BOSTON (CBS) – News of the dozens of arrests at the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York early Tuesday morning is causing a buzz among Occupy Boston protesters.

Police cleared out the protests in New York citing a public health hazard, outraging fellow protesters at Occupy Boston.

Those demonstrators have been occupying Dewey Square since late September. Now, they are watching other movements around the country broken up and ordered out.

During rush hour Tuesday, protesters marched to the Statehouse.

WBZ-TV’s Jim Smith reports

Earlier, attorneys filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Boston protesters, that would block any nighttime raids by Boston Police.

“I think the way they went about it was awful, because they just show up at 2 in the morning and just start arresting people. That’s terrible,” said David Lehnert, a protester.

There is concern among those at Occupy Boston that their days at the site may be numbered.

“The Boston police have been much friendlier with us than the NYPD, so I’m not as scared of it happening in that fashion,” said Mike Hipson, a protester. “But we do have concerns that the Boston police could any day, or Mayor Menino any day could decide that he doesn’t want us here anymore.”

Mayor Tom Menino, however, said he hasn’t put any deadline on Occupy Boston.

“No I’m not ready to break up the encampment right now,” said Menino. “Every city is different, how we deal with this issue. I don’t want to have an incident like they had in Oakland the other day.”

Occupy Boston protesters vowed that even if kicked out, they’ll be back.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Bernice Corpuz reports

“We intend to keep pressing on as long as we possibly can. And if we do get cleared out, we will be coming back,” said Hipson.

Despite his support for their cause, Mayor Menino said he hopes the cold weather will force some to seek shelter, and maybe their numbers will dwindle at the encampment.

Menino has said his No. 1 concern about Occupy Boston is health and safety. City officials are constantly monitoring conditions there, according to the mayor.

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  1. tsal1 says:

    I said at the start and will say it again – the politicians will do anything and everything to discredit this group because they represent critcism across the aisle. They figured the group would get tired of protesting and go away. They said the rain would disband them or the snow would certainly send them packing. But they are growing in number and in support and the politicians are becoming increasingly nervous. They are now sending in police with trumped up reasons and counting on the media to discredit the group. And some Americans are buying that because for some reason they feel that American should be controlled by 1% of the population – why I have no idea but they do.

    The NY group was told they could go back but not with tends. Last I heard a court has said they may take tents. Somehow I am sure that one thing will be lost in the discussion here and that is why they were evicted to begin with ……………… politicians are getting nervous and last check that should make a good portion of America happy…….but it won’t

  2. P says:

    I have no idea what the hell they’re achieving

    1. dms says:

      They are achieving nothing. Corporate America and the politicians can care less and the overwhelming majority of the 99% ridicules this boring undertaking. They should quit while they still have the respect of a few. Nobody in any decision making position is impressed or threatened by these clowns. Go home.

  3. fred says:

    They do not have a right to squat and they are creating a public safety and public health hazard. They got lucky with a liberal judge in New York who is far removed from them and who will go home to his or her gated community at night and not have their business or residence, or daily life disrupted by the gimme crowd. New York will appeal, get a sypathetic judge and the tents will be down and the whinners will be whinning. I am not one of the 1% and I probably never will be but these people do not represent me in any way shape or form

    1. tsal last says:

      They do have the right – more so than our founding fathers did. Would you have sent them home too?? And liberal judge – well that is refreshing since we have the most conservative group of supreme court justices in history.

      1. fred says:

        What? They have thier liberty. They have representation. Theyre just too lazy and too impatient to pay their dues. They want instant gratifacation for what – graduating college – that’s no guarantee to success.
        As far as liberal judge, maybe i mispoke, I meant ultra liberal activist judge. Apparently zoning laws, building codes, waste disposal and health statutes need not be considered when rendering a decision regarding OWS but they are certainly enforced for everyone else. The founding fathers wanted liberty and freedom, these idiots want equality too but you can not have equality and liberty at the same time – that’s why the French revolution was an utter disaster. Some people are just smarter, work harder or are luckier than others – that’s life. Roberts and Alito, the best thing George Bush ever did.

      2. tsal1 says:

        fred – I’d rather the ultra liberal judge who allows the protestors to remain where they are and where they are not hurting anyone to the ultra right supreme court who has decided in it’s infinite wisdom and based on trumped up precedents that corporations are people.

        Please explain to me how our veterans are lazy.

        And really – did you say we have representation???? Where is that representation Fred? The special interest groups, lobbyists and wealthy are being represented and unless you are one of them you have no representation – nada.

  4. JohnC says:

    They have the time to “sit in and protest,” but they do not have the time to “pound the pavement” looking for a job as many of us (including me) have done. No jobs? Why has RF (Radio Frequency) on Dover Road in Millis had a sign up looking for help for the last couple of months? Perhaps real “working” jobs are beneath them?

    1. tsal says:

      or perhaps they don’t live in millis or have any way to get there – it is not on the “beaten” path

    2. tsal says:

      Many in the occupy group have jobs. The largest growing group of people are veterans. I would not like to hear anyone on this blog or another blog claim a veteran will not “work”. I would also hope that everyone is aware that our veterans have no jobs to come home to. Many are literally opting for tour after tour because they know they cannot support their families when they return home. Way to go America – they give us the right to discuss here and we show them the street in thanks.

      1. Patricia says:

        Tsal, do not speak for all veterans. I have many in my family including active Marines (2) and active Navy Seal (1). Speaking to my Vietnam vet cousin the other day as well. None agree with this Occupy camp out. My cousin the Vietnam Vet remembers coming home in 1970 to be met with protesters. To be honest, they have no time for this futile effort in “protest”, they come home to get on with their lives. Like my college age children, beat the pavement for a job like me and my parents did and lo and behold – they actually find work! In fact, service members get a higher ranking on civil service jobs…. My parents had it much worse in their lifetime and to be honest, to see this camp out, my feelings are that less and less people are taking them seriously – especially those of whome they are protesting about. Not all Veterans are unemployed when they come home!

  5. Dan Milleville says:

    Aren’t the protestors barking up the wrong tree? Suppose the protestors succeed in getting the corporations to spend billions to put us back to work.

    Suppose they produce a vast array of new products with all these new workers. If the public doesn’t BUY these products, all this effort by the companies to put people back to work is going to result in all that money spent on products that aren’t selling well. Much of the Trillion they now have will be gone, the companies will have unsold merchandise, and they will have to lay off at least some of the people they just hired.

    If the protestors complain about public attitude instead of corporate, the public will SHOW the companies their investments will work, they hire new employees, produce more products that ARE sold and EVERYONE BENEFITS.

    So what would it take to get this message to them and get them to focus their energy on convincing US to start having FAITH in the American Way?

    1. tsalllllll says:

      Dan as long as the wealth and control remains with the top 1-10% of this country there is nothing you can say to get the other 80-99% to spend. Simple. That’s the tree they are barking up. It’s a simple concept really – we cannot be controlled by 1 % of the country or as I’ve heard said the other 9% who cow tows to them. Those were not the words I heard but I think you get the message. Those who do not buy into that theory I figure are one of two things – not aware of the real situation or part of the 1-105. It’s a simple message and if people can’t comprehend it wellllllllll

  6. sloopjohnB2 says:

    Menino has no guts. These bums are running the city. This trash should be swept out of the city just like New York did.

    1. tsal says:

      out of curiosity what is it you don’t like about the Occupy group? That they are protesting the unacceptable income gaps with massive increases to the wealthy and little to none for the majority, the total control in this country by the top 1%, the fact that there are not jobs and nothing is being done, or the veterans who are now (as I said) the largest group who return from fighting for all of us and have no job to go to?

      It seems to me that a person bothered by this group is either part of the top1-10% or just doesn’t see the horrendous inequality in what is no longer a democracy but a plutocracy.

  7. sloopjohnB2 says:

    This group is surrounded by anarchists who just want to bring the country down. NOTHING pleases them. They are lucky that they don’t live in Iran or Syria. They are REALLY going to be unhappy when Obama loses the election next year!

  8. L Smith says:

    The reason that it makes the most sense to clear these encampments during the middle of he night is nothing more than safety. It is logical that if you do it after the majority of businesses have closed then the regular daytime foot traffic (people who have jobs to go to and a life) has gone home and it is easier and safer for the police and sanitation workers to come in and clean things out with a minimal number of people in the area. These people may have a genuine argument for getting their student loans waived…they obviously didn’t learn anything in their 4 years in college, and it’s particularly evident that ‘common sense’ isn’t anywhere on their brain radar!

    1. tsallllll says:

      or perhaps they have a legitimate gripe returning from the front to no job and no house. I am still wondering what the real objections are. So far I’m not seeing common sense answers here. As far as waiving student loans, I do not agree with that. My kids all paid loans but then of course there wre jobs in their chosen field. I do absolutely agree that restructuring the payment of the loans is a must. Difficult to pay a loan when you don’t have an income or your income is far less than it woujld be in your chosen field – and before anyone says the protestors are looking to start at the top – please spare me

      1. response says:

        That’s the difference tsal…when I graduated college, I worked, not in my chosen field, but two jobs to make ends meet.
        There is no law that says when you graduate college you need a job in your “chosen field”…You work your way there.
        These kids don’t want to start at the bottom and work their way to the top….they don’t want to work at all unless it’s in their “chosen field” at the top.
        (I know…spare you….)
        but where is the work ethic?

    2. gip says:

      What about 11pm then. Hitler’s men came always between 2:00am – 3:00pm.

  9. A says:

    I wonder how many of these protesters would pack up their tent, if one of the banks offered them a 90-100k job tomorrow

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