LYNNFIELD (CBS) — State police have identified a young man who was struck and killed on the highway in Lynnfield on Friday night.

Spokesman Dave Procopio says Conner J. Toscano, 18, of Billerica was in a car with three other people that had pulled over onto the median of Route 128 South.

Investigators say Toscano and a 17-year-old Billerica woman had stepped out of the car into the travel lane when both were struck by a passing car.

Toscano died from his injuries.  The injured 17-year-old victim, whom police are not identifying, is said to be in critical condition at Mass General Hospital.

Police are investigating.

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  1. Italo says:

    I think it’s kind of disrespectful how on the lead page, you want to read about and have respect for this story about this unfortunate accident and this person’s death that loved ones must be grieving over, but then someone had the bright idea to take the daily poll in the left column and make it expand into and right over the photo and parts of the titles of whatever story, including newsworthy ones like this one, that are hidden but insipid questions like if someone went to a mall or not over Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend. Can you shrink it back and stop covering story photos and titles, which doesn’t make a lot of good or courteous sense?

  2. Derek ahearn dlo says:


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