Felger and Massaerotti went on to talk about Sunday’s New England Patriots game against the Indianapolis Colts, as much as Felger didn’t want to talk it.

The guys went on to talk about the Colts roster. The Colts still have some of their elite players that are still active. Is Peyton Manning that important to the Colts?

Usually when the Pats play the Colts, it’s mostly about the quarterbacks. This Sunday’s game will be all about the organizations. If Brady went down again, is there anyway the Pats would be as bad as the Colts?

The Colts has lost their games by an average of two touchdowns. Who are the best teams in the Colts division? How much of the blame should be put on head coach Jim Caldwell?

What other coaches could be more successful with the Colts this season?

How will the Colts address the offseason?

  1. Jeff says:

    Felger u make me ill.. Ur like a preppy, sacastic looking and acting, know it all.. Just ur opinions, but they don’t hold much merit.. Should take ur jerky self, and go back 2 where it is that ur from.. Just sayin’, just like u do.. Peace

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