A Blog by Gary LaPierre

     Who said the Patriots played a great game against the Giants…..including defense…..until the 4th quarter?   I beg to differ.  I watched that game from start to finish and as far as I’m concerned, Belichick should have a little talk with Francona and ask him what it’s like.  Yes the defense held the Giants scoreless for more than half the game, but the Giants defense held the Pats scoreless equally and when push came to shove, it was pretty easy to figure out where the fault should lie.    The defensive secondary is awful, Ocho apparently needs four hands to catch a ball nowadays, Brady is throwing picks….game-after-game (plus fumbling the ball), and we missed a 26-yard field goal? Coach B has been a wonder boy for quite a few years now, but Coach, I’d still recommend you have a little chat with Tito because at this rate, you’re going to need some major league comforting and some  moral support when the season is over.

     One other grumble from the world of sports.   What a shame what’s happening to the Nittnay Lions.  One of the most impressive, durable and legendary college football teams ever and they’re being dragged through the mud by one apparently sick former assistant coach….Jerry Sandusky.   I hope he’s innocent, but if he’s not….string him up.   A couple of others with Penn State got canned apparently covering for him, but word is, legendary Head Coach Joe Paterno was cleared of any involvement.   I can’t help but put Paterno on the same bench with Bernard Cardinal Law.  Perhaps neither man could be found guilty of doing anything against the law, but the only reason Cardinal Law is sequestered in luxury in Rome right now, is for what he didn’t do.   You’d have a hard time convincing me beyond a reasonable doubt that there isn’t  a lot……I mean a lot…Coach Paterno didn’t do.   Yes I know, Coach Joe has had a long and pristine career…..but this one coach….is not good for you…or Penn State.


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