The Bruins are looking to wrap up an 11-0-1 November with another win on Wednesday night when they face off against the Maple Leafs in Toronto.

Bruins center Patrice Bergeron joined Gresh & Zo for his weekly visit before the B’s left for Toronto.

At one point, the B’s went on a 10-game winning streak this month. Were the players really paying attention to where the number got to?

“We really weren’t worried where the number was going to get to, but it was more of a matter of keeping ourselves going and keeping the wins coming and for us to creep up in the standings,” the center said.

A game that that fell in the team’s winning streak was the game against the Buffalo Sabres. This meeting between the two teams was the first since Milan Lucic’s hit on Buffalo goalie Ryan Miller. Emotions were high and a few fights broke out before the Bruins ended up winning in a shootout. What did Bergeron think of the way Lucic and the team responded in that game?

“We were ready for anything and Lucic handled himself real well. Right off the get-go he accepted, I guess, the challenge of Gaustad and did a good job with it. Obviously in the first period they got the best of us, but I thought we showed some character coming back in the game like that,” Bergeron said.

Unfortunately for the Bruins, the winning streak ended the Friday after Thanksgiving at the hands of the Detroit Red Wings. There is a lot of talk out there that the Red Wings are one of the better teams with the style of game they play. Even though the Bruins lost that one, how did it feel to push Detroit all the way to a shootout?

“I thought it was good, I thought we matched up pretty good against them. Honestly we felt good about our game. We thought we could have a better result, but that’s the way it goes sometimes,” said Bergeron.

Max Pacioretty has been suspended three games for his hit on Penguins defenseman Kris Letang. Remember that Montreal made a huge deal when Zdeno Chara hit Pacioretty last season and police opened a criminal investigation.

What does Bergeron think of the latest story involving Pacioretty? Should there be a criminal investigation opened against Pacioretty?

“I don’t know about a criminal investigation, but I thought it deserved a suspension,” Bergeron said.

Plus, listen to find out whether the guys are feeling the grind and how this success in November has affected the confidence of these players.

Listen to the segment:


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