By Dave and Dan Andelman

BOSTON (CBS) – Thanksgiving is less than a week away, but Dan Andelman is already thinking about dessert.

The “Sugar Baking Company” in Roslindale is a bakery that does things the old fashioned way.

Apple turnovers are cut, filled, and folded by hand and the classic whipped cream cakes are layered with fluffy golden cake, real whipped cream, and juicy strawberries.

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New Hampshire’s “Portsmouth Baking Company” is known for fragrant French toast bread pudding, vibrant red velvet cupcakes and out-of-this-world chocolate chip cookies.

“Sweet Tooth” in South Boston specializes in special event cakes along with fresh-baked pies and over-sized chocolate cheesecake brownies.

Pumpkin pie is the king of all thanksgiving desserts. But cookie platters, fruit tarts and even cupcakes are getting more and more popular.

Comments (2)
  1. emom says:

    I will try this again.. By any chance has the phantom Gourmet come to the south shore to check out any food places , Just curious,

  2. emom says:

    I want to say thank you very much… Not sure if you had read what I have wrote, But this morning seeing POGO’s on TV and your review of it, now I want to visit there and try them put. I hope to hear of more resturants on the south shore. Thank you so much again .

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