BOSTON (AP) — Federal immigration officials have arrested 53 immigrants in Massachusetts, including many with a history of serious or violent criminal convictions in violation of immigration laws.

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced that the 42 men and 11 women were detained administratively for violating federal immigration laws. They all are being held in ICE custody pending immigration removal proceedings.

The agency says the arrests occurred during its “Operation Threats Against the Community” that began Nov. 18.

The immigrants were picked up in Attleboro, Boston, Brockton, Chelsea, Dorchester, Everett, Fall River, Framingham, Lowell, Lynn, Milford, New Bedford, Peabody, Roxbury, Waltham and Worcester.

In September, federal authorities conducted a similar “Cross Check” enforcement operation that yielded 111 arrests of convicted criminal immigrants throughout New England.

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Comments (10)
  1. gamps says:

    Deval has lost 53 more supporters….


    1. Ellen says:

      Should take Deval with them when hopefully deported.

  2. bosmonkey says:

    Obama’s uncle should’ve been one of them. :/

    Glad to see they are starting to take care of business. There’s no place for illegals in this country but even moreso for criminals. Deport them and take all of their assets to pay for legal fees and taxes they never paid.

  3. Willow says:

    Let’s hope they follow through and send these folks back where they belong. I agree Uncle Obama should be one of them, and how about adding Auntie to that group.

  4. Enough says:

    And in 2 months they will all be back under different names/purchased social security numbers, and the cycle continues…..

    1. Professor Boyardee says:

      Make them citizens. That way, we can tax them and put them in jail….duh.

      1. blackbear1 says:

        No way professor. They will live and suck off the system, costing more tax dollars. Jail time costs taxpayers money…..duh

  5. Apache says:

    Was Obama’s Aunt and Uncle arrested again?

  6. George Fuller says:

    Many arrested had serious violent or criminal CONVICTIONS! What were they doing out of jail then?

  7. J Enfry says:

    Boston has 100s of thousands of illxgal alixns. Arresting the 47 hardest of the hard core will do nothing. Mass residents enjoy your high crime, low wages and high taxes and be sure to vote Democrat.

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