By Karen Anderson, WBZ-TV

ARLINGTON (CBS) – Arlington High School has temporarily halted all scheduled school dances because administrators say too many students are showing up drunk and dancing too suggestively.

Nancy Villano, the interim Arlington High School Superintendent, wrote a letter to parents saying: “… we have been seeing increasing occurrences of drinking as well as “dancing” that crosses the line of acceptable decorum.”

She said she’s concerned about students’ safety involving the students who have been drinking, as well as the perception that by ignoring the grinding implies that it is okay.

Miles Allen, a senior, says he talked about it in math class Wednesday and likes the idea.

WBZ-TV’s Karen Anderson reports.

“I think what they’re trying to do is good, to prevent the kind of dancing that’s going on and the drinking that’s going on,” said Allen.

He said he’s not sure it will work, because “drinking is still going to happen one way or another… It’s definitely been going on for years and this is the first time they’ve taken action and that’s definitely a bold move on the school’s part.”

DJ Arruda, another senior, agrees that it’s a step in the right direction. He said he didn’t go to the last dance because he didn’t want to deal with the drinking and grinding.

“There’s been no real consequences, there has been no moratorium like this before. So, I think that’s why they keep on doing it. There has been no harsh punishments from the administration,” said Arruda.

Some freshmen feel everyone’s being punished for bad behavior.

“It stinks that they took way the dances so fast because we just came here. Now we don’t have any more dances,” said Alicia Cruz.

“I was really disappointed because I just got here and I think they shouldn’t just take away all the dances. They should have an assembly or something,” said Tara Sullivan.

Alida Vaglica, a parent of a senior, hopes more will be done.

“I think they need more programs out there for the other kids that do have the issues. I don’t feel like they need to punish all the kids for it,” said Vaglica. “I think there needs to be more supervision at the dances and more programs for the kids to know about the drinking. I think the parents also have to step in when it comes to the dances and where are the kids before the dances.”

Students, parents, and staff will meet in January to discuss what is acceptable behavior at dances.

The school hasn’t yet decided if they’re cancelling the prom.

Comments (48)
  1. Matt says:

    You are probably right but I don’t undestand what that has to do with this story.

  2. dms says:

    Obviously you have not witnessed a dance with high school kids lately, because you would have no problems understanding what she’s talking about.

    1. gramps says:

      Here’s the ‘FIX’!

      Attack a teens ‘privilege’ to drive & you’ll hear their eyeballs click!

      For starters, don’t let truants, drinkers or drug users park on ‘High School Grounds’ & have the police tow any illegally parked car within 2 blocks of the school.

    2. gramps says:

      Work on passing a Law to deprive ‘TEENAGERS’ of their ability to drive @ 16, or if they already have one, remove their ‘Drivers Licenses till their 18′, if they are found truant, drinking, or with people who ‘ARE’ drinking…….Any ‘teen’ who runs afoul of the ‘Law’ in ANY way….or is a school discipline problem, if they don’t do their ‘homework’, or ‘drops out of school’……Has to wait longer to get their drivers license……

    3. gramps says:

      Forget 16, hello 18……!!

      In June of 2009 Alabama passed in a new Law, ‘Taylor’s Law’.

    4. gramps says:

      That would delay teens with school discipline problems from getting a driver’s license good-by 16 hello 18!…….

      1. karma says:

        Oh right, because they’re so more mature by 18, get a clue blue hair…

    5. gramps says:

      That Alabama Law is a good ‘foundation’ that Massachusetts can build on……As soon as the ‘lil darlings see a few of their ‘Classmates’ riding their ‘BIKES’ to school or until their 18th birthday they’ll ‘smarten-up’ real quick!

      The drop-out rate will fall, ‘Teen’ drinking & crime will diminish!

      Halos will be uniform of the day……


      Another thing: “A dress Code!”

      T-Shirts, Sweats, Sneakers & ‘Boob’s’.

      The last two generations of Parents have set the tone/example for today’s culture….It started 20 or so years ago with ‘Causal Friday’ @ work…

      Cleavage, Butt Cracks, Baseball Hats (90 degrees off center) & Bare Mid-Drifts. The boys look like ‘bums’ & girls look like ‘Street Walkers’….you could even say that for boy’s, it’s a ‘hostile work environment’, that’s not conducive to learning!

      They’re the product of our permissive, loose, nobody’s responsible, coddled PC society of today!

    6. gramps says:

      In June of 2009 Alabama passed in a new Law, ‘Taylor’s Law’, that would delay teens with school discipline problems from getting a driver’s license by creating a point system whereby for each accrued point for disciplinary actions at school, the student would have one week added to the age at which he or she would be eligible to apply for a permit or license.

    7. gramps says:

      The drop-out rate will fall, ‘Teen’ drinking & crime will diminish!

    8. gramps says:

      As soon as the ‘lil darlings see a few of their ‘Classmates’ riding their ‘BIKES’ to school or until their 18th birthday they’ll ‘smarten-up’ real quick!

    9. gramps says:

      Here’s a link.

      Halos, will be uniform of the day……


      Speaking of ‘uniformes’, another thing:

      “A dress Code!”

      In today’s school corridors you find, T-Shirts, Sweats, Sneakers & ‘Boob’s’.

      The last two generations of Parents have set the tone/example for today’s culture….It started 20 or so years ago with ‘Causal Friday’ @ work…

      Cleavage, Butt Cracks, Baseball Hats (90 degrees off center) & Bare Mid-Drifts. The boys look like ‘bums’ & girls look like ‘Street Walkers’….you could even say that for boy’s, it’s a ‘hostile work environment’, that’s not conducive to learning!

      They’re the product of our permissive, loose, nobody’s responsible, coddled PC society of today!

    10. L says:

      gramps you’re a looney, you apparently were too burnt out in 70’s, 80’s to see short skirts, leather jackets, long air, torn jeans, halter tops, etc. It’s a lot more civil now, these kids can’t even smoke at school.

      “As soon as the ‘lil darlings see a few of their ‘Classmates’ riding their ‘BIKES’ to school or until their 18th birthday they’ll ‘smarten-up’ real quick!”

      More likely you’ll see em taking a bus since buses stop near

      kids always got liquor. We’ll happily sen 18 YO’s to OIF or OEF but fret about an 18 YO w a beer. if they’re drunk toss em out, don’t penalize everyone for some unable to take it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    These schools do everything they can to teach sex ed to kids younger and younger each year. Now, when these kids reach puberty they wonder why they’re dry humping on the dance floor and splooging on oreo cookies….I’m baffled, I don’t know about the rest of you….lol

    1. empiricallyobserved says:

      That’s hillarious and so accurate. For some reason we think that education only has a positive result and we tend to want to ignore the results that…well…are not so positive. Grinding on a dance floor? To most kids that’s about as evil as a grinder @ subway. Drinking and driving…lest you forget, these dear childrens brains are developing at a very fast rate and understanding that drinking, burp, and then getting in a car has consequences. They just aren’t able to, burp, get it. :)

    2. hkdppl says:

      there ain’t nothin’ wrong…with a lil’ bump and grind!

    3. Guest says:

      These kids have been fooling around for ages
      Before sex ed we just went to the houses of the most irresponsible parents
      First it was alcoholics,then a guy with an obese mother
      Another friend had old parents,one had a deaf mom
      Ones dad just gave him money and whatever

  4. timma says:

    for some of you, your age has shown. Rev Moore was from Footloose. How about then Elvis’ gyrating hips? Here’s a wild idea how about parents get involved in their kids lives instead of the system being the parent……..?

    1. max says:

      we are shocked that high school kids drink and dance close. amazing.

  5. annonymus says:

    Kids are haveing fun danceing its not as bad as people think the drinking just search everybody before the dance starts

  6. emom says:

    Gramps, good evening, and I agree with you on the driving age,,, Already told my kid no license till 18 maybe . all depends on grades and attitude.
    as for this kind of dancing, I don’t like it either, to much stuff happens, Oh I can hear it now, they are just expressing themselves.. really what next, having sex on the floor, Oh wait it happens what was I even thinking. Parents just look the other way with their kids and say its no big deal they are having fun and expressing them selves. Whats the harm,… yeah tell that to the many that DO get in trouble and look back at what they did.. To be honest this is getting a bit out of control and society has turned their backs on it, Yet we scream of sexting and other offensive behaviors, Yet this is acceptable.

  7. Nab71 says:

    If you want to control the dirty dancing try this- have an equal amount of parents and teachers at the dance as chaperones. The kids are much more self conscious when a friend of the family or, God forbid, a parent is present. If the parents won’t chaperone, no dances. It works well in my district,

  8. anonymoose says:

    alicia cruz is hot

  9. angry candy says:

    Do the adults think a girl is gonna get pregnant by grinding on the dance floor? Did the adults have the courage to do the grind while in high school or do they now just wish they had. And now the adults wistfully watch the kids grinding while stoking their own reactive-formations of moral-hysteria.

    Do an alcohol breath test at the door to keep out the drunks. No one who leaves during the dance can re-enter.

    1. gramps says:

      You’re a tribute to your parents & the english department…


      1. gramps says:


        Instructor Luther Whatley has been teaching student drivers the rights and wrongs of the roadway for 35 years…..”Right right, there, don’t go over now,” he told Zach Brock, 15, his student for the day.

        Brock is not only good on the roads, he’s good in school, which will mean a lot in the coming years. That’s because Alabama just passed a law linking bad behavior in school to when a student qualifies for a driver’s license or permit…..Whatley whole-heartedly agrees with Taylor’s Law.

        “The behavior that you see in the classroom is depicted when you get behind the wheel of a vehicle,” Whatley said.

        Taylor’s Law honors David Keith Taylor of Muscle Shoals. He was a father of two killed when a teen driver sped through an intersection at 85 mph.

        “They shouldn’t get their license,” said parent Tanya Wright…

        Wright said driving is a privilege, and if teens misbehave that privilege should be taken away………”If he’s out there driving, then he needs to respect the roads, just like he would respect the teachers,” she said.

        The law uses a point system based on the severity of the problem. It also gives students with discipline issues the chance to re-qualify for a driver’s license or permit. Most importantly, it gives kids the incentive to behave in school.

        “At least it will make the kids do better in school,” said parent Tina Maxson.

        While Alabama is the first state to adopt this law, more than likely it will take a few years before it takes affect.

    2. dms says:

      We’ll revisit this once you’re teenage daughter is dry humping one or more guys on the dance floor. I’d pay to see the moral hysteria in your face.

      1. Don says:

        every woman ever humped is someones daughter, get over it.

    3. web says:

      I watched a dance on our local cable, I wish I never saw it. I wasn’t “wistfully” watching, more like horrified and disgusted with what I saw. That was 4 years ago…worse now…I know, because my daughter doesn’t want to go to anymore dances…she can’t stand seeing it. If a guy grinds one girl…he thinks they all want it. Good for Arlington High for taking a stand.

  10. gramps says:

    Another thing, “A dress Code!”

    The school corridors of today are ‘chock full’ of, T-Shirts, Sweats, Sneakers & ‘Boob’s’.

    The last two generations of Parents have set the tone/example for today’s culture….It started 20 or so years ago with ‘Causal Friday’ @ work…

    Cleavage, Butt Cracks, Baseball Hats (90 degrees off center) & Bare Mid-Drifts. The boys look like ‘bums’ & girls look like ‘Street Walkers’….you could even say that for boy’s, it’s a ‘hostile work environment’, that’s not conducive to learning!

    They’re the product of our permissive, loose, nobody’s responsible, coddled PC society of today!

    1. emom says:

      Gramps YES totally agree with you.. Today’s parents are way to permissive with how teens dress which then leads to their behaviors, Plus lets not forget all those suggestive music and videos. There is not restrictions on all that, Only turn on a radio, mp3 and ipods , Oh and the very accessible computer, Kids as young as 8 are watching all these suggestive items on various methods, and then re-enacting them out in public as a display of the times.
      I walk into the local department stores and see clothing that is styled just like those in the music videos and then think WHY , They look so suggestive and they are for very young children., But I was told its a PHASE, a FAD, it will not last, Really It sure seems its lasting to me. I mean why are little girls wearing net stockings micro mini skirts frilled with lace or tulle and a shirt showing off their Mid-drift. It looks a lot like the girls in the music videos and displaying more than bumping and grinding and the suggestive contents,
      Yeah some phase or fad,, Oh as for my kid I felt there was to much acting like some of them so I shut them off and now limit my kid only the music on the radio and the mp3 player, No down loads and I control it and will shut it off , I also will talk with my kid about the music and how I feel its wrong, Listen to them sure how else will I know what they are listening to.. Controlling hardly , Concerned is more like it. As for my kids attire, Hell no my kid will not dress like the rest, But we also discuss the appropriate attire and it will get approved only if it looks good on my kid. No nothing will show and if so I will make my kid wear full coveralls if it happens, STRICT hell yes , But I do talk with my kid and my kid knows the rules, Now I can say, My kid also agrees and feels the same way and now at 14 looks for clothes that look great, But at the same time is in style and not boring. He even has a hat like Bruno mars, Actual he looks great with it on , Oh and yes the girls adore him. NO DATING YET,. To darn young and besides school is more important..
      Oh and no license till 18.

  11. response says:

    First of all, there are a whole generation of teens that make the right choices and should not be punished for the minority.
    Saying it’s the parents is getting a little tiring.
    The drinking, (before, after, during) should have been addressed at the beginning. By letting it go, the administration has set a precedent that is ok.
    If these kids were suspended at the get-go, it would deter a lot of other kids from doing it.
    The other problem I have with the dancing, you have all these shows on television, do you think you can dance, dancing with the stars…etc…It’s no wonder.
    Blaming “parents” as a blanket statement is ridiculous.

    1. emom says:

      Response,I get what you are saying, Kids today will go to lengths to do as they please. Lying, stealing , cheating and all right under the noses of their parents. But at some point in their lives a parents permissive ways does have influence in what they will do. Yes there are a many good teens out there, I will say I was one of them growing up, I can say peer pressure and other influences where out there and well I knew not to partake in them. I never drank in high school didn’t have my first beer till I was 18 , Legal age at that time. then had to wait when they changed the age till 21 ,,But I survived, Yes I did smoke and I got caught, But I did not act inappropriate with any boy or in a group of kids. I dress conservative , I didn’t try to lure any boy in any way. Maybe I was just a good girl , and I Have gotten razzed over it, I have principles.
      But in today’s world so many parents just look at what they kids do and I hear some say ,, WHAT CAN I DO ,, I have no control over my kids, REALLY I wonder if its them living thru their kids today because they were not able to partake in such behavior, Just a thought really.
      I agree the school should have taken extreme actions in disciplining these kids, But because so many parents scream so loud that they are infringing on their rights to be a teen. and then when someone gets hurt sick, or worse these same parents are the first to scream even louder that no one cared enough to stop it, Its at that point who’s fault then. If the parents don’t want these kids to be stifled yet they want someone to control them , When do they take control and responsibility of what they do in their life until they reach the age of reasoning.
      So if we do not blame a parent for how they turned out then who should be blamed for how they turned out. Does an 8 year old wearing clothes that show way to much mid-drift and to much legs thru fish net stockings is that only the 8 year olds problem. or is it the stores where her parnets had bought t from in the first place. Just wondring who should have been at fault. especially were so many dres like this at such a young age. And then it continues thru to teens and then adult hood. Someone has to be at blame. Shouldnt they.

    2. dms says:

      As a parent of 2 teenagers I can’t agree more with your “don’t always blame the parents” point. Unless you want to lock them in your basement, there are a lot of things you don’t have control about once they leave your house. For example, they frequently change their clothes in the car or at a friends house and just because they leave sober, does not mean they’re sober by the time they get to the party.

      I fully support the idea of dictating a minimal level of decency as far a clothing and conduct is concerned and I would not consider “dry humping” to meet that standard. Neither do I think that having your a$$ hang out of your pants or your b00bs fall out of your shirt is acceptable for a school function.

      The school is ultimately liable for what happens at one of their sponsored functions. So I can see their point. Why should they have to go through the trouble of administering breathalyzers and frisking kids for alcohol?

      I suppose one first step could be to exclude the violators from all future dances. At least you wouldn’t punish the good kids.

  12. J.c. Edmond says:

    Stories like this, make it so easy to see which administrators will exit this year without getting laid. For those that forgot what it was like to be a kid, I have one word for you.


    Remember what your parents thought of him? Probably not. And that’s what makes you so pathetic.

  13. morris2196 says:

    Why not simply have and enforce a rule prohibiting drinking and grinding? That way, the students who do not want to drink and grind can have a dance, and those who do want to can go elsewhere. Duh.

  14. Denise says:

    Well unfortunately for the kids it is the school administration that works these functions and if they don’t want the liability drom the drinking or sorted entertainment watching your kids expressing themselves on the dance floor… why don’t the parents step up and take the responsibility? I bet they don’t want the responsibility of some kid ending up wrapped around a tree either! Because… kids will be kids… Or better yet – any kid that goes to one of these dances has to have a waiver signed by the partent(s) and confirmed by the school that if something happens to their kid… the school and the administration will not be held responsible. Just because the “kids” want to – doesn’t make it so- atleast it never has been that way in my world.

    1. Don says:

      really? are you certain? I would bet if you thought about that, real hard, you would realize that indeed they do get their way. It is whether thy tell you about it that differs. Kids are sentient human beings and WILL do what it is they want to do and there is absolutely nothing you can do to prevent that.

  15. jon anthony says:

    Unfortunately, these kids are mired in a culture of teenage childbirth, various forms of substance abuse, and the resultant dysfunction. Cancelling a couple dances is a social veneer.

    1. Don says:

      Honestly Jon, you seem to be trying a little to hard to sound intelligent. Less than 100 years ago it would be uncommon to be unwed at 14 years old for a girl. Your shock and horror at the fact that people of breeding age.,do (or at least simulate it). is absurd at best. People are animals and like animals when they are sexually mature, they think of sex. We are programmed for this behavior, it isn’t social rebellion.

      1. gold says:

        Honestly Don, you sound like a pedophile who lives in your moms basement looking for a PTA to join..

  16. oldschooldad says:

    This could be handled very easily. Last I checked Underage Drinking is against the law. Turn said violators over to the local law enforcement and let them and their parents deal with the ticket and consequences. Any students caught “Grinding” immediately escorted to the Exit and required to leave the school grounds. This way the kids that are not participating in said activities can still enjoy some of their High School life. I know this will never happen, because the schools are too scared of hurting the young developing esteems of these poor children. Reap what you sow.

  17. bruno says:

    have your own dance is it that important to have the school involved.

  18. L says:

    I think they got their student views from a chess club meeting

    1. J.c. Edmond says:

      Killing school dances. True Revenge Of The Nerds! X-D

  19. Joe says:

    The breathalyzer is done at the door of every dance my kids school has, so why is this school not doing the same? Oh and proper supervision would decrease the bump n grind. If they cancel those kids prom they are oppressive morons..

  20. Levi says:

    Shared this on Flickr. I discover this web page genuinely helpful. I discovered a whole lot from this. Content wise, it genuinely is amazing.

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