BOSTON (CBS) – An Allston man was charged with animal cruelty for allegedly firing a blowgun at a stranger’s dog early Saturday morning.

A man called Boston Police to report that his dog was shot by a blow dart around 3:45 Saturday morning. The 28-year-old Brighton man gave police a yellow-tipped dart he said he’d taken from the dog’s back, who began limping badly during the walk.

Officers found two darts in the area of 5 Ashford Street and determined they came from an upper level apartment.

WBZ-TV’s Jonathan Elias reports

Officers knocked on the door of an apartment that was occupied by 20-year-old Connor M. Thomas. Police found a blow dart on a windowsill facing the sidewalk. A blowgun and bag of darts were found out a back window. Thomas told police he threw them out the window.

Thomas, who is a Boston University student, is charged with cruelty to animals and assault with a dangerous weapon. He was released on the $300 he posted following his arrest.

The dog, meanwhile, has made a full recovery.

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  1. thor's hammer says:

    another fine specimen of the human race. $300 bail, c’mon man! time to really put teeth in the system. wouldn’t surprise me if he’s got a record. if the dart had hit a person no doubt bail would be much higher. how’s this for suggested sentencing. taken to the dessert southwest, trailing behind a horse on 50 ft of rope, barefoot and wearing shorts. the horse is in bad need of a gallop. oops the rope breaks and he’s 250 miles from anywhere. just rattlesnakes, scorpions, cactus and tumbleweed for company. happy trails! community service will not be sufficient. no perks for perps!

    1. emom says:

      Thor Love it, how about we add, dragging him over some cactus, I bet those needles will make him think twice, and if not like you said he has the rest to make him really think.
      Our justice system is merely a joke, where even politicians get off with a warning,, Bring back the old west methods then watch crime dwindle.

  2. Italo says:

    Why, why pets, especially animals like cats and dogs who seem just to have God’s soul in them, and are always so innately good and seem to have been put on this earth wanting to show all of us unconditional love? So sad to read stuff like this.

    1. gramps says:

      OT: ‘Ozzie’ the Duck’, gets a ‘Memorial Stone’…..

      He live’s on in the memories & hearts of the people of ‘Westfield’…..

      A fitting memorial.


  3. William SengerFinn says:

    I hope he does some time. But I hope more that God will use this time in his life to show the young man it’s time to wake up and seek the living God while He may be found. The fellow obviously doesn’t know that God has some purpose in His life. And like that dog, we all got eternal purpose why we have been born into this life. Most evangelical preaching has just about been killed in this country. But I hope the jails and prison system will come to the reality that it’s only “Faith Based” programs that induce inmates to ponder the conscience for reasons why they wound up in “corrective’ measures to begin with. Then memorize the verse for starters saying ‘We know that ALL Things work together For Good for those who love the Lord, for those who are the called according to HS purpose! U don’t need to be canonized by the Pope to get right with God and FIND YOUR CALLING! Don’t stop till U find it. Or worse things will find you. You won’t have to look for them. They WILL find U! Bob Dilan’s song is 100% true! “You’re Gonna Serve Somebody! It might be the Devil. Or it might be the Lord! But You ARE Gonna Serve Somebody!” Even the Radical Muslims would have more respect for us if we would be serious about the ‘Corrections ‘ dept and the correlation with serving God, in faith based programs! it doesn’t take a genius to figure that out! “can’t we all just get along?”

  4. William SengerFinn says:

    That young man doesn’t know that God has a purpose in his life. I hope he does some time. But I hope the jail or prison where he goes (if he goes at all) will have provisions for preaching faith and purpose for God’s kingdom. Even the radical Muslims would have second thoughts about America being Satans if we as Americans would honer faith based “Corrections” as unto the Lord!
    As if thinking about God while in prison is “Strange”! The idea of original Faith and retuning to Faith while in prison is one of the very least Mysterious things mankind can experience. But rewarding the turn to faith is what’s missing! It’s not “Mental Illness” that’s plaguing America! It’s forgetting God altogether. But we can fix that by rewarding people who turn back to the faith, or embracing faith for the first time by giving some incentives. Instead of threatening them with offering drugs from the medical dept and giving tickets for missing unneeded psychiatric appointments while getting the faith right is a cure all in most cases.
    And in addition it will help put the medical care bill back in perspective financially for Americas fiscal problems

  5. Paulie says:

    Probably a good kid at heart. College kids are no different today than when we were all their age.

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