Arlington High Halts School Dances Because Of Drinking, Dirty Dancing

By Karen Anderson, WBZ-TV

ARLINGTON (CBS) – Arlington High School has temporarily halted all scheduled school dances because administrators say too many students are showing up drunk and dancing too suggestively.

Nancy Villano, the interim Arlington High School Superintendent, wrote a letter to parents saying: “… we have been seeing increasing occurrences of drinking as well as “dancing” that crosses the line of acceptable decorum.”

She said she’s concerned about students’ safety involving the students who have been drinking, as well as the perception that by ignoring the grinding implies that it is okay.

Miles Allen, a senior, says he talked about it in math class Wednesday and likes the idea.

WBZ-TV’s Karen Anderson reports.

“I think what they’re trying to do is good, to prevent the kind of dancing that’s going on and the drinking that’s going on,” said Allen.

He said he’s not sure it will work, because “drinking is still going to happen one way or another… It’s definitely been going on for years and this is the first time they’ve taken action and that’s definitely a bold move on the school’s part.”

DJ Arruda, another senior, agrees that it’s a step in the right direction. He said he didn’t go to the last dance because he didn’t want to deal with the drinking and grinding.

“There’s been no real consequences, there has been no moratorium like this before. So, I think that’s why they keep on doing it. There has been no harsh punishments from the administration,” said Arruda.

Some freshmen feel everyone’s being punished for bad behavior.

“It stinks that they took way the dances so fast because we just came here. Now we don’t have any more dances,” said Alicia Cruz.

“I was really disappointed because I just got here and I think they shouldn’t just take away all the dances. They should have an assembly or something,” said Tara Sullivan.

Alida Vaglica, a parent of a senior, hopes more will be done.

“I think they need more programs out there for the other kids that do have the issues. I don’t feel like they need to punish all the kids for it,” said Vaglica. “I think there needs to be more supervision at the dances and more programs for the kids to know about the drinking. I think the parents also have to step in when it comes to the dances and where are the kids before the dances.”

Students, parents, and staff will meet in January to discuss what is acceptable behavior at dances.

The school hasn’t yet decided if they’re cancelling the prom.


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