By Alana Gomez, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – They don’t get a break very often. In fact, the firefighters at Engine 33/Ladder 15 are the busiest in the city of Boston. Out of the thousands of calls they answer each year, their favorite might be on Thanksgiving.

Each Thanksgiving, they pick up a specially prepared meal for them provided by Top of the Hub.

This year, Chef Mark Porcaro cooked a special Turducken and all the trimmings and restaurant staff lays out table cloths and served them at the station.

WBZ-TV’s Alana Gomez reports

“It means a lot because they’re here to protect us and they’re away from their families,” said Chef Porcaro.

Thursday around noon, a group of eight firefighters said grace before the meal and dug in.

Firefighter Justin Dornhoffer admitted he misses being with his loved ones, but the station is a home away from home.

“It’s like a second family here but it’s a good thing,” said Dornhoffer.

Dornhoffer said the formal meal was a nice perk to working the holiday.

“We really appreciate it, as opposed to sitting down to dinner and jamming stuff down your mouth,” he said.

But as soon as the meal was over a call came in and it was back to work. Their commitment to keeping the city safe never stops.

Comments (19)
  1. happythanksgiving says:

    They protect us??? from what chef Porcaro??? Fire??? is fire walking around robbing and stealing, shooting, stabbing, beating, crying, acting out of control. 24 hours a day??? No.. the fire have a fully stocked kitchen, more down time then u can ask for, play ps3 and have wiffle ball games all the time …. responding to calls?? how many per day are for an actual fire?? theyrespond to medical calls and just basically get in the way of the emts who really know what they are doing…. give me a break…how shamless!!! they go and pick it up themselves!!!!! police get no such treatment. and probably would’nt want it anyway

    1. Joe says:

      You are a complete TURD!!!. Why don’t you do the world a favor and remove your head from your rectal cavity you DBAG!!!

    2. gramps says:

      “Thanks for occupying the firehouse”….So we can occupy ‘ours’…..

      Take care,


      1. fireman mark says:

        Thanks Gramps for at least knowing what we do! Most of these negative bloggers think all firefighters are like the idiots who abused the system.Most of us are hard-working people who chose this career for the career.I was earning good money in the early 80’s but would have given it up to go on Nashua Fire for about 12k a year.I wasn’t picked but I did end up in my home town.I try to ignore these morons but they do get under my skin at times.

    3. rick says:

      I hope your house catches fire with your family stuck inside. Then you might have some respect for the people who go into a blazing inferno to rescue those who can’t get out.

    4. fireman mark says:

      Does your mother have any children who are normal?

    5. GFY says:

      Wow. Another jealous Boston EMS running his/her mouth. Instead of crying and hiding behind your computer to talk sh!t, why dont you say it so someone can actually hear it. But that will never happen because you are just a coward and cant stand the fact that you hate your job/schedule and someone else has a rewarding, satisfying career. Grow up, get a life, and do everyone a favor and shut your mouth.

  2. People of Boston says:

    You are an absolute fool for posting that comment…Hopefully your alone in your home and it becomes engulfed in flames and and nobody responds…I hope you have the most miserable holiday season one person can have…dirtbag!

  3. mo says:

    Gee you would`nt work for Boston EMS now, would you?????

  4. MollyJ says:

    They do get paid very well for their job. If being a firefighter is actually a job. Most houses are just a glorified boys club. They also get to sleep on the job and have five days off after a 48 hour shift (with overtime pay). I am sick of hearing this “hero” story about firefighters. Put them to work on normal 8 hour shifts like everyone else so they don’t have all those side jobs as plumbers, carpenters and electricians. All the while underbidding real tradesmen. It would be great to get a free, chef prepared Thanksgiving meal sent to my work.

    1. fireman mark says:

      Yeah my plumber is SUCH a hero! Actually my plumber IS a firefighter because all those ‘real’ plumbers and other tradesmen are a bunch of whinebags who couldn’t pass the fire exam or police exam so they dump on us.When YOU have someone puking on you or spitting on YOU then telling you they have HIV or AIDS then open your big trap.Until then STFU! You’re either one of those hero tradesmen who charge $90 per hour or you’re married to one. If you have a problem I would be glad to ignore you because you are small-minded and probably have no greater than an 8th grade education.Or are you on one of the many entitlement programs?

    2. fireman mark says:

      How would you know what we do? What’s your claim to fame? What have you ever done in your whole miserable life? We save lives.we also do a lot more than just put out fires.Next time you’re choking or have chest pain or your kitchen is on fire: call a tradesman.Stupid,stupid woman! Get a life.

      1. happythanksgiving says:

        hey mark, why do you guys wear firehouse t-shirts to EVERY event you go to. i mean i saw one a t funeral!! please guys, i know it was red shirt friday, but c’amon!!!! btw, how many fire stickers do you have in your rear window

  5. Bill says:

    And the world’s longest running bluff continues.

    1. fireman mark says:

      Another jealous loser who couldn’t pass the exam! What do you do? Let me guess: Occupy Something organizer?

    2. Joe says:

      Another wannabe that could’nt pass one of the tests. Professional firefighters are there for everybody when they are having the worst day of they’re lives. Stop being so jelous and acting like such a tool.

      1. Bill says:

        Actually, being a DAV I was able to chose either the cops or the fire. I was way ahead of both of you on the list. Guess what I chose.

  6. fireman mark says:

    HappyThanksgiving: firefighters do a LOT more than just put out fires.I would try to explain it to you but your tiny brain wouldn’t be able to comprehend all the multi-syllable words.Go back to mommy’s basement before you get lost in the dark.By the way; does the village know they’re missing their idiot?

  7. Dan says:

    It’s odd that this news station decided to interview, Bradley, in this segment when just this past summer they had a cover story featuring him and his father for having a grow house (marajuana) in Maine that was busted and being charged with a DUI. I would think that they would do their research and pick someone better suited to represent the department.

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