BOSTON (CBS) – A radiation scare shut down Haymarket MBTA station to passengers Tuesday morning.

According to the Boston Fire Department, the Boston Police Truck Team had stopped a 20-foot-long box truck after spotting it in an area where it was not allowed.

Boston Police Sgt. Joseph McNiff says officers immediately realized that the truck was out of place.

“We were unaware of any permitted radioactive material that would be in the city today,” McNiff said.

Initial tests outside the vehicle showed higher-than-normal levels of radiation, indicating a possible leak.

As a precaution, Haymarket station was temporarily closed to passengers.

Hazardous material technicians responded, and further testing did register low levels of radiation.

The vehicle, which was carrying material used in portable x-rays for construction inspections, was equipped to carry radioactive material and had a radiation placard on the side.

However, trucks carrying radioactive material are not allowed to travel on city streets unless they are picking up or dropping off those materials within city limits.

“The vehicle was transporting radioactive material for shipment, which is common and it’s within the approved levels of radiation. It’s just that the route they were taking had not been pre-approved,” Boston Fire District Chief Michael Feely told WBZ-TV.

Boston Transportation Commissioner Tom Tinlin says the truck received a police escort out of the city and the truck company was hit with a fine.

“The truck will be cited and the company will be expected to reimburse the Boston fire department and the Boston police department,” said Tinlin.

Tinlin and Boston Mayor Tom Menino both call the driver’s detour through the city a flagrant disregard for public safety.

“It’s a selfish decision on behalf of the driver. It’s a selfish decision on the part of the company,” Tinlin said.

WBZ-TV’s Paul Burton reports

Tinlin says Tuesday’s incident is another perfect example of why the city has proposed to reroute trucks carrying hazardous material.

The new route, if approved, would require vehicles driving past Boston from Quincy to loop around the city on Route 128.

Comments (23)
  1. mikey says:

    I say hold the driver until it is FIRMLY established that he was not a stringer testing the waters for someone or some other group.

    1. Klaus says:

      Maybe the driver works for Al CIAduh. What federal agency does the driver work for? Remember, the anthrax attacks of October 2001 came from a scientist at a U.S. government lab in order to get the Patriot Act passed. So says the FBI. Case closed.

      1. Bobo says:

        Klaus, you’re a fool.

    2. teaisstronger says:


      Could it be Pack or Iranian or a stolen US warhead? The people who helped the 911 people get on a plane in Boston are still in Boston.

      I am glad I stocked up on flash cream and welder’s goggles.

  2. GrammarPolice says:

    Lots of THATs in THAT article….hmmmm journalism at its best, right?

    1. CJNormal says:

      We know the lower educational requirements at our schools has a lot to do with THAT.

  3. Did You Know? says:

    Meanwhile, the main stream media says nothing about the radiation from Japan’s 3 nuclear meltdowns that was found in the milk, water, air in the U.S.

    Thank goodness for alternative news sites like:

  4. NHBill says:

    X-Ray machines have no radiation in them.
    They are basically just like your microwave oven set to an X-Ray frequency.
    So where was the radiation coming from?

    1. Mark Reardon says:

      These were probably Troxlers which do not generate X-rays like the machines at your dentist or doctor. They have an actual chunk of radioactive material attached to a spool of wire. the ‘chunk’ cam be lowered into a pipe (or something similar) until it is opposite x-ray film on the outside of the pipe (or something similar). It’s left there long enough to get an x-ray of a welded joint and then cranked back onto it’s spool inside a lead container.

    2. SupStew? says:

      Gamma cameras use R/A material

    3. teaisstronger says:


      These detectors are on highways, interstate, airports, train stations, everywhere. They are there for the reason you might expect, to detect nuclear explosives. The detector at the station must have set off an alarm.

  5. Henry says:

    Glad to see my “Awake” and informed brothers in liberty and truth have already made good comments here. Everytime there is a terror attack, there is a drill that happends at the same time dealing with the same senerio. 9 times out of 10 when the FEDs catch a would be terrorist, we find out that the FEDs and infomants facilitated, funded and supported the patsie to carry it out. People need to read about the military and inteligence agencies running drills of hi-jacked planes being flown into buildings the morning of 9/11 and some of the hi-jackers being trainned at U.S. military bases.

  6. Frank C Dobbs says:

    The feds are really telegraphing the next terrorist attack they perform will be nuclear. You must be a terrorist if you don’t like 3 checkpoints on your way to work, mandatory DNA draws and random home searches.

  7. k-dawg says:

    just a “fringe” event. move along, nothing to see here…

  8. Mike says:

    These authorities are worried about a truck carrying radioactive, x-ray grade waste, when during one-time exposure during the Back-scatter detector at Logan Airport subjects passenger to 100 times more radioactivity. This is exactly how inept and ill-informed our society and local officials are.

  9. Ferrell Aepps says:

    OMFG we’re all gonna die!!!

  10. fcuk maobama says:

    Dr Bruce Banner, pelted by gamma rays, turns him into the Hulk. Ain’t he just glamorous. no picture?

  11. emom says:

    Haymarket is all a glow,, OH DEAR.

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