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     I have to say right  up front…..I had no idea how pathetic the situation at Penn State was going to become when I suggested the iconic Joe Paterno definitely made a mistake.   I even likened him to Bernard Cardinal Law and suggested the two of them should be benched for life, not for what they did…..but for what they didn’t do.   I think it was about 24-hours later, Paterno got fired, the President of Penn State got fired…..and with a role of justice I don’t understand, the two  guys who allegedly lied and covered-up for the  alleged pervert in this whole affair……got suspended pending the outcome of the case.    Paterno et al gets fired…..those alledgedly directly involved get suspended.  What sort of twisted justice is that?    Either way, though the vigil and group prayer thing on the football field over the weekend was impressive, Penn State is having its image and its destiny changed…….forever.

     The Catholic church did it and in my opinion, is forever damaged in disgrace.    Yes….forever.   Same thing for Penn State and any other institution, or individual for that matter, who knows that our children are being sexually abused and nothing is done, for fear the hierarchy involved will be damaged.    It’s almost akin to the politically inspired adage that some things in the corporate world are “too big to fail” and its imperative we bail them out.    Well there’s no corporation bigger than the Roman Catholic Church and there’s no collegiate platform, including its football program, bigger than Penn State.   But.. there’s no “bailing them out” on this one.   Oh sure, the church will “buy” its way out of some of its troubles, and those at Penn State will hire some of the highest priced lawyers and PR agencies in the country to try and right the twisted ship but I repeat…….the damage is done and the image and destiny of both examples is changed forever.     Forever!!!

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  1. blackbear1 says:

    I hope that PSU can find a way to handle this better than the catholic church and it’s unfathomable heirarchy. That hand holding/prayer scene at the game game was impressive, but is just a surface gesture. I’m not sure they should even be playing now. After the season is over, I hope they wipe the slate clean of the coaching staff, especially this interim coach who is a trumpet for Paterno. They ALL had to know!! This also involves a lot of money. Too bad! PSU still must deal with the situation properly. They need a new set of priorities and a new MISSION statement. The catholic church has already laid down the blueprint for what not to do. Start with the ENTIRE coaching staff and go from there. PSU, you must take your lumps.

  2. Bob says:

    No argument with Gary or blackbear1 on this one…PSU was/is involved in a massive cover-up and got caught….not enough damage control on the planet to rescue anybody from that train wreck…..

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