BOSTON (CBS) – Massachusetts Republicans are calling for more details about Lt. Gov. Tim Murray’s car accident last week.

Lt. Gov. Murray said he lost control on a patch of ice on I-190 in Sterling early Thursday morning.

Murray’s car skidded and flipped several times but he wasn’t hurt.

State police blamed poor road conditions for the crash.

murray tim bio Mass. GOP Calling For More Details In Tim Murray Car Crash

Lt. Gov. Tim Murray (credit:

But, Republicans want Lt. Gov. Murray to release the car’s data recorder in the event there were other factors that, they say, taxpayers have the right to know.

“Lieutenant Governor Murray could clear up a lot of the questions surrounding the destruction of this state-owned vehicle by asking the State Police to release the data from the car’s recording device,” said Nate Little, MassGOP Executive Director. “Now that we know Mr. Murray is safe, it is time we know what happened, and the information available in the car’s recording device would provide definitive answers.”

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  1. Jean says:

    I’m sorry, but WHY do we have to ask Murray to release the data. After all this is a state owned vehicle. Does anyone on BH have any clue??

    1. gramps says:

      IMO: There’s plenty of time for Q & A’s for ‘Timmy’…..

      For now, this S/BE between him, his wife & ‘dog’ (if he has one?) Why didn’t he take ‘Fido’ for a nice ride & AM dump.

      In the future, if he decides to toss his hat into the ring, this ‘skeleton’ will fly outa his closet with a ‘VENGEANCE”!


      1. gramps says:

        Oh, impound the black box & seal it just in case he tries another run for office….

        If it shows up missing or tampered with, that’ll be the end of his ‘story’…


  2. BILL says:

    If this was joe hard hat he would be in jail and all the info out to see so what make the lt gov so diffin from me or you . hope he had a nice look around at that time of day

  3. Italo says:

    If only the GOP would trigger react and demand investigations into more daily, pressing issues in our state everyday, like senior citizens losing health insurance and their homes, increased neighborhoods crime, brainstorming better ways to fund transportation construction and infrastructures, and the like…unbelievable. What a bunch of hot air balloons.

  4. DoverDavid says:

    Why are we not focusing on illegal immigration or some other important state matter rather than trying to see what happened the night Murry’s car skidded on the road. More reasons why Mass is not moving forward.

  5. web says:

    I don’t know, skidding on ice is one thing, but ‘flipping several times’ indicates maybe other issues, possible high speed ? …so maybe they just want to clear everything up.

  6. William Nagle says:

    NO, there is no indication he was traveling over the spped limit! no, no, no

    There must have been multiple spin outs in that location that morning. yeah right!!

    Do breathilizers indicate drug influence? I am sure they checked. yeah right!

    Were his cell phone activity records checked? I am sure they were. yeah right!

    More cover up. More double standards of justice. More of the same !!!!

    You think Penn State is a corrupt system? They are novices compared to the vermin in this state.

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