SUDBURY (CBS) – A loaded septic truck crashed in Concord late Wednesday morning.

It happened around 11:30 a.m. on Route 2 eastbound and Sudbury Road.

State police say the truck came in contact with a tractor trailer unit and rolled over.

The breakdown lane was shut down so crews could empty the septic truck before it could be picked up and towed away.

No one was seriously hurt.

The septic truck driver was taken to Emerson Hospital with minor injuries.

Comments (8)
  1. timma says:

    what a $hi++y situation that must be

  2. Marky says:

    It’s appropriate that it was on Route #2

  3. LLP says:

    You 2 are pretty funny! But what’s not so much, is that MY husband was almost killed crossing rt 2 at that very moment. If the tanker didn’t see that truck barreling through the red light, and gunned it, that whole place would’ve been one big fireball.

  4. Marky says:

    Ummm did you see the caption that BZ posted? We didn’t mean any harm…so lighten up.

  5. 1stackmack says:

    i guess the drivers in deep s**t.when driving a tank type truck,the cargo always moves..

  6. LLP says:

    Marky, no offense taken here, really! What you both wrote WAS funny. But knowing exactly what happened, and how bad it could’ve been if it weren’t for the tanker drivers quick thinking, talk about lightening up?! I’m assuming a lot of people would’ve been, at that point. So, THANK YOU tanker driver for saving so many lives including my husbands, and that idiot septic tank driver/red light runner.

  7. Frank Dalli says:

    I am the Idiot driver you are talking about. the brakes on my truck were hot from the stop and go traffic on route 2. I was braking the entire time I approached the red light. The brakes were too hot to stop and the only thing I could do was try and turn to the right to AVOID hurting anyone. I tried my best to avoid an accident and put myself in danger rather than hurting anyone. So tell me, what would you have done? I am sorry. It was an accident. I honestly did everything I could do to not hurt anyone. The truck is total loss. At least this idiot knows that the truck can be replaced. A life can’t. Go give your husband a big kiss while I go lose my job and figure out how to take care of my fifteen month old daughter.

  8. Roy Trull says:

    If the truck originated from Concord, atleast we know it didn’t stink !

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