BOSTON (AP) — A published report says the Boston Archdiocese’s roster of 159 clerics publicly accused of abusing minors is missing 70 people because of the church’s selective method of compiling it.

The Boston Globe reports the roster released last August is limited to priests originally from the Boston Archdiocese. That excludes many who are in religious orders, or who are supervised by other jurisdictions even though their alleged and proven misdeeds occurred in Massachusetts.

Some of the names omitted include priests convicted and imprisoned for their crimes.

Cardinal Sean O’Malley said in a letter accompanying the roster that it was proper to omit the names because the Boston Archdiocese does not supervise them or determine their outcomes.

The founder of, which maintains records of accused clergy and advocates for victims, called the omissions “heartbreaking.”

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Comments (7)
  1. gramps says:

    If the list doesn’t have Bernie & Bennie’s names, it’s incomplete!

    The current Pope is just a guilty, if not more-so. He was Bernies’ Law’s boss @ the time. (Protector of the Faith)

    Law reported to him & did his bidding….When things started to get too ‘hot’ Ratzinger aka Bennie the 16th, protected himself along with Bernie & got him out-a-dodge, gave him a cushie job & most importantly away from the ‘long arm’s’ of US law. Safe & sound within a foreign country, ‘The Vatican’….

    Ratzinger’s 2001 letter De delictis gravioribus clarified the confidentiality of internal Church investigations, as defined in the 1962 document Crimen Sollicitationis, into accusations made against priests of certain crimes, including sexual abuse. This became a target of controversy during the sex abuse scandal.[22] While bishops hold the secrecy pertained only internally, and did not preclude investigation by civil law enforcement, the letter was often seen as promoting a coverup.[23] Later, as Pope, he was accused in a lawsuit of conspiring to cover up the molestation of three boys in Texas, but sought and obtained diplomatic immunity from prosecution

    Recovering catholic


  2. Ellen says:

    What a shocker. Gee, and i thought the Church would be up front with this. Guess I was wrong.

  3. Joe says:

    Absolutely disgusting!! We tried and hung Nazi’s who said they were just following orders.. Well Church officials were doing the exact same thing with the cover-up > The hierarchy should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law!!!!!!

  4. Amicus says:

    This is not news. When the list was published, the Archdiocese acknowledged that it included only priests of the Archdiocese and those who were from religious orders or other dioceses were not included.

    The Boston Globe is simply trying to make it look like they’ve uncovered something – simply to keep the abuse scandal on the front page – and WBZ has fallen for it.

  5. donny says:


    Good to see the Church has folks monitoring social media. Oh, and that they’re still blaming the Globe for their sins. God forbid sex abuse be kept as front page news!

    Oh, and Cardinal Law’s quietly fading into the Rome sunset… but that’s not news either.

  6. liam says:

    CATHOLICABUSESURVIVORSNI.COM —– WHAT ELSE WOULD YOU EXPECT FROM CHILD RAPING MONEY LAUNDERING MAFIA , the unbiblical paedophile papal priesthood would hide more than records as theyre exporting of collar garbed pagan paedophile priests to the usa have shown, northern irelands new sinndupfien goverment have blocked a public inquiry and compensation to the raped , abused , and beaten victims of the vatican in northern ireland the unexposed 2ND vatican city of europe committed by the unbiblical clergy since 1922. EXPOSE NORTHERN IRELANDS CHILD SEX ABUSE SCANDAL as no-one over here will.

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