saying see there is plenty there, nobody should be complaining.

      8. Tsal says:

        Great discussion Mikey C. Why aren’t you on Keller. Far fewer insulting comments over there. First am on tablet so apologize for typos. Second hope this posts. I understand what you are saying. Some of the cash is not liquid but more is than should be. If they hoard and do not hire then consumers are forced to hoard too. If consumers responsible for 70% of economic growth hoard we are dead. It’s a vicious circle.

      9. Tsal says:

        Mikey C I’m sorry. Nothing is posting This is a great discussion sorry it can’t continue. This site needs to be fixed

      10. Tsal says:

        Mikey I’ll try it in parts since some seem to post.

        The trillions are not all liquid. You are very right. However more is liquid than since early 1900s.

      11. Tsal says:

        Well that worked. So if corps hoard then consumers hoard. Consumers accoutrements for 70% of economy if they hoard we are dead. So what is the answer

      12. Tsal says:

        Corps are intentionally sitting on the dollars. If they hoard and do not hire the consumer – responsible for 70% of Economic growth – hoards. It’s a vicious circle. What’s the answer

      13. Vince says:

        Glad your note running a business. It would not last a week. You dont hire if there is not business need. What are you going to do, hire people to do nothing.

      14. Dru says:

        You can pick a different Presidential Candidate, not someone the Electoral College Chooses for you. You can start to change the system:

      15. Late says:

        So you’d like to give the power to the biggest States and in the end, maybe 12 States control what happens to you without any say.

    2. gramps says:

      You’ve OD’d on MSNBC’s ‘Kool-aid’!

      Take the Ed Schlutz & Cornell West / Tavis Smily posters down from your wall!


      According to the ‘Mayans’ the world will end Dec.2012…..

      It appears that MSNBC’s Christmass Party will be held on that date & after a couple pitchers of ‘Margaritas’….

      Keith Olbermon will mate with ‘Ratchel Maddow’!….Producing the anti-christ’

    3. Steven Litvintchouk says:

      I’m not part of the 1%.

      I’m not even part of the 10%.

      But I don’t want you to claim that you’re somehow speaking for me.
      Nobody elected you.

      There’s a process that we have in America for solving problems. It’s worked since 1789. It involves holding elections and electing representatives who will represent the people’s point of view.

      Now all of a sudden, YOU became convinced that after 230 years, the system is broken beyond repair?

      You’re a dupe.
      The New Yorker Magazine had a great article outlining how this entire “Occupy” movement is the concoction of a bunch of hard-core anarchists who have been pulling the strings behind the scenes.

      That’s all this is.

      This pack of professional anarchists have nothing to contribute to our country. All they want is to tear it down without giving 30 seconds of thought to what to put in its place.

      1. tsal says:

        I have new for you – as far as destroying the country – that ship sailed about 30 years ago and it’s about to sink

      2. gramps says:

        tsal, you’re WRONG again, the ship sailed 65 years ago!

        After WW II, the US via the Marshall Plan, financed & rebuilt Europe….In doing so America placed a protective umbrella, through NATO, over those countries…

        Consequently Europe ‘didn’t’ have to invest in standing armies to protect themselves. They were able to direct those defense funds to things like
        ‘socialized medicine’, free college tuition, 4-6 weeks vacation in certain industries & a ‘Litany’ of other hand outs….

        Creating a ‘gimmiecrat’, entitled mindset in Europe.

        Meanwhile back home, the US in the mid-sixties, Lyndon Johnson coined a phrase & started the ‘American econmic downfall, the ‘Great Society’,which was unfunded, consequently, the US has raised it’s debt limit 70+ times to pay for it….Creating the ‘gimmie-cratic party’ & your relatives @ ‘Dewey Square.

        It’s over, the $$’s ‘ALL GONE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD’, the check books ’empty’, the credit cards are ‘MAXED OUT’! Deal with it!….

        All financed, as an unintended consequence by the USA’s borrowing $$!

        I find it interesting that China & India are now owning & kicking our butt’s….51 babies are born every minute in India, probably a lot more in China. Do you think they’ll build ‘welfare states’ or build their economy’s?…….

        Could their succes be because we ‘didn’t’ help them?……..’YUP’……They helped themselves!

        & so it goes.


        Our once Great & now failing Society’ was funded & is being carried by ‘CHINA’……Chicken fingers, anyone?

    4. Vince says:

      Reall? Yes, they have beaten them at dirtyness and unlawfulness. In fact, I love the comparisons between the two groups. Im not part of the 1% and i cant STAND OWS. I would go down there and give them a piece of my mind, but i have real responsibilities in life.

  3. BirdieKate says:

    And OWS is doing WHAT to change anything? What’s their message again? They don’t like capitalism?? Is that it? Or do they want a handout? Because we already have both in this country, capitalism and plenty o’ government programs. I’m just not seeing their argument, if there is one.
    Hmm… maybe they just want free camping rights. But what about all the folks who pay money to rent a campsite each night in the summer, and would like to do so for free, anywhere they choose, any night at all. It’s the same thing, right? It’s also dumb and meaningless.
    I’m siding with Menino all the way on this. He’s doing his job. Enough already of the big gross campout.

    1. tsal says:

      BirdieKate – are you saying you approve of the corporate greed, corruption on Wall Street, loopholes for corporations, total demise of the middle class? Because that is the message and it’s loud and clear –

      I’m curious – when do you say enough with the problems in this country. I absolutely love that there are so many who are fighting people camping in Boston and other cities and I hear next to nothing about the fact that the top 10% has seen a nearly 300 percent increase in income in the past twenty years while the middle class has seen a 40% increase and low income 18% ………………………..if you are going to spend your time complaining why in heavens name aren’t you complaining about that

      1. BirdieKate says:

        Your mindless rant doesn’t answer the question: WHAT IS THEIR MESSAGE. Or what is YOUR message, since you seem to have endless time on your hands to blather on and on, with a few mindless statistics thrown in there to somehow give your “argument” some “weight.” My own statement was quite clear: Capitalism is here, for those who want to work their way up and get rich. Go for it! If you can’t handle it, we’ve got some great government programs that pay you monthly for doing even less than The Big Campers. We embrace choice in this country, NOT socialism. Now go wipe your face, you’re dirty.

  4. Jonathan says:

    Good on Menino. He’s been accomadating for far too long. This isn’t the Four Seasons. The police aren’t your room service. Lets get this hearing on the 15th over with and remove them as soon as the judge rules for the city, which she will. First Amendment rights are not something to be thrown around as a defense for everything they want to do on public property, including violating countless health ordinances. I’m sorry but I don’t forsee the drafters of the First Amendment considering a kitchen sink and squalid camp site part of the intended protections of the document they were drafting.

  5. BILL says:

    it is time to go it is old and getting bad so time to go

  6. tsal says:

    And explain PLEASE how you support a group of politicians who sign a pledge that they will not raise taxes………………….. and then block the continuation of the payroll tax cut that will result in the raising of taxes on every single person in America who has a job. Did the Norquist pledge say “do not raise taxes on the wealthy – every other American is fair game?”

    1. gramps says:

      You spend a couple of hours watching MSNBC & have your ‘sardine sandwich’ for lunch, then you come back here & ‘THROW UP!

    2. BostonIrish says:

      tsal, they’re not even offering up any coherent direction. It’s over. What they could have done, they didn’t. It’s basically empty at this point in time.

  7. mjones says:

    So if I camped out in a park or public garden for the night, or tried to hook up a sink in one of them what would happen. Forget the warnings, Kick them out Menino. Protesting corporate greed or not, why dont the members use their time more effectivly, like spread the cause at their own work place, use the money you make to buy locally and support local businesses or with peaceful protests that last only a day and not burden the “99%” that they represent by wasting our tax dollars on items like policeman details/OT pay or with signs that I have to wallk around that say “Free Palestine”

  8. Edd says:

    tsal: Your MO here is to accuse anyone who is opposed to the methods of the Occupy movement of being supporters of corporate greed. This black/white thinking is ridiculous. But I suspect you know that.

    Many people in this country are not in support of the insane profiteering found on Wall Street. Nor are they in favor of political corruption. But they also will not support the occupation of public land (which is paid for by their taxes) and the calls for “revolution” and the destruction of our political and economic system. Nor do they like that the occupiers are costing cities money that could be spent on more worthwhile things.

    In any event, I recently saw a publication here on the Gulf Coast which showed why the “revolution” will not happen. The paper, written and published by Occupy supporters, featured allegedly inspiring articles by occupiers and their friends. The writers exhibited little more than their own guilt and their doubts as to their own inclusivity and sensitivity.

    Revolutions, to be successful, need leaders; no one in the Occupy movement wants to take charge for fear of appearing too patriarchal, insensitive, class-oriented, monarchial, or (insert adjective here). Until real adult leaders emerge and put forth a plan, the movement remains a bunch of kids on a camping trip.

    When the occupiers begin to understand that corporations and cities are made of human beings, maybe there can be some dialogue.

    1. BirdieKate says:

      Edd said, “But they also will not support the occupation of public land (which is paid for by their taxes) and the calls for “revolution” and the destruction of our political and economic system. Nor do they like that the occupiers are costing cities money that could be spent on more worthwhile things.” Thanks Edd. Agreed.

    2. tsal says:

      Edd you are right and I am wrong for saying those who do not support Occupy are part of the one percent. However, since the patriots also did not have a clear leader nor a clear agenda in 1776 I will have to disagree that either of those are totally necessary – at least at the start.

      First, I think that you cannot compare the tea party to the Occupy. The tea party is actually a political party with candidates, etc. Occupy has never pretended to be that. It simply is a movement, protesting the things I’ve listed far too many times to bother repeating. Their overall aim is to bring attention to the fact that there are 99% of the people in this country who are not being represented by those we elect. And we are not.

      If 99% of this country signed a petition or hit the streets, you can believe the politicians would listen – defined leader or not. Even with this small group, they are getting more attention than any group has in the recent past. If you do not believe the heads of corporations and politicians are not very aware that the OWS group exists then you have not been looking hard enough. The media will not report anything positive and there are positives. The politicians do not want any part of this and are tiptoeing around it. I’m talking both democrats and republicans because OWS associates itself with neither party.

      At this point in time, in my opinion, the Occupy group is the only group doing anything to bring constant attention to the very serious problems in this country. The middle class is disappearing Edd and that is a fact. We cannot stand by and let that happen. Until some other group comes along, I have no problem with a group occupying a small space that prior to this point in time meant very little to the majority of people who criticize them. As far as the destruction of our politicial and economic system – both have been slowly eroded for the past 30 years – they are already destroyed. If we don’t do something, our entire country will go with it.

      Sorry – this is quick – I’m on my way out the door soon and do apologize if it doesn’t make sense.

    3. tsal says:

      Edd – again trying to reply and it won’t post – you are correct that I know the black/white thing is ridiculous as far as the rest I would love to have a conversation with you if the darned posts would go through. Sorry

      1. tsal says:

        great so that one went through and the ones I really want to go through won’t. Go figure.

        Edd – our founding fathers didn’t begin with a defined leader or plan either. The OCW is in its infancy and remember – unlike the tea party – it is not a political group. It is a movement to draw attention to the majority of Americans – the ones that everyone in power has forgotten about.

      2. tsal says:

        As far as the destruction of our politicial and economic system – it’s been being eroded for three decades. We are now headed for the complete destruction of this country as we once knew it. The middle class is becoming extinct. There will soon be only the few wealthy and the working poor. That isn’t a democracy – it’s a plutocracy – and we are incredibly close to that point. If this posts I’m leaving it at that since I’m doing this before morning coffee :) Good discussion, Edd – nice to meet you!

    4. tsal says:

      Edd – again I have to ask why OWS bothers people and I don’t see anyone complaining about the fact that top 10% has seen a nearly 300 percent increase in income in the past twenty years while the middle class has seen a 40% increase and low income 18%.

      1. Steven Anderson says:

        Basically it comes down to when the job you have is consolidating, moving, whatever, and you feel you are not being paid a decent wage, you don’t blame everyone but yourself. You get up, open the newspaper talk to a friend, whatever, and find a new job. That’s what I did, I consider myself as “low income” but I went from $11,100 a year pre-tax to almost $20k. Practically a 50% bump. Provided, it isn’t glamourous a job. I take care of individuals who can’t take care of themselves. (I won’t go further due to confidentiality rules) But we take care of their needs, and I get paid a “decent wage” Sure I don’t have a lot of what the world deems worthy of a full life, an Ipod, a Corvette, a mansion, the best smartphones in the world “right when they come out” I wait until my lifestyle and my wallet dictates I can afford them. This term…Delayed Gratification, having to wait and be last at the trough for all the “Good Stuff”, is missed by the Occupy people. But…..I have a roof over my head, means to go to my job everyday, and enough blessings to fill Fenway Park a million times over. As Rob Bell once put it, “Did you eat today? Billions of people will not see a crumb of food this week. Pull out your wallet, look for a one dollar bill. If you have one, you have more money than 99% of the world’s people will see in a year.” Be thankful for what you do have, as you may not have the same luxury tomorrow, when all the riches of the world will turn to dust, and vanish for all time. What then, will occupy your soul…..

      2. Last says:

        Who cares? I’m concerned about my income and my family.

        If you do great – awesome I applaud you for that. If you expect a handout like the OWS’s o – i’ll leave my garbage at your door step.

        Get off this class warfare trip of yours. You’re not that special.

  9. SALT says:

    We support free speech, not occupation and blackmail. Sorry you can’t see the difference, TSAL.
    Why do their rights trump ours?
    Why couldn’t they be like any other protesters, speak the message, go home, speak it again the next day? Everyone has heard them. They’ve had free speech and assembly for months, and they can speak freely every day and assemble each day going forward all they want to. But, they can’t take over land indefinitely that belongs to ALL of us. They aren’t getting the following they wanted, so they are going to FORCE everyone to do what they want or they won’t leave. If an anti-abortion group took over public areas and said “We aren’t leaving until you all capitulate and abortion becomes illegal”, would you support that, TSAL? Even if the majority of the country didn’t agree with them? Just bow to their demands because they won’t leave until you do? That isn’t America, it’s blackmail. We heard them! Repeating the message with the threat of not leaving isn’t making anyone think harder about the message! Are you getting it yet, TSAL?
    Here’s a little perspective. More people will attend a local AAA baseball game on a rainy day than are in the OWS protest. Yet, they actually think they are the 99% and that they are doing something. If they were, in a city of 2 million you would think there would be a few more of them..don’t you? I mean, 99% after all. Yes, they did put a spotlight on the discussion, a good thing. Now there is no movement on anything as they just sit and demand. Go home, and start the process of changing votes and laws. Run someone for election. Anything other than what they are doing. Their support is falling like a brick, and they have become their own worst enemies. The neighbor who wouldn’t leave.
    We all heard their messages, all the fractured, individual and incoherent ones… ad nauseum. It might have media traction, but not public resonance. Oh..CBS says they replaced the TEA Party message? I’m sure as far as media coverage, they have. What a surprise! The MSM would love to make it look like this small movement is bigger and will make changes like the TEA Party did. It won’t, because they don’t even come close to beating the TEA Party message or influence where it matters…with the people. You know, the voters.
    I’m sure we would be much better with no laws, right TSAL? Or, at least if they were only enforced when it was convenient for you. Would you be suppressing my rights if you didn’t allow me to move into your kitchen and camp there, TSAL?

  10. donny says:

    ‘gramps’ get my vote… for troll of the year. Talk about THROW UP!

    tsal, I like your style – and your substance.

    1. Tsal says:

      Thanks Donny. Will check link. Have been trying to answer Mikey C for a bit. Great discussion but my comments are not posting. Frustrating site

  11. Tsal_take_a_bath_and_get_a_job says:

    Tsal hasn’t given a single substantive answer. So far, all she’s indicated is disdain for the Corporations, the wealthy, Republicans, and the tea party.

    What would the “ocupiers” consider a victory?

    I’ll make it easy for you, list 5 “demands” the occupiers want to see implemented.

    The Tea Party can articulate what they want, while the “occupiers” are a bunch a spoiled children stomping their feet with amorphous, undefinable goals.

    1. tsal says:

      I am curious as to where I indicated disdain for the republican party –

  12. Tsal says:

    Yay I have a fan

    Let’s make it easy for you. Your tea party has found friends

    1. Tsal says:

      Is that articulate enough for your tea party?

      BTW my new friend. Grow a pair and use your own name

      1. gramps says:

        Is one of your friends named ‘HARVEY’?


  13. Ed Hall says:

    I guess Mumbles is being pressured by Obama’s Homeland Security Department. Many Democratic mayors have already folded and removed the protesters.

  14. J W says:

    Finally the wimpy Menino has realized the duties of his job as Mayor of Boston. When will he realize he is wasting resources on a minority of NON-residents??? The problem is that he “agrees” with the unknown, ambiguous messages of the protesters. Is it coporate “greed” and economic inequality better known as “Life isn’t fair” and class envy??? Boohoo.

  15. FLEA PARTY says:

    Throw the lice infested, STD infected, stinky, dirty little fleabaggers out

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