BOSTON (CBS) – Boston Bruins president Cam Neely helped 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Felger and Massarotti  kick off their simulcast on Monday by joining the two in studio.

Neely, who normally calls in on Tuesdays, joined Felger & Mazz to discuss Milan Lucic’s hit on Sabres goaltender Ryan Miller on Saturday, and the league’s decision not to discipline the Bruins forward.

“I’m not surprised there wasn’t a suspension,” said Neely. “I felt he had his head down, as soon as the puck rolled over his stick and got away from him he buried his head, because he knew he would have a breakaway if he got to the puck. I’m going on what he said; the last time he saw miller was when he was in his net. He said he was bracing for contact, not necessarily bracing to hit somebody, but for contact.”

Cam Neely On Lucic-Miller Hit 

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Miller was well out of the crease when the contact was made, something Neely thinks should be allowed to a point.

“I’m not suggesting plastering someone, but you should be able to have some contact,” he said, saying that comes from the physical player inside him.

“I have no problem with the goalie inside the crease, inside the paint; it makes it hard to drive to the net. But there is, from a certain point, how much can the goalie come out and how much can they play the puck?” Neely asked. “Eventually the goalie could come out to the blue lines and make plays, and no one would touch him.”

Neely also touched on teams releasing medical information before a disciplinary hearing, much like the Sabres did with Millers concussion and the Bruins did during the Stanley Cup Final with Nathan Horton.

“We were being very genuine about Horton, and I’m sure Buffalo is the same,” said Neely. “They want everyone to know there was an injury on the play. Teams do it, I’m not surprised teams do it. It’s hard to question what anyone is saying, especially with concussions.”

Listen to Cam Neely’s visit with Felger and Mazz in it’s entirety, including Neely’s thoughts on Tyler Seguin’s season so far.

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