TAUNTON (CBS) – An accused repeat drunk driver from Taunton faces arraignment on Monday after being arrested in Foxboro.

Howard Stockbridge, 50, will be answering to his 7th drunk driving offense when he appears in Wrentham District Court.

Stockbridge was arrested in Foxboro on Friday after he allegedly rear-ended a car on Route 495 and then tried to leave the scene. His pickup truck broke down not far from the crash and he ran into the woods, according to state police spokesman Dave Procopio.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Kim Tunnicliffe reports.

“Inside the pickup truck, they found empty bottles of beer on ice on the floor of the passenger seat. They also found another empty bottle of beer, still cold, on the seat itself,” said Procopio.

Stockbridge was found walking through a parking lot. Procopio said he was under a 10-year license revocation for a previous OUI conviction.

“If there’s a candidate for a lifetime ban on driving, this is the poster boy for that,” said Procopio.

He is being held on $5,000 bail ahead of his Monday arraignment.

Comments (11)
  1. emom says:

    REALLY.. really now,, does the courts truly believe suspending a license will work, taking away their rights to drive still will not stop them from driving, DUH,, are you kidding.. They have no clue and continually allow these repeat offenders to gain access to a vehicle and drive and ultimately hurt some one,,, How many times must some one be hurt before a legislation law is finally passed that will not allow any of them to get behind the wheel of a vehicle of any kind. Its a shame since their own families in some cases have allowed them to drive again and again. Seeing no reason to stop them since they CLAIM they have learned their lesson,,, Yeah REALLY, they are just as bad in allowing them to drive once again…. Something needs to be done, and the courts and judges, as well as lawyers need to change how they treat these cases…. GET THEM OF THE ROAD AND KEEP THEM OUT OF VEHICLES…..

  2. Paul says:

    What happend after the 2nd, 3rd or 4th time? What happend after the 5th? The Court honestly thought that suspending his license for ten years was going to stop him after the SIXTH TIME? Are you kidding? And let’s remember this….THESE ARE ONLY THE TIMES THAT HE WAS CAUGHT!!!!. Do you want to try to estimate the times that he drove drunk and was NOT caught? Send this idiot to prison for ten years….Let’s see how many beer he can get in prison. Perhaps he can drive a rake or a shovel. And I don’t want to heat that he is sick or has an addiction….he was not drunk when he FIRST went to the fridge to get a bottle….The keys should not have been anywhere near him and HE KNOWS IT!!! I pray that people like this do not kill anyone…but until they do….NOTHING will be done.

  3. Bill says:

    There are sufficient laws on the books for these drunks….But if we start holding the Judges PERSONALLY liable for their arbitrary decisions….you will see less drunks on the road….immediately.

  4. Paul says:

    Bill you are absolutely right. If I left a loaded gun on my table and someone picked it up and killed someone…”I” could be convicted of “aiding” in a murder. Why is that different from what the Judge did in the 6TH CASE???

  5. Maggie says:

    Bar owners are held accountable for serving patrons that are intoxicated. When someone is caught driving on a suspeded license/revocation, there should be some punishment for those who willing loan their car to a friend or family member who they know has had their license suspended.

  6. emom says:

    And here they wanted to resume HAPPY HOUR at bars and resturants,,, REALLY NOW, and this is the reason so many DO NOT want it to pass… We do not need more drunks on the road this is a perfect example of WHY we do not want happy hour back at the resturants or bars… NO MORE DRUNK DRIVERS,

  7. jaygee says:

    Judging by the recent articles in the Globe, this guy will be found not guilty and he should be back behind the wheel by Wednesday. We claim to be such a progressive state and yet we allow appointed judges, some caught for DUI themselves, to simply forgive people time after time for reckless conduct that claims innocent lives. File this one under “pure madness”.

  8. emom says:

    And we wonder why so many accidents happen today.. sure blame it on cell phones, eating a sandwich, drinking your coffee, But so many accidents are caused by drunken fools. at any time of the day… Truro cop arrested for drunk driving,, , naked lady stopped for drunk driving,, That was a hoot. when will the courts, judges and lawyers get the message of drinking and driving just does not mix and they do not belong back on the roads. Yet gas stations, variety stores and grocery stores that are open 24/7 all want to sell alcohol,, WHY.. there is no need for anyone to purchase this stuff at any time. Booze should only be sold in a liquor store that closes at a decent hour, and only served at sit down restaurants. and after a certain time of day.. No need to drink for breakfast. Talk about pure madness. But I bet you could find a cop, lawyer and a judge at any bar, restaurant drinking and grocery store or gas station buying booze,,, but they can do no wrong.. Yeah pure madness, pure insane, pure ludacris

  9. web says:

    It doesnt matter that he was arrested, the judges will allow him to go home.

  10. Jim 6555 says:

    This guy needs to be locked up for a long time as an example to others who drive while intoxicated. I am generally opposed to overly long prison terms, but in this case, 10 years in a medium security facility would be appropriate.

    1. Heather Stockbridge says:

      All of your comments would be extremely entertaining if any of you could spell a single word correctly. He is a sick man who needs counceling and alcohol treatment. He def does not deserve to be in prison. His family misses and needs him. I LOVE YOU DADDY! Keep your head up…”this too will soon be over with and dealt with”

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