By Levan Reid, WBZ-TV SportsBy Levan Reid

BOSTON (CBS) – WBZ-TV’s Levan Reid breaks down the Patriots-Eagles game quarter by quarter.

Fourth Quarter/Final Thoughts

-Not much doing in the fourth quarter. Rob Gronkowski caught his 11th touchdown of the season, and even his spike was a little subdued. Let’s just right to my final thoughts…

This may have been the only game down the stretch that the Pats really needed to show something.  Philly is a hostile environment and the team, despite the record, is very talented.  First and foremost, I underestimated the “suckability” of the Eagles.  With that said, after a shaky start, the Pats asserted themselves and got on their game.

They ran the ball with all their running backs and the defense played tough once again.  This is the winning time of the year and the Pats are winning games.

Stand-outs: good to see Wes Welker and Deion Branch back in the mix and playing at top levels.  They were the stars on offense.  Tom Brady did his thing and he got everybody involved.

On the defensive side of the ball, give it up to the Pats. Yes, Vince Young passed for 400 yards, but it only amounted to 20 points. The Eagles had the number one rushing offense coming into the game and they got nothing.  Julian Edelman was fantastic on defense.  Whatever they are using him for, he is making the most of every opportunity.

If there was a down side to this game; Tiquan Underwood had a wide open drop and Brady took a beating in the early goings. But that was it.  The Pats were down ten in this one and got 21 unanswered to salt this one away.

This game was so in hand, the Pats let Brian Hoyer get in and finish this one up.

Final: Patriots 38-20

Third Quarter

The Highs

–  Patriots open the quarter with the ball and they get on the board.  A very efficient drive that ends with a nine-yard touchdown pass from Tom Brady to Wes Welker.  It’s Wes’ second touchdown of the night. Brady with 250 yards through three quarters.

– Red zone defense holds for the Pats, as it has for most of the season. Eagles at the two on fourth down and one, and they decide to go for it. The Pats make a stand and pressure Vince Young, forcing him to throw way over Celek in the back of the end zone.

– On the Eagles second possession of the quarter the Pats defense is right on point once again.  Julian Edelman is had a great quarter, both in the secondary and the pass-rush. Put a good hit on Young as he applied the pressure.

The Lows

– No complaints from this reporter. Patriots are running away with this one.

Patriots cruising 31-13 after three….

Second Quarter

The Highs

– Pats have the ball to start the quarter and they get on the board.  After a drop by Tiquan Underwood, Tom Brady hits Deion Branch on a 63 yard passing play.  Green-Ellis runs it in from the one for his second touchdown of the afternoon.

– After the Pats touchdown, Eagles try and go long and the defense steps up.  Interception by Antwaun Molden, the first of his career.

– On Philly’s second possession of the quarter the defense of the Patriots stands up.  They force Philly into a 3-and-out.  Rob Ninkovich with a good open field tackle on McCoy, just one of the many plays for the Pats linebacker in a solid performance so far.

– On the Pats third possession of the quarter they get on the board again and they do it with a big play. Tom Brady hits Wes “don’t say I can’t go deep” Welker for 41 yards.  Pats also are getting good protection for Tom after a shaky first quarter.

-On their fourth possession of the quarter the Pats gets three.  Stephen Gostkowski with a 45-yarder.  Pats missed on a couple of plays here but they were able to score right before the half.

– Pats defense finish the quarter by forcing the Eagles to go 3 and out.

The Lows

– Molden’s pick doesn’t turn into any points for New England, as Stephen Gostkowski missed a 39-yard field goal.

– Eagles got on the board on their third possession of the quarter after 21 unanswered by the Patriots. They only get three points, but they came thanks to a few more big plays: a 22-yard run by Shady McCoy and a 24-yard catch by tight end Brent Celek. Celek made the catch over Tracy White, and it looked a lot like the one the Giants’ Jake Ballard had a few weeks ago…

Patriots up 24-13 at the half…

First Quarter

The Highs

– On the Pats second offensive possession they get on the board.  The Pats run the ball with BenJarvus Green-Ellis and get a crucial first down play by Aaron Hernandez inside the 10. Green-Ellis bowls in for his 6th touchdown of the year and the Pats score for the first time in the first quarter in five games. Brady four-for-four on the drive, with Benny rushing for 24 yards. A perfect 12-play drive that ate up 6:52.

– Eagles third possession of the quarter and the Pats defense forces a three and out.  A sack by Rob Ninkovich was the key play.

The Lows

It was not a good start for the Pats.  They start on defense and Vince Young shred them. Two big passes, one for 22 yards and a big one for 58 yards to Riley Cooper.  It ends with a two-yard run for touchdown by LeSean McCoy.

– One the Pats  first offense possession, they don’t do anything to respond to an early 7-0 hole. Protection is a problem early, with Brady taking a couple of hits on some of his throws.

– On the Eagles second offensive possession the Pats have no answer for them.  First play of their second drive was a 44-yard passing play to DeSean Jackson.  Pats have to get better back there or this game will be over quick.  This drive ends on a Philadelphia 43 yard field goal.

– With Chad Ochocino out, many thought today would be the day Taylor Price steps up. Not today, at least not yet. Recently signed Tiquan Underwood saw the field before Price did…

Eagles Up 10-7 after one…

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