By Kate Merrill, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – Work, kids and carpools, for many moms it is non-stop all day. “Baseball, dance, swimming, there’s always something,” explained one busy mom we talked to in Lexington center.

For most moms, it’s all in a days work. For others, it is not so simple. “I think if I were to draw myself, it would be like a person going after pretty, shiny things. But when I don’t follow through with it, or it’s not so shiny and pretty when I realize how much work is involved, then I’m depressed about it,” explained working mom Gina Overholt.

Gina’s inability to follow through on things led to depression and a startling diagnosis: Attention Deficit Disorder.

WBZ-TV’s Kate Merrill reports

Licensed family therapist Sarah Ferman says moms who struggle with ADD are more common than you think. For many, their biggest challenge is they just can’t seem to finish anything. “You can go from activity to activity and feel like nothing got accomplished, but you’ve been busy all day long,” she said.

Gina says her lack of concentration created challenges throughout her life. “Fender benders, losing jobs, let’s just say I’ve been let go quite a few times,” she said. Just recently she separated from her husband of 14 years. “Whether it is a factor or not, I can understand it can be difficult to live with someone like me, who is all over the place, who is over-committed because it’s over committing his time too,” she said.

According to Ferman, budgeting time is critical. Moms without ADD tend to say ‘no’ more often. “An ADD mom, because they underestimate time say, ‘Oh, I’ll just squeeze that in,’” she explained.

If you think you have ADD, ask your doctor. There may be some nutritional or dietary changes that may help. Some studies have suggested a possible link between iron deficiency and ADD.

That wasn’t the case with Gina, but she has found help through a support group near her home. Her advice for other ADD moms: “Instead of beating yourself up and looking at all the things you didn’t do, look at all the things you did accomplish and love yourself for that.”

Comments (4)
  1. Just my Opinion says:

    why do we need a diagnosis for everything. First it was 2 year olds have ADD. Now it is the moms. Come on now. I would bet some of the newly diagnosed moms just don’t think they are allowed to say no because that would make them mean mommies. I see more of that than anything. But if you have a diagnosis of anything you automatically have an out.

    1. KF4766 says:

      I agree with you about moms not wanting to appear mean to their children. I also think that many moms won’t say no because within their own “mommy circle” they want to come off as the hero that will always be there to save the day

    2. ADD Mom says:

      a diagnosis is NOT an “out”. It is not an excuse to back out on your responsibilities. It is a whole new set of information and coping mechanisms and tools to help you understand why you function the way you do and help you develop new ways of doing things that are entirely more productive and way less stressful manner so that you aren’t constantly spinning your wheels in the mud.

  2. ADD Mom says:

    I really had to sit back and laugh at this this story. This is not news! Where were you 4 yrs ago when my daughter and I were diagnosed together. As for the 2 comments above, PLEASE do not mix this up with weak parenting and not wanting to say “no”. And 2 yr olds have to be REALLY out of control to be diagnosed ADHD. This is a REAL legitimate issue. This is happening now because girls are primarily inattentive type ADD not the hyperactive kind so never get noticed and diagnosed in their younger years. I trully felt like I was losing my mind. When SO much is coming at you to manage and you can’t stay on task because you don’t have the attention span God gave a rock, it is more than you are giving in too much to your kids. It spans every area of your life – managing the household bills, doing your job at work, going thru the market even with a list in your hand and still coming out w/ things you forgot to buy. This news story needs WAY more indepth information on it. The quick 30sec sound byte did not give it justice at all.

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