BOSTON (AP) — Boston city officials are stepping up efforts to regulate electronic cigarettes that deliver nicotine and individual cigars that have become popular with people looking for cheaper alternatives to cigarettes.

E-cigarettes are battery-powered plastic and metal devices that heat a liquid nicotine solution in a disposable cartridge, creating vapor that users inhale.

The Boston Public Health Commission on Thursday approved a proposal to immediately treat e-cigarettes like tobacco products. That includes requiring retailers to obtain permits to sell them, banning their use in the workplace and restricting their use to adults.

The board also approved banning the sale of single-sale cigars by requiring that they be sold in their original manufacturer packaging of at least four. The rule becomes effective at the end of January.

The board also doubled fines for retailers that violate tobacco control regulations.

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Comments (5)
  1. Nosgood4me says:

    Sorry but just like kids stomping the hell out of ducks and drugs this is one more thing i hate.. so here go’s the rant.(with no apologies)

    Boston city officials , Boston public health, Doctors and medical and insurance company’s can go $#^@ themselves !

    Anyone who is trying to quit smoking knows they are sure as hell not helping anyone quit but helping themselves to your money.

    I have no one to blame for my smoking habit but myself and I enjoyed smoking …But had it not been the crooks at capitol hill extorting smokers with false based reasons to raise sales taxes on smoking

    enough is enough !

    The last tax increase two years ago this December was the LAST time i sunk money into the whore that is Beacon hill by buying cigarettes.
    had it not been for the second failed attempt ..Stupidly asking my wife how much patches were ( a huge mistake) $60 damn dollars… the first attempt it was around twenty dollars and that was the 90’s and i thought that was robbery.

    Fact is… its getting away from NICOTINE PERIOD ! and if it were not for my outrage for the state house rip off artists.. my second attempt has been 100% successful . no cheating and no expensive scam gimmicks
    in Lieu of smoking tobacco..

    I enjoyed smoking… still would. what i cant understand why the medical establishments do not, will not, treat real health intervention without porking it to people.
    This PC crap of taking anger and rage away from people leaves people with no other recourse but to take it up the A$$ with no help except being lighter in the wallet.

    Well this person enjoys my hatred for politician’s and the medical establishment and live smoke free with more money in MY pocket.

    I really wish for everyone , EVERYONE who smokes stop smoking ! have anger ! use it successfully and if you must point a rightful middle finger at the bureaucrats and the medical professionals who are only interested in $$$cashing in on your addiction$$$ capitol hill and the medical establishment could give a rats ass that you stop smoking.

    I have done it by will power alone !

    and my wish is for people who are tired of being dictated to and taxed. and 8 balled by insurance companies.. find courage and strength and STOP smoking !

    and you know the lost revenue of cigarette sale tax generated would prove the point how bad that money is wanted by the whores in the state house.

    Quit smoking !

  2. John R. Polito says:

    As the Boston Public Health Commission knows, chemical dependency upon smoking nicotine is a brain wanting disorder, mental illness and disease that is every bit as real and permanent as alcoholism. It was again this year the Bay State’s leading cause of preventable death claiming as many as 9,000 smokers. They didn’t smoke themselves to death because they couldn’t hear everyone shouting the insanity of smoking that next fix. They did so because the wanting from dependent brain dopamine pathways was shouting even louder.

    Here’s hoping Boston health officals appreciate the differences between the dirtiest and cleanest nicotine delivery devices. While wise to regulate safety and restrict e-cigarette sales to adults only, and wiser yet to always promote full cessation and harm elimination over harm reduction, creating regulatory incentives that encourage and motivate smokers to transfer to vastly less lethal forms of delivery is a no brainer. Do you really want to make an impact on Boston public health? Put on your thinking caps because here’s your chance.

    John R. Polito
    Nicotine Cessation Educator

  3. Babie Lactao says:

    Stopping smoking cigarettes currently is really a no brainer. Yet have you investigated the effects on your bronchi via quitting. I’m sure you’ve seen your gory images with the blackened…no smoke smell

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